Don’t let me be the last to know…

Well, I most probably am – the last to know. People have been telling me that the kueh chap

Victorious Cafe kueh chap special 1

here is very good and will be sold out by 11.00 a.m.

I even told my West Malaysian friends from KL that day about it and they went to try, way ahead of me! I think there were mixed reactions – some liked it, one said it was way too strong on the star anise and I would agree with her on this. When I walked up to the stall…

Victorious Cafe kueh chap stall

…to place my order, I could detect the strong smell but I asked for the special, anyway.

Yes, they have the standard chili dip…

Victorious Cafe kueh chap chili dip

…here, the own-made chili sauce with a hint of belacan (dried prawn paste), not too strong – just right, plus it was spicy enough too. I did not get something like that when I had the kueh chap in Kuching so of course, that took away some of the enjoyment. I asked the boy for more and he came back with one more, filled to the brim. So generous!

Unlike most elsewhere where the broth tastes of black soy sauce and garlic soup, more or less, the one here (RM8.00)…

Victorious Cafe kueh chap special 2

…has that exotic fragrance of the spices that go into the cooking and  I would say that initially, it took a little bit of getting used to. Once I got the hang of it, I started to enjoy it…a lot!

One good thing about this place is that it opens real early, around 6.00 a.m. so it is very convenient for me to stop by after dropping my girl off at her school which is just around the corner. However, be forewarned that even at that ungodly hour, there will be quite a crowd at the shop already (but thankfully, parking is a breeze unlike at other times of the day) and one may have to wait a bit to be served, like me that morning.

VICTORIOUS CAFE (2.283657, 111.832501) is the corner coffee shop on the left at the end of Lorong Lanang 4, opposite the Li Hua Hotel, town centre and the Kingwood Hotel is right behind it.