On the street where you live…

On our way back from Ipoh that day in the heavy downpour, it turned out that the weather was fine towards Penang side and Mandy stopped at Prai where she used to live when she was growing up as she wanted to take us to this street – Chai Leng Park, otherwise known as Haw Chiak Kay (which probably means Tasty Street).

Prai food street

The whole street, some 200 metres long, was lined with nothing but food stalls.

My missus and I had the char hor fun (fried rice noodles)…

Prai - char hor fun

…from this particular stall…

Prai - char hor fun stall

…and we also had the ikan bakar (grilled fish – stingray) and these very delicious spicy clams…

Prai - spicy clams

My daughter and Mandy had the koey kah from this stall…

Prai - koey kah

…which, it seemed, was in fact what we know as carrot/lobak cake or chai thow koi…and Mandy insisted that we must try the Tiptop fried chicken…

Prai - Tiptop fried chicken

…which was so popular that there was a long queue of people lining up to buy. I really loved these paper-thin apom

Prai - apom

…which had the taste of kuih sepit/kapit (love letters) except that they were not hard and crispy. The lady at the stall had to keep going non-stop to keep up with the bulk orders that kept pouring in…

Prai - apom stall

Well, that was our dinner before we headed back to SP (Sungai Petani)…and I really enjoyed it a lot. Personally, I feel that whenever I go over to the peninsula, it is much nicer to go and savour the myriad of tantalising dishes at stalls like these than to dine in fancy restaurants. They really have so much to offer over there…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “On the street where you live…”

  1. i introduced ur blog to a fren of mine, making her miss her hometown….

    Good! Good! The more the merrier!…She’s from Prai? Nice place…but Sibu’s nicer! LOL!!!

  2. She is frm Sg Petani and i used to tease her tat SP is full of paddy field… Showed her the comment that SP ppl eat rice for breakfast cz they r petani so nid more energy but she say they did eat rice for breakfast…. Kampua is still d best… Jz cant produce a nice plate of kampua no matter hw i try….

    Hmmm…maybe one of these days I should try and cook kampua and post on it! LOL!!!

  3. I love Prai! luckily my hometown(Parit Buntar) near with the place~

    Lucky you! One WHOLE street of nothing but food…food…food!!! I guess you’re home for the hols now. Can really eat all the nice food at home…not like in KK, the food’s nice but SO expensive!

  4. the char mee hoon stall so cheap^^

    It IS cheap, isn’t it! Food’s a lot cheaper in the smaller towns compared to the bigger cities…and if you convert to Singapore currency, it’s really dirt cheap! So very expensive there…even before conversion!

  5. wow..the clams are something different.. opened and fried with the triangle beans… over here, they just boiled the clams (with shells on) and give u some sauce with pounded groundnuts toppings. I also must go prai and try .. never been there at night… mandy sure knows where to go and what to eat.. even the apom is different from ipoh… penisular memang more “wai sik” people… huh?

    Hah!!! See! You kalah liao! Even though I come from so far away across the sea, I’ve been to more places and eaten more different things round your side of the country compared to you. Hehehehehehe!!!! Your roads/highways are so good! It should be easy – a lot easier than here in Sarawak – to drive around to the nearby towns.

    1. Claire, come la…do let me know…I can bring u there…
      next time I tar pao for u la…when im going to KL, i can stop by in Ipoh and pass it to you.. LOL!!

      Or when you stay in Ipoh in that very posh hotel for a few nights, you and Claire can drive over to Prai in the evening to feast on all the food! How’s that for a brilliant idea? LOL!!!

      1. Sir, come la, don’t wait till 2012 liao la…next time i will bring u to Raja Uda, where u can get nothing but food…. LOL!!!

        SIGH!!! If only I could… Will let you know once they’re definite about that date Melissa and the rest will leave for Wellington. I will probably be going over to KL then to see her off. Other than that, no other good excuse to go to KL liao… 😦

      2. Mandy… so happy to come by to read this..otherwise “jau kai” this suggestion.. (for stp info, jau kai means… missed the boat, something like that…hahaaa) .. ok, I will definitely let u know.. i wonder when.. but i do know u will surely come to ipoh one day.. we will meet again.. ok?
        yes, STP, u must come again.. so let us know the date…see whether i can go KL to meet u and mandy or not.. if weekend, shouldnt be a problem… 🙂

        See! Now got new friend, thanks to me! Me…going to KL? Dunno lah! Even the time when I plan to go and send my daughter off at KLIA – that’s Chinese New Year time and only ghosts left in KL! SIGH!!!

      3. Claire, next time when im in Ipoh, i can ask u for breakfast la..cos sometime i can get breakfast for 2 pax…if i don’t feel like having it in the hotel maybe u can come with Elin or i will try to ask for one more pax so Elin can join us…

        why not.. we can drive down to Ipoh on Friday nite and spend one nite in Penang…. come back to Ipoh on Saturday evening… 🙂

        Wah!!! Now making plans without including me! Sob! Sob!….. Hahahahaha!!!!

  6. well.. it’s true that food from stalls like these tastes nicer and cheaper than dining in… but this can only be possible if you’ve people to bring you around.. or perhaps stay somewhere near there..
    I miss cheap food… hate it when i’ve to blow my budget for food every month! 😦

    Make friends… I’m sure some of your coursemates are local and they can bring you around to enjoy all the good food at your place. See! Early-early get boyfriend…and from Kelantan some more, so far away…and others will simply shy away and let you two enjoy your privacy! Now you have to ask him to take you around lor! What are boyfriends for! Hahahahaha!!!

  7. holyy crap in a cracker! i think i just jizzed looking at the char hor fun.!~

    Cantonese fried! You should be able to get that there…but of course, there’s a price to pay! LOL!!! It seemed that the Tai Lok mee was very popular, whatever that was. Everybody else ordered that. It looked like KL Hokkien mee – the big noodles in very black sauce that look like worms. Tried it once in KL. didn’t like it…but then again, I didn’t like a lot of things in KL! LOL!!!

  8. yeah sometimes those local food at the hawker stalls are so great & eating that is totally a different kind of experience than eating at a cozy restaurant 🙂

    Ya, I couldn’t agree more. Often people pay for the ambience, the pampering…and for an inflated ego…but I do not mind that occasionally if the food is good and really worth it. However, generally, I find that I enjoy hawker food more – the next best thing to home cooking! LOL!!

  9. when in Ipoh, we called the fried noodles with the eggy soup as “wa tan hor” meaning egg smooth hor fun. I’m salivating now!

    You are? LOL!!! Time to head back to Ipoh! Long weekend – don’t tell me you’re working!!!

  10. oh ilove the paper thin apom :P. I always must get them when I go to pasar malam.. but haven’t been to pasar malam for some time haha.

    This is the 1st time I’ve eaten these. Here we have the apom balik – the thick chewy type…and the thin crispy type with crushed peanut filling. This one’s different.

  11. thats really a economy/cheap char kueh tiao…

    btw i no matter where i am i still prefer stalls food and dislike restaurant so u can save alot money from entertain me when im sibu in future…hehe

    Hah! At least in this way, you are like me… Hehehehehe!

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