Go green…

The other day, I blogged about how I cooked pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) using a slow cooker. Today, I shall show you how to cook let tao (green beans/mung beans) the same way, more or less.

Unlike when cooking pulut hitam, you do not have to soak the beans overnight or for 3-4 hours ahead of cooking. Just take a cup and wash and rinse the beans well and they are ready…

Green/mung beans

…to be cooked.

The knotted pandan (screwpine) leaves are a must for the much coveted fragrance and once again, I am using gula Melaka (palm sugar)…

Pandan and gula Melaka

– you can add more of the sugar if you like it sweeter.

Just put everything in the slow cooker, fill it with a whole lot of water like cooking porridge and turn it on. After around 4 hours, the beans would have bloated and are broken up…


…which, of course, means that they are cooked.

For reasons unknown, the ladies in the house will only drink the water so I poured most of it into a container to be put in the fridge – it is always nicer chilled.

I added a cup of milk powder to what was left in the slow cooker so I could have this very rich and creamy dessert…

Rich & creamy

I tried this with the pulut hitam that day and it turned out to be much nicer than adding santan or evaporated/fresh milk. However, even though they insist there is no sugar in milk powder, I found the combination rather sweet so you can dilute it a bit if you are not thus inclined.

It certainly is a lot easier and convenient to use a slow cooker. You do not have to stand by and keep an eye on it in case it starts boiling over, making a mess of your cooker top plus it does take quite a long time too if you are cooking it this way.

We did not have any sago pearls in the house – otherwise, it would be nice to cook those and add to the above. I must remember to buy some for the next time I cook this.