Il Mondo…

Il mondo or Le Monde means “The World” in Italian and in French respectively but I do not see the connection as far as this line of biscuits is concerned but of course, this very popular Malaysian brand needs no introduction whatsoever. Incidentally, have you seen the new logo? You can click this link here and watch the Youtube video if you are still unaware of it.

Well, it so happened that I was going to have my afternoon tea that day and I saw two packs of these…

Julie's mango sandwich crackers

…mango-flavoured puff sandwich biscuits on the table. Eyewwwww!!! I am never really fond of anything mango-flavoured though I do enjoy fresh mango sometimes, provided it is sweet and yes, I quite like mango lassi too.

For want of something to eat, I took one and boy, I loved it!!! It was not sweet, the cream filling, and I was not put off by the mango essence because I actually thought it was quite nice and I loved how the crackers were very brittle/crispy, not hard like some plus they were savoury and made the whole biscuit taste kind of salty with a hint of sweetness. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I finished both packets at one go.

I asked my missus where she got them from and she told me they were from one of the shops in the next lane near our house. That was why when I was there the other morning, I grabbed a couple of packs…

Le Mond puff sandwich, mango flavoured

…at RM5.20 each to take home to enjoy.

They are individually packed, 10 packets…

Individually packed

…each with two inside so that would work out to 52 sen a packet, 26 sen per cracker. Yes, long gone are the good ol’ days when things were 5 sen or 10 sen each.

I did try the lemon-flavoured ones – maybe, that was where they derived the name Le-mond from – which I thought were quite all right but I prefer the mango. There are other flavours as well including cheese, strawberry and chocolate but none of those tickle my fancy so I did not bother to buy them. Well, you may enjoy those, we’ll never know. To each his own!

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6 thoughts on “Il Mondo…”

  1. I have tried Julie Le-mond Lemon and Mango flavoured puff sandwich biscuits and both are to my liking. I like how they are individually packed which is very convenient.

    Gee! I must be the last to know. Usually I would stick to the familiar ones like the Julie’s peanut butter sandwich, the round ones…or Hup Kee cream crackers or the Tiger biscuits and some of the Indonesian coconut ones. Yes, I like the individual packs too, very convenient!

  2. Wow never saw a biscuit filled with mango, that would be definitely an easy favourite

    Not there? Lots here, I think, mango-flavoured but I can’t say I am all that fan of the strong essence used. This one is fine.

  3. Have yet to try this mango flavour cracker. I love their love letters.

    Yupe! The logo is now brand new after…a few decades right?

    Yes, I may have tried their love letters. Can’t beat own homemade, of course, but theirs is pretty decent.

  4. Coincidentally while reading your post, I am eating fresh mango! hahaha… Yes, now is mango season, I guess… the Thai mango is so sweet that I suspect they might put sugar in them… LOL… just kidding!

    It is? Haven’t seen any here and even if we can get them here, they are very expensive. Watch out for hidden sugars, people our age have to be careful.

  5. Yes, I saw these in my neighbourhood supermarket recently, they are supposed to be the new packaging right?

    I don’t know. The logo is still the old one. Must be so cheap in Singapore!

  6. I would much rather fresh mango too.

    Not that easily available here and very expensive. Not too bad over at your side, I guess – you get the nice ones from Thailand.

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