That afternoon, when my girl and I went walking around that brand new food court in town, she spotted this stall…


…and told me they had fried carrot cake there. I did not notice that giant radish or what we call pek chai thow/white carrot there on the sign.

Unlike over in the peninsula where it is called koey kah at some places, this is something quite rare here – there may be a stall or two somewhere that we do not know about. So of course, I gotta try that and I asked for it to be packed for me to take home.

It did look like the cake had been pre-fried a bit, probably with a bit of soy sauce, first…


…and I saw the guy pouring a little bit of oil onto the hot plate to which he added some chopped garlic, pork rinds(crackling)/chicharron and dunno what else…

Fry the ingredients

…to fry for a while before he added the steamed (white) carrot/radish cake…

Add cake

…after which he added the taugeh (bean sprouts) and finally, the egg…

Add taugeh and egg

…and when it was done, he fished everything out and packed it nicely (RM6.00)…


…for me to take home. I would say it was very nice and I did not see him adding any msg which is a bonus point in their favour. I sure would not mind going back for it again.

KIM HOCK PREMIER FOOD COURT (2.301777, 111.843215) is located along Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada) somewhere opposite Wisma Liberty and Wisma Sri Minyak.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Rare…”

  1. There are 2 versions of char kuih, sweet and savoury and this one looks like the sweet version. Personally, I prefer savoury to sweet.

    It was savoury. So far I have never eaten any sweet ones. I don’t think I will like it but I sure would love to try. Didn’t see this anywhere when I was in Kuching.

  2. sure is good to find this being sold there since it is not commonly found. Sometimes I will eat this as I like it as much as char kway teow since they share many characteristics such as wok hei, taugeh, eggs, thick soy sauce and etc.

    Yes, similar to char kway teow and in Sibu, we also have the char pek koi (rice cakes) done this same way, the dry version. My girl loves that but I’m not a fan, kind of chewy.

  3. I love this kueh kak.. the pasar malam near my residential area has two stalls selling this… one stall by a lady and another one by two young men. Don’t know why there is practically no one buying from the lady and on the other hand, a long queue waiting at the guys’ stall… One day I must have the patience and try their kueh kak… it cost around RM4 over here with one egg.

    So cheap! This one was RM6, the smallest. Maybe the two young men are very handsome? Single and available or not? 😀

  4. The serving is quite small. I roughly count, it is less than 30 “cubes” of radish cakes.

    You must be used to Australian servings, that was more than enough for us to share, 3 of us. LOL!!! I was thinking that the cubes were kind of big though, not like those in the peninsula.

  5. That fried carrot cake looks good. The shape is just nice… it’s slightly cheaper here in PJ/KL pasar malam and it’s quite delicious too! 😀

    Can’t complain, not easily found here so what we see is what we get.

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