I’m leaving it all up to you…

After the disaster in my previous post, I did what I believed would be the best thing to do and left it all up to the ladies in the house.

My girl made these Korean potato cakes or gamjajeon


…adding the barely-surviving super skinny wild chives/onions growing in my garden and yes, they were nice, a tad oily but nice.

She also cooked this spaghetti bolognese…

Spaghetti bolognese

…and even though I am no fan of bolognese sauce – like eating tomato sauce straight from the bottle – I loved the sauce in this one. She used one of the bottled tomato pasta sauces that I bought, the traditional tomato something and because there was no beef in the house, she used pork instead. I overheard the ladies talking in the kitchen and it seemed that they added their own ingredients to enhance the taste, including a few shots of red wine!

The mum made this radish cake, steamed…

Radish cake, steamed

…as well as deep fried…

Radish cake, deep fried

It was nice, just that she added chopped lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and the taste and smell came on  a little too strong. It seemed that she followed some recipe that she saw but personally, I think I prefer the cake without that. If I am not wrong, they usually add minced fatty pork.

On the other hand, her tod mun pla (Thai fish cake)…

Tod mun pla

…was simply out of this world, so very very nice with the Thai basil, also from my garden, and all the herbs that went into it. Too bad my sawtooth coriander had called it a day, otherwise she could have added that and brought the taste of those cakes to a whole new level.

Well, don’t you all think I’ve done the right thing, just leaving everything to the ladies? Hehehehehe!!!