Ready to roll (1)…

This is the first of a two-part series on making popiah or spring rolls.

You will need to cook the filling first. For that, you have to fry chopped garlic in oil until it turns golden brown…

Making popiah 1

…before you add the minced meat…

Making popiah 2

For halal popiah, you can use chicken or just leave out the meat and use chicken stock granules instead. Of course, it will be A LOT nicer if you add minced prawn or better still, crab meat…but my mum and sis are allergic to crustaceans, so this time around, I had to leave those things out.

Then you can add the chopped long/french beans…

Making popiah 3

…before adding the sliced tau kua (soya bean cake)…

Making popiah 4

…and the shredded mangkuang (turnip), or what West Malaysians call sengkuang

Making popiah 5

…and the taugeh or bean sprouts…

Making popiah 6

Add salt (and msg) according to taste…and some may prefer to use oyster sauce instead…or even fish gravy.

Fry until all the ingredients are cooked, and the filling is ready…

Making popiah 7

At the same time, you have to prepare the condiments which include the pounded fresh chillies with garlic…

Making popiah 8

…ground peanuts…

Making popiah 9

…finely-sliced omelette…

Making popiah 10

…and the “glue” – sweetened corn starch…

Making popiah 10

You can give it a nice brown colour by caramelising the sugar in a pan before adding water. I didn’t… I just used attap/nipah sugar!

My late aunt would fry onions and garlic slices to add as condiments too…and people in Kuching would swear by those coriander leaves – they insist that without those, popiah is not popiah but to many, they smell of cockroaches… LOL!!!

Anyway, having prepared all that you need, now you are ready to roll…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

51 thoughts on “Ready to roll (1)…”

  1. Haha! Yum Popiah! Thks for sharing! Off to the shop to get some ingredients after this!

    Enjoy yourself! I’m thinking of creating a different kind of filling for kuih pai tee…since I have some shells left.

  2. You sure make your popiah different over there! There’s ‘real’ filling!!!! Now I’m thinking that all of us here in West Malaysia have totally been ripped off!!!!

    It’s up to the individual… Kuching’s popiah has pretty good filling. Over in the peninsula, mostly I saw something like sengkuang “stewed” in sauce till it’s soft and soggy… Not the same as ours here.

  3. can make for me ah? i buy the ingredients…u make them heheheheehe and we can eat them tgether….cheers!

    Clever you hor! The buying and the eating are the easiest parts! I buy…you make. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Had popiah in TOC’s house during the CNY week…. more or less the same thing but no tauge. And the starch was white… not brown. heheh. The fun part is rolling it yourself. I also dont like the cockroach leaves lar…. i hear they are very expensive. hehe

    Ya…they put a lot in Kuching laksa, butter prawns, or-chian…everything!!! Not a fan myself!!!

  5. This is really tedious. Too much chopping, dicing and preparation. Can’t wait to see the end result!

    Would be ok if working in a group preparing for the popiah party, one person doing one thing. We used to do that in one of my former schools – after Form 3 Exam, teachers very free. The eating is the easiest…and of course, the nicest – especially after all that work! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. it’s different from my popiah.. lol.. hurry up.. update (2) πŸ˜›

    Part 2…is just the rolling and eating!!! Gee! Sounds like some porn movie coming up! Muahahahaha!!!

  7. As for your response to my last comment, Eeee! Cyberspace indeed rips off every shred of anonymity you try to cling on. The delay in introduction wasn’t intentional though. Just that commenting to the topic of the day feels more pressing and exciting πŸ˜› Yes we’ve met (assuming i’m the one you think i am ), now that the baby is out i don’t walk like a penguin anymore. Hopping back on the topic, i cook but being advised to practice self restraint. Feedbacks have always been ‘you put WHAT?!’,’you mix WHAT?!’, or generally, ‘you WHAT?!!’. Seems like no one appreciates my adventurous streaks which can sometimes double up as creativity, think out of the box what. I honestly though they were yummy and different but the majority out there beg to differ so, i’ll hold my reins! But !! You make cooking and baking seems so simple and worse, ignite the passion in cooking in someone like me. I feel like desperately wanting to come in contact with any kitchen utensils after reading posts like this and whip up a storm in the kitchen. But will have to practice self control for the sake of my family’s composure haha

    I’m a rebel…. I don’t follow recipes, just my instincts…observation and hearsay – sort of mix and match, trial and error. Well, anonymous commentors – I just take the email address, go to Facebook…and use it to find friends. If they’re on Facebook, everything will appear – photos, everything! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Cockroach leaves?! That sounds disgusting yet i’d love to know more ( and probably try them myself even! Urk. God, i disgust myself ). Can someone elaborate! Sounds like a great dinner intro. E.g. Hey try this! My specialty. Ah, delicious isn’t it? Oh what are these you ask? The star ingredient! Cockroach leaves! Eh, are you okay? Here take more, you’ll feel better. What do you mean you want to puke? Eat! Don’t fight awesome food, eat! EAT!!. Sigh. Think i’m on sugar high from the 3 glasses of fresh orange juice.

    They’re coriander leaves – people who have not acquired the taste are put off by the smell – they think they smells of cockroach. Most Kuching people love it… Not available in Sibu, for obvious reasons. Nobody eats it. I think they do have that sometimes in West Malaysia. Go eat Kuching laksa – sure will garnish generously with those leaves when serving!

  9. What is the sweetened corn starch flour for? To stick the sides of the pohpiah ar? But Pohpiah need to stick ar? :/ I thought roll and munch jor :P. No need stick stick haha! Please check your email, sir ^_^.

    It’s just diluted sugar…or sugar melted in water. Heat on low fire to caramelise until the sugar turns lightly brown (some people add oyster sauce)…then, add water….bring to boil and add diluted cornflour….and you get that sweet glue-like stuff to apply to the sides of the popiah – the sweetness will also enhance the taste of the popiah too! See the second part in the series… LOL!!! Yup…already checked and responded.

  10. Hahahahahaha!!! Cockroach? Really! LOL! Okay, popiah for breakfast tomorrow πŸ˜€

    You like those smelly leaves! Ok…pass! Can kahwin Kuching people liao! They love them soooooo much. Btw, I thought Handsome Court only sells popiah on Wednesdays???

    1. Choon Hui’s popiah (right in front of Grand Continental) is my other alternative if Handsome Court is not convenient lor.

      That one’s not bad too! Quite like it! Ask KNB where he gets his popiah from, also very nice…and thick and big! Thought you’re on a no-meat abstinence for Lent? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. The “thick and big” popiah i bought for STP was from Yeow Kee. From the kuih muih stall…. the kuih there all very decent.

        Hah!!! Another one from the Gluttons’ Club… So make sure you head down there tomorrow, Clare!

    2. Oh, and not all Kuching people love them so much. Some cannot stand the sight of the leaves but I love them lor.

      My mom came over last year and saw/taste the leaves for the first time and asked me to bring some back for her to plant wtf πŸ˜€

      Hahahahaha!!! Perhaps she wants to eat them for health reasons – they say it has medicinal value. I have learnt to eat them…but I would rather do without them! Sometimes, already mixed in the food, so no choice lor… Just eat! 😦

    3. Handsome Court popiah – wednesdays and saturdays, other days the “nyonya popiah” at Kwong Hup Cafe is not bad, or the ones in Yaw Kee (behind Choice Premier) are very decent.

      See! Ask the people who know! They’re not members of the Gluttons’ Club for nothing…!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  11. I learnt a new word today – crustaceans πŸ˜€

    It’s always a learning adventure coming into your blog each day. No, I don’t wish to eat anything that smells of roaches… eww..

    Don’t you have those over there? I sometimes see them on top of the oyster omelette (or-chian), sometimes mixed with Chinese celery (daun sup)…which they also call coriander leaves on AFC shows. I thought I’ve used the word a number of times before…???

    1. *pengsan* She duzzin know the word Crustaceans? *pengsan again*… oiii… Merryn….you so damn blurr lah, Cikgu use those words before lah. LOL…Neway, I love crustaceans… unfortunately for me… those crustaceans don’t loved me. They are horrified at the sight of me. Ahahahahaha… too bad I’m not living by the seaside anymore, I used to have those prawns and crabs at very cheap price. My mum, she used to get 1kg of prawn and crab at around Rm5 each. And fishes… fishes are dirt cheap… sometimes, one big fish, would only cost Rm 0.50-Rm1.00. It is the middleman who always makes the seafood expensive. 😦 Those poor fishermen… they only get measly bit of money for their catch. It is so unfair for them. When we go with my dad, he would pay those fishermen more than the price they asked for. Cuz kesian, and sometimes oso, feel that it is too cheap and not fair for them. Those fishermen are of coz happy, and usually, would reserve some of their best catch for my mum and dad. LOL…

      We used to go and wait for the fishermen to come back and see their loot at the fisherman village. OMG, the taste was so sweet and heavenly, Cikgu. Sometimes, when my mum cook the prawns or crabs, they are still half alive! imagine that! I missed those so, so much. Here in KL…seafood cost a bomb, and not fresh summore! 😦

      Aiyor…no everybody will use words like that mah! Not English teacher or expert… They will just say seafood mah!!! You did not get to see me and my grandma, mum and aunts when we went catching fish and shrimps using baskets in the stream near my old house – during my childhood days. The shrimps still jumping! We just rinsed, dipped in sambal…and ate them – alive! So sweet, so nice! But in those days, the rivers and streams so clean – no pollution. Wouldn’t want to do that now!

      1. LOL…I can get the picture… I used to follow my great uncle, who was a retired forest ranger to catch fish and shrimps at river streams when I was around 9 years old… he used those hand weaved basket to catch wan. Sometimes will use those ‘jala’ as well. There’s season, though. But he never let us eat those things raw. Will either bring them back to cook, or he’ll set up fire by the riverside, and let us eat just like that, no salt, no nothing, and it’s so sweet!

        Yup…we used those hand-woven baskets. We also boiled to eat…and cooked sayur rebus, the shrimps with the paku we plucked from the banks of the stream. Then we would all gather and sit on the floor…to chat and enjoy eating out catch! Sigh! Those were the days!

  12. Is it ‘huan sui’? I love them with black thick soy sauce and cili padi and goes on top of everything. You’re right, they’re practically non existing in Sibu which is sad because the locals don’t know what a great side dish they’re missing out on.

    Can’t remember what it’s called in Chinese…but I think it’s also called Chinese parsley as opposed to Chinese celery (daun sup). Dunno about it being served as a side dish…all I know is in Kuching, they garnish a lot of dishes with them – steamed fish even. Ya…non-existent in Sibu. Nobody eats that here! Me neither!

  13. am also not a fan of the cockroach herb! I think the taste is so overpowering, it just kills the dish. My “landlords” love them though.

    Hahahahaha…the Khaws!!! Just a week plus left! πŸ™‚

  14. So how did you get to smell cockroaches again?

    Go dig into old, old cupboards with old, old books and mags…or old, old clothes – sure you have the smell…unless you bury a whole lot of mothballs in them!!!

  15. when you kill a cockroach by flattening them with your slipper, don’t their “guts” release that horrible coriander-like smell? Anyway, the word coriander originated from the Greek word “kronos”…eh, i mean “koriannon” which is bugs. Guess the Greeks know what they’re talking about? Hehehe

    Lots of Greeks in Perth too? Dunno now…but before, there were many in Melbourne…

    1. Hahahahahaha… The Greeks does know what they are tokking about. Coriander leaves smells awful! 😦

      Good for high blood pressure! LOL!!!

      1. Really? That awful thing is good for HBP?

        Yup, that’s what they say…and also daun sup or Chinese celery!

  16. i guess you must not have killed cockroaches before, that’s why you’ve never smelt how horrible-smelling they are.

    She just sprayed them to death with Ridsect!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Btw, there seem to be an invasion of cockroaches…and ants around here these days! Lots of them!!! Something to do with the weather and climatic changes? But my house, I think I’ve dealt with all of them – ok now, don’t see anymore around.

  17. Eh? How come the popiah so many fillings wah? Over here in KL, we only get shredded sengkuang, carrots and cucumber as the fillings. 😦 That’s the fillings for the fry one. For the wet popiah…dono wud thing they put, it is usually sweet or savoury.

    So many thing to put in your popiah? Malas… I think mine better, just open up a can of mackerel in tomato sauce, mash it, put some onions and lime juice, roll it and fry. LOL… shortcut popiah! LOL…

    Eyew…cucumber!!! No cucumber in our popiah! Those commercially-made ones, one may find thin strips of carrot…but not cucumber. In Kuching, can buy decent ones…but not in Sibu. Have to buy…or make your own. That’s why can only make on special occasions – so work intensive, unless got many people to help. BUT most of the time, if popiah party…no need to dream of asking people to help – cannot even roll!!! So no prize for guessing WHO will sit there and roll…while they eat and eat and enjoy!!! Tsk! Tsk!!!

    1. You roll, den u oso eat! LOL…

      I rolled…and EVERYBODY ate!!! I could have eaten more if I did not have to spend time rolling for them! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Wahhhh, u so good… liddat i wanna go to ur popiah party! LOL…

        Come, come… The cheap airline having a sale right now, flying 25th September onwards. KL to Sibu only RM29.00… Book now!

  18. My late aunty is very good in preparing the popiah skin. When she was around, we never buy popiah from outside. Always wait for her to make for us. haha…..The fillings are a little bit different from the seremban style. Here they will add ‘lap cheong’, pork lard, a leaf of vege (those lion dance eat – do you call that lectuce?), fish cake, sengkuang cooked with dried prawn and boiled till very soggy, long beans, taukua, fried eggs and minus the best part – peanuts. Back home in Johor, basically the ingreadient are plus minus the same as above but with loads and loads of crushed peanuts. Yummy…

    Ya…lettuce! I would use if I could get the local ones (not those imported ones we use for salad). My mum said…like the popiah in Singapore. Very nice also! We never used to do that before in my younger days. And the layer of lettuce will keep the skin drier and will not tear so easily from the chilli or the wet filling… Looks like almost the same except we do not add lap cheong and fish cake is optional, I guess. Lard? In the old days, we cooked EVERYTHING using lard! Had a pot of that ready for use in the kitchen – or do you mean the crusts after having melted the fat? Ummm…not a fan of those! May find some in the char kway teow at some places like in Penang. LOL!!!

    1. yes..the crusts. Melt in your mouth and let out a kind of deep fried frangrance, but very oily la. haha….kids love them and call them ‘korok korok’ simply name after the sound of crunchiness.

      Haven’t eaten those for a long, long time…not since we stopped using lard…after all that talk about it being unhealthy, high cholesterol and what not. Surprised that people still eat those over in West Malaysia…

      1. I just had fried popia… lol…crunchy crunchy and very oily punya! Akakakakak… why we still eat? Cuz not healthy lorr, very syiok to eat wan!

        LOL!!! My daughter prefers those…so everytime making popiah, have to fry some for her! Actually, nice also…but not so healthy. Never mind! Not everyday hor? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  19. It’s like so much work leh… kinda hard to find good popiah skin at my area 😦

    True! True! Even the popiah skin from our regular supplier…not as nice as before, but beggars can’t be choosers. Dunno how to make, so just eat – no need to complain! 1 kilo RM8.00 some more!!! 😦

  20. This is a very detail post on making the POPIAH….yummy.

    I dont think i have the patient to chop chop, shred ere n there..hehehe

    I bet it must be slurpelicious!!

    Definitely! Nothing beats homemade popiah…and at times like this, I’d wish I had lot of children (or maids), one chopping one thing and everything would be done in a jiffy! LOL!!!

    P.S. Btw, your first time here! Welcome…and do drop by often!

    1. Maids are definitely better for you. Why? You tend to spoil your children. LOL…especially daughters. LOL…wait they wan to help out in the kitchen, then the Cikgu busy chase them out, ask them to have fun instead! LOL…

      True…VERY true! And we are NOT doing them a favour. Watch out for my post on Friday…to see what happens when parents do everything for their kids! πŸ™‚

  21. vv yummy – btw where did u buy the popiah skin.some people use the frozen ones-not nice. .i remembered long time ago in Sibu I got to eat one vv nice popiah n I was told its from Sis-Kiaw-I suppose that is KongKay mother.

    There’s this stall at the Central Market in town – the popiah used to be good but not anymore…and there have been so-so ones elsewhere but nothing really great! I’ve their contact number to call and order…and the next morning, I would go to collect at the stall. Dunno about Kongkay’s mum…but Gundot’s mum could make the skin…and pai tee shells as well. Guess she had retired from all that now… All these skills slowly disappearing, I’m afraid.

    1. Pollie, i also use tyj frozen ones lah! No choice! Today bought mangkuang 3 medium size for A$12.60, how much u pay,STP? I am cooking the popiah tomoro! πŸ™‚

      I can’t remember… That’s the thing about guys shopping/marketing. Bought two big ones – around RM5 or 6, I think? Good luck with your popiah! Add minced prawns or crab meat (canned one will do)!!! Much nicer!

  22. wah wah wah…very soon this blog become recipe tutor blog. πŸ™‚

    Your poppiah got so many ingredients!! Long beans and mince meat somemore!! *faint*

    I think people prefer step by step like this…otherwise, may be too vague and not sure what to do. I missed the prawns and crab meat! Would be a lot nicer if I had added those. Think I may do it again…

  23. Now only I know a good Popiah is not easy to make. I will appreciate the popiah next time I eat it.

    Yup! Definitely not easy… But if working and eating together, it can be a lot of fun!

  24. look at the garlic as i love garlic…popiah 1 of my favourite as its full of greens but urs got meat…ciplak type…lol

    Must have meat…otherwise, where got nice! And with prawns and crabs, lagi best! But my mum’s allergic so I could not add any that day.

  25. Yeah, ready to roll……rock and roll….popiah rock! Yeah!
    Popiah, my favourite light snacks!

    Light? Not when you eat 8 – 10 in one sitting…like me! Wuahahahaha!!!!

  26. Yea…i agreed nothing beats the homemade foods.

    Oh, i have 2 gals. Next time one can chop, one can shred. boy to do heavy things wor..heheheh..

    Sure..sure i will drop by more often as this is a yummylicious blog. At times out of idea what to cook, just hop in these yummy blogs.

    I think i have to set one LCD at my kitchen, connected to the Net. Everytime i dont know what to cook, just click click ere n there…hahahha.

    Wow! So hi-tech! I can’t follow recipes…or cooking shows. I would just watch the latter and then make do with what I can remember and modify a bit here and there. So far so good… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  27. I m like u too..i will see the pics, jot down the important ingredients, preferably very detail like urs and paste in the brain. Then go kitchen and do whatever i can remembered. But i realised for cakes and cookies, cannot la. Have to really follow de recipe else the cakes or cookies will go inside my BIN..hehhee.

    I m just dreaming to have that HIGH-TEC gadget..LOL. I bet my hubby will not do that for me…kekkekee

    Yup…that’s why I don’t do cakes and cookies – my missus will do those. She’s patient – and doesn’t mind the hassle…, not me! LOL!!!

  28. The last picture certainly makes me drools. :p I didn’t know there are so many ingredients involved.

    So now you do! No plans to come to Sibu? You’ll just have to drool then… Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  29. hello. may i know where to get the popiah skin? my mom is a vegetarian and she is allergy to most types of food. she’s doing another blood test to confirm on the food allergy. at the moment, she prefers to choose her food.

    In Sibu? You have to order at this telephone number – 084-339661 and you will have to collect from their stall at the Sibu Central Market. They do not sell the skin unless they have some extra left over. They may deliver to the house too, I’m not sure – you can ask them yourself.

  30. wow you really free.. slowly take all the photosss!
    anyway the ingredients almost the same.. except i didnt use chopped long beans! haha
    perhaps next time i can try!

    Want to show people, must show step by step mah… πŸ˜‰

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