All over the world…

I find Youtube simply amazing! I enjoy browsing through the videos that are available and what I particularly like is the fact that I can get to see clips of some very old songs like “Autumn Rendevous” by Francoise Hardy or this one – “All over the world” and even the version by The Seekers.

Anyway, this post is not going to be about Youtube nor Francoise Hardy or the Seekers. I just thought I would just squeeze in another song quiz and this time, all you have to do is to fill in the blanks  with the names of countries, towns and cities – places all over the world in order to complete the titles of the songs. For instance, if I give you this: Born in the …….., the answer is U.S.A. which was a hit song for Bruce Springsteen some years back. Of course, I will not provide the Youtube links this time in case somebody goes and peeps again, like in the previous quiz…

So, if you are all ready, here goes:

1  Banks of the ……..

2  One night in ……..

3  Streets of ……..

4  I left my heart in ……..

5  By the time I get to ……..

6  White cliffs of ……..

7  Stranger in ……..

8  Don’t cry for me, ……….

9  …….. Doll

10  Miss ……..

11  …….. Queen

12  Rivers of ……..

So, post your answers quickly, and let’s see who can get all of them right. You can give the names of the singer(s) or groups, if you like.

Now, moving on from the quiz, I dropped by this coffee shop in Rajang Park yesterday morning…

Twin Stars@Rejang Park 1

My very young blogger-friend, Aaron had a post on it once and he claimed that the kampua noodles there is the best. This is the stall…and as you can see, they’ve got some Indonesian maid to prepare the kampua

Twin Stars@Rejang Park 2

I must say that I am put to shame by these Indonesians. The ones at Soon Hock Cafe are fluently conversant in Mandarin and even Foochow! “Puak lak mo?” they would ask me to find out whether I wanted chilli sauce in my kampua. Anyway, getting back to the ones here…

Twin Stars kampua noodles

I’m afraid I found them rather bland and quite disappointing – definitely nowhere near Rasa Sayang’s…

Rasa Sayang kampua

…or Soon Hock’s…

Soon Hock's kampua with pian sip

But I saw the Foochow fried noodles that the stall owner herself was cooking and they looked pretty good. So, I guess I will have to go back there again one of these days to try those…