Peanut butter…

I am pretty sure everybody is familiar with this brand that is popular for all the nuts – my favourite would be their salted peanuts and come Chinese New Year every year, I would buy their pistachios which seem to be of a higher quality, a cut above the rest.

Well, my missus went out one day and came back with this…

Tong Garden peanut butter

It caught me by surprise as I had not seen their peanut butter before and I did not know that they produce that as well. There are some Malaysian brands but let’s just say that I was never impressed by any of them.

All this while, I just assumed this is a Malaysian brand as well – I never bothered to check the label and looking at the Thai characters on the bottle, I guessed it must have been made in Thailand. Well, I was wrong! I sure did not expect it to be produced in China…

Made in China

I tried it with a slice of toasted chia seed bread that I bought from here (RM6.00 a loaf)

With toasted chia seed bread

…and yes, it was very nice. I’m quite sure it would be great with cream crackers too!

However, it sure did not come cheap…

RM8.40 a bottle

…for a small bottle. Maybe my missus did not have a choice at that mini-supermarket near my house and decided to just grab it to try.

I would much sooner go for the ones imported from the U.S. which are around double the price for a big bottle, including this favourite of mine, but no, I am not going back to that supermarket, not at this point in time. I thought it was quite bad how the customers did not seem bothered to keep their distance and I hear it is even worse these days, now that two can go in a car.