Nothin’ heavy…

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had our Chap Goh Meh dinner a day earlier on the eve as the actual day fell on a Friday and this being the season of Lent, we opted to fast and abstain from meat on that day.

We could have two very small meals in the course of the day and one regular one for dinner but we decided we would not have anything till nightfall. Since we wanted something light, I thought it would be nice to make meat-free popiah/spring rolls (I used a bit of prawn instead for the sweetness and I added some carrot too to give it a bit of colour) and I had the luxury of time – I had whole day to do everything slowly.

I was searching high and low for this PREMERO popiah skin…

PREMERO spring roll pastry

…that we used before and liked a lot but there did not seem to be any all over town. Finally, one fine day, I spotted it at a supermarket here and of course, I grabbed a few packs to keep in the freezer. Who knows, it may not be available again when we need it.

That night, the ladies stayed true to the word “light” and just had one popiah each. Of course, I had more than one – ask no questions and I shall tell no lies. LOL!!! Well, actually, senior citizens, anyone over 60, are exempted from fasting but I just did it anyway, not a problem at all.

Two mornings later, on Sunday, since I was up and about early in the morning, I took out what was left of the filling to make some popiah for breakfast/tea. Normally, we would sit down together to wrap our own but this time was an exception to the rule.

Usually, the chili sauce would go in first but I did not want to wet the skin as a result of which it might tear easily. That was why I had the kacang tumbuk (crushed peanut)…

Kacang tumbuk

…first, followed by the lettuce…


…and then, the chili sauce…

Chili sauce

After that, I added the filling…


…and the omelette that I fried and sliced very thinly…

Omelette strips

…and lastly, before wrapping it all up, I added some more kacang tumbok

More kacang tumbuk

I love a lot of it in my popiah.

I managed to make 8 only – I ate the last two for my breakfast and left the rest for the ladies and for tea in the course of the day. Well, if you’re wondering what the “end product” looked like, here’s the cross-section…

My popiah, cross-section

…of one of the two that I had.

It sure looked good, don’t you think? Wink! Wink!

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Nothin’ heavy…”

  1. Wow, your popiah looks so good. Are you using what we called “Kong tng” as your crushed peanut. Normally, I used peanut candy, pounded it and used as crushed peanut for popiah or in rojak.

    I’ve yet to try that. This one, I just squeeze to get it into powder form but not so good, too much sugar, too sweet and kacang fragrance also kurang.

  2. Yes, your popiah looked good and tasty. Better looking than those sold outside.

    Tastes a whole lot better too!!! My sis will be the first to tell you that! But Kuching has some decent ones – lazy to make, those will have to do.

  3. Yeah they did look good indeed. And thanks to the generous amount of ingredients, they look inviting. 😀 I want one.

    That’s what makes a popiah great. Here, we do not get good ones PLUS they are very stingy with the ingredients, lots of empty air space inside. That is why I never bother to buy.

  4. Oh yes, that sure looks good! The popiah can eat without frying? Usually those frozen ones need to be fried, right? I always love the fresh ones but hard to get.

    No, not necessary. I did fry two and they turned out really nice too but I think it is better not to do that, not so healthy that way.

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