What went wrong…

It was raining that morning so I could not do any gardening. I’ve been wanting to make these cucur (fritters) ever since I saw the post (and video) in Merryn’s blog so while everyone else in the house was sleeping, I thought I would do that and surprise them when they woke up with a delightful breakfast.

I didn’t follow the recipe 100% and used these ingredients…


…instead – a bit of thinly-sliced French beans, chopped spring onions from my garden. some bubuk (dried shrimps). two shallots and one chili, thinly sliced and some seasoning plus salt and pepper.

There wasn’t enough flour left in the container, less than 2 cups but I decided to go ahead anyway. I added all the aforementioned ingredients and a cup of water and mixed everything together well…


It looked rather dry so I added a little bit more water…

More water

…and I was ready to start frying.

I found that the fritters did not turn golden brown and were rather pale looking…

My cucur

…and even though it tasted all right, the texture was all wrong! It was dense and rubbery, a little on the tough side. To say that I was so so so disappointed would be an understatement.

I had a good mind to just throw everything but I decided to let the expert see and taste and seek her advice as to what went wrong. Too much flour perhaps, she said – well, I did mention earlier that there wasn’t enough in the container and I had to make do with less.

I said perhaps it wasn’t wheat flour – they never label anything that they stuff in the containers so God knows what is in each of them (and perhaps they do not know themselves either) and how long it has been there – but no, she insisted it was. Perhaps I shouldn’t have added that extra bit of water…but of course, I made NO mention of that! What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her! Hehehehehe!!!

Then she went on and on about how she would blend all the added ingredients before mixing with the batter…bla…bla…bla…so in the end, I just said that next time, I would just wait for her to make and I would just eat. Total silence!

Well, one thing’s for sure, I would never attempt to make any cucur ever again, thank you very much!