What’s going on…

Well, nothing much, just a whole lot of eating and cooking. No, I have not been cooking all that much – I leave it to the ladies. I just ate. LOL!!!

My missus made these Thai pork sausage the other day…

Thai pork sausage

…which tasted nice, very strong on all those herbs that went into it but the texture was kind of dry. I think perhaps that was because she used mostly lean minced meat.

For dinner that evening, she made them into meat balls…

Thai pork meatballs

…instead of frying them in the form of sausages and yes, we loved it! Everyone thought that they were much nicer cooked this way.

In the meantime, my girl went and cooked this white bean curry…

White bean curry

…because there was a can in the house that had been there like…forever! I don’t know whether she or the mum bought it – it sure wasn’t me! She followed this recipe on youtube and it turned out really nice just that there I was, wishing I had some Indian roti to eat it with. That would be so nice!

On another day, under the supervision of her mum, she tried her hand at cooking tom yam goong

Tom yam goong

…and it turned out so so so good, very much nicer than what we had had at the Thai restaurants anywhere and everywhere. Of course, you definitely can’t go wrong when you add one whole pack of the giant tiger prawns, around RM40 for 19 of them (size 4A). The broth/soup was simply out of this world. My girl had bihun with it but I was quite happy to enjoy it with rice.

There are still 10 days left in this Phase 4 of the MCO/partial lockdown – let’s see what else the ladies have up their sleeves