I dropped by here that day as I was thinking of the guy’s spicy crispy chili prawn sambal that I really enjoyed when I bought it once some time ago in May this year.

While I was there, the girl asked me if I wanted to buy the oxtail curry…

…that they had just finished cooking, yet to go into the freezer even. Initially, I was hesitant as I did buy the guy’s masak merah, kapitan chicken curry and lamb curry and unfortunately, none of them got me running back for more.

A long long time ago, my girl enjoyed his beef curry and I did tapao for her time and time again to enjoy in her school in the jungle. I have not bought it for her or for us to eat at home since.

I think it was a Friday that day, our no-meat day, so we did not eat the oxtail curry right away. I just put it in the fridge for the time being and on Sunday, my missus wanted to cook the nasi biryani with the Maggi pes perencah that I bought so we took it…

…out and heated it up…

It did not look like there was quite of lot of meat in that big tub for RM80.00 but there was enough for the three of us for two meals with two huge chunks and some potatoes left over for my girl to enjoy the very next day with what was left of the nasi biryani

…that the mum cooked, served with some of the nyonya acar timun (cucumber pickle)…

…that she had in the fridge. They do give that with their nasi biryani at some of the Malay shops and stalls here

The curry was all right, nice enough but it was the oxtail that I enjoyed most of all. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and I loved the tendon too.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say we were all that impressed with the nasi biryani that day. I don’t know where she went wrong this time around but it was rather salty, not TOO salty but it was noticeable, to say the least. Thankfully, the two went pretty well together, the rice and the curry and my girl sure enjoyed them enough to want to eat them again the following day. I guess that is what matters the most.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Tails…”

  1. Wow, RM80 for that tub. 😮 So expensive. I love the acar timun most. Anytime for me. Goes well with rice or keropok..😋🤤

    1. Yes, I thought so too but my missus said ox tail, like lamb shank, is not cheap. Ok lah, at least I tried…but frankly, the guy should just use the A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste (meat) instead of cooking his own from scratch. It will be very much nicer!!!

  2. I don’t think I had oxtail curry before!
    Had oxtail soup though, kinda tomatoey, not very keen.

    Did you try Jamaican food when you were here in England?
    I quite like Jamaican goat curry. It’s very nice 🙂

    1. The Malays have their oxtail soup – one very good one here but it is rather expensive. Most are too diluted and very strong on those spices – not to my liking.

      I did not go around eating when I was in the UK. If you read my blogposts on that time when I was in the UK, you will find that I hardly ate anything because everything was so expensive. Simply could not afford it!

  3. I don’t think I’ve had oxtail curry but hubby is a big fan of oxtail soup.

    The Malay oxtail soup? We only have one place that is nice here, the rest are all too diluted, strong on the spices, hardly any taste of the beef so I never bother. Same thing with their sup tulang.

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