If you insist…

Victor was in my English tuition class some years ago, the father was one year my junior, I think, when I was in Form 6. Victor, now a pharmacist, runs a pharmacy here – I got all my masks from there that day and stocked up on my Vitamin C too.

Well, it so happened that I saw him sharing a photograph on Facebook of his mum making bak chang (meat dumplings), so many of them, over 100, I am sure…like she was going into the business or something. Teasingly I asked, “Any home delivery?” Victor responded, asking me for my house address so he could send some over.

Oh no!” I said, “I was only joking! Shy, shy lah!” However, he insisted – he said that his mum got carried away and made too many and in the end, I relented but I suggested sending them over to my sister’s house as they live nearby, somewhere around that area and I could go there and get or my sister could send them over to me.

My sister sent me this photograph…

Chang from Victor

…when Victor dropped them off at her house that evening but it was too late for me to go over so the next morning, she brought them over to my house.

Of course, I could not wait to steam them and try. They sure looked perfect, symmetrical cones all of them…

Victor's mum's chang

…and I was not surprised that there was a lot of meat inside…

Victor's mum's chang, inside

…unlike the ones at the shops, all lean though and there were some kind of beans in them too.

Yes, they tasted really great, thank you so much, Victor and do convey my thanks to your mum too, my compliments to the chef. Regards to her and your Dad as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “If you insist…”

  1. I think majority of people like bak chang with lean meat . I am one of them. If I am not wrong, mostly Hakka people makes bak Chang with peanuts. Drooling at the bak Chang… 😋😋😋

    I would love a bit of fat.

    Hakka? Not Cantonese? Like what I just said in my reply to zmun2, I just had one for breakfast and I saw that they were not peanuts – some kind of beans, not green, not red – white, probably soya, I wouldn’t know.

  2. That’s a lovely friendship you have there, and excellent looking bakchang for sure.

    Yes, very often, the teacher-student bond lasts a very long time.

  3. There you go, free food again hee..hee.. The bak chang is wonderful, so generous with the filling. That’s the nice thing about homemade instead of commercial.

    Yes, I don’t mind more glutinous rice if it is very nice but of course, the more the meat the better!

  4. Same as mun, i hv not eaten bak chang with peanuts and beans in it, usually is chestnut. I like my bak chang with a bit of fatty meat.

    So nice of victor to pass you 10 bak changs, can enjoy over a few days.

    Oh pls dont tempt me again, i just finished my 2 bak changs lol.

    I love chestnuts in chang. Yes, last two this morning for breakfast!

  5. I havent eaten this for ages, this reminds me to buy some which we can do now.

    You have these in New Zealand? How much are they…each? Actually we prefer the nyonya ones – my brother coming back from Auckland will always buy those from Katong while on transit in Singapore. Can buy in Kuching too but none here, Foochow town.

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