Missing you…

Nope! It’s not you (“U”) that’s missing but an “N” instead…

Missing N

…and to think that these are the people in charge of books. Probably they do not have any dictionaries… LOL!!!

But talking about missing something, I did miss the stall at Bandong. I think it had been a month or so since I last went, so I dropped by yesterday and got myself some ulam timun for dinner…

Bandong's ulam timun

They were just RM1 a packet…so I bought two. Gosh! The sambal belacan was so wangi (fragrant) that the smell filled the whole house. Really nice and value for money! I certainly will buy that again the next time I drop by…and maybe I’ll buy an extra cucumber as the sambal given is quite substantial.

I also bought another favourite of mine – masak hitam Sarawak

Masak hitam Sarawak

…RM10 of it and I counted no less than 15 pieces of those huge chunks of beef. There was a lot of the yummy gravy but I only poured that in after I had taken the photo.

My daughter loves this sambal terung

Sambal terung

…but I did not get the chance to buy some for her when she was home for the holidays. I guess it will have to wait till her May/June holidays. That cost RM3…and my missus and I could not finish the whole lot…, only the ulam! Yum! Yum!!!