I’ve been here so long…

Well, this coffee shop…

Chu Lai Cafe

…opposite the now fully-restored mosque, the one and only one here all throughout my growing up years…

Sibu old mosque, restored

…has been around for so long but I’ve been there once only.

I heard some people praising their fried noodles to the skies so I went to try but I thought it was all right and no, it did not get me rushing back for more. They say the chap fan (mixed rice) is good too but never mind, I’m not so into that. Anyway, when I went there that day, they were closed. I don’t know if if they have called it quits or taken sometime off – I didn’t bother to ask.

In my post about it on my last visit, I did mention the Malay stall…

Chu Lai Cafe Malay stall

…in front and how the lady’s nasi biryani would only be available on Saturdays and that day, I went there because I wanted to give it a try. Like the coffee shop, she has been around for so long too. Since time immemorial, teachers from the schools in town would order from her packs of her nasi biryani when they wanted to give their colleagues a special treat for whatever reason…and yes, I did hear people saying that it was good.

It came with this dhal vegetable curry…

Chu Lai Cafe dhal vegetable curry

…that I quite enjoyed and yes, the rice and the chicken curry and the pickles (RM6.50)…

Chu Lai Cafe nasi biryani

…were all right as well but if it is the authentic Indian biryani rice with all the fragrant spices and what not, then perhaps, you should try elsewhere. This one is quite typical of the nasi biryani at the Malay shops and stalls, nice colour, tastes great but not quite there.

Well, I would say it was good enough for me to want to go for it again should I happen to be around there and looking for a bite to eat but that place is in a VERY congested part of town and parking can be a nightmare, especially with the main branch of that forever busy “tiger bank” a few doors away. We’ll see!

CHU LAI CAFE (2.292279, 111.824598) is located along Jalan Kamoung Nyabor beside/behind the WTK Building directly across the road from the old Sibu mosque and two blocks of shops away, within walking distance, from the RH Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I’ve been here so long…”

  1. The sign Sundrop, once a while it was so popular.

    Long ago in my growing up years, it was Green Spot, in bottles. I still prefer it to the other soft drinks, no gas.

  2. The dhal vegetable curry that comes with the rice looks good and so is the beautiful floral plate but eweeeeee……it is plastic plates and bowls, worst is when they have stains.

    It’s melamine, not too bad as the food was not hot – the Malay places love using these and some, the colour has come off. Gets me so put off!

  3. Wait till I am fully well recovered… I will definitely go for the something hot and spicy! I have been eating too “bland” food for the past number of days!

    Bland? Saw your lunch at Woodbanks! That croissant sandwich looks like to die for and the pumpkin soup looks good – I guess that was pumpkin?

  4. Parking in my office area is also very bad. Although there is parking at the mall, most would prefer to double park and risk getting their car towed!

    Pretty much the same here just that there is only one mall nearby with very limited parking spaces…and the spaces all around are occupied. Illegal double-parking is the rule of the day here – looks like the laws are made to be broken!

  5. I avoid all places where parking is a problem or I take a grab.

    Yes, a lot of people doing that here too…like when there are banquets at all the ballrooms at the leading hotel in town – no way one can find a place to park even in its multi-storey car park. Can’t avoid the massive jam though.

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