Not going anywhere…

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers…and congratulations – you have survived the MCO/partial lockdown so far! Anybody going to give away their kids for adoption? LOL!!!

Of course we will not be going anywhere to celebrate, the same as when my missus celebrated her birthday that day, the 6th of May. We just stayed home, safe and sound but my girl cooked the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup the night before so we could have mee sua

Birthday mee sua

…that morning and I boiled some eggs to go with it.

My brother-in-law and his wife stopped by later that morning and gave us a packet of mee sua (uncooked) and this traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup that they bought from some shop in town…

Traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup

…along with more curry puffs and a butter cake, the same ones as those that he gave us that day. The soup only looked red though – it wasn’t strong on the red wine, none of the very nice fragrance. They probably used the ang chao in the cooking.

That was all we had that day for brunch and for dinner – mee sua and egg. My girl did bake her this marble cake…

Marble cake with coffee liquer

…and upon the mum’s suggestion, she used coffee liquer. I thought it was o.k. but I would prefer chocolate or just coffee for the swirls.

A day or two later, my missus cooked this very delightful lamb curry. She used the usual AI Mountain Globe instant curry paste but she added a lot of ingredients to it. I saw her marinating the meat with curry powder and I heard her saying that she added cumin seeds and all those Indian spices and fresh tomatoes too. I got her the curry leaves and a few stalks of serai (lemon grass) from my garden but she said that she did not use the latter – no serai in the recipe she was following.

It turned out really nice, not quite like the Indian mutton curry that we used to eat here but when the gravy had thickened the next day, it made me think of the Bangladeshi lamb curry that I loved so much here. Sigh!!! I wonder when those favourite places of mine will reopen for business – it has been so long now, almost two months!

My missus also made some roti and though it was pan-fried though, not baked in a traditional stone oven, it did taste very much like naan


I don’t know what recipe she followed but it sure went absolutely well with the curry…

Lamb curry and roti

As far as I can  remember, my mum used shortcrust pastry to make her roti bayee and she pan-fried it as well. However, unlike shortcrust pastry, she sure kneaded it a lot and even slammed the dough on the table – I think that was to get the air out. That was very nice too – perhaps one of these days, I can give it a try and see how it turns out.