The same place…

This was a few weeks back. My favourite Malay kuih and everything stall/shop at Bandong here has opened up a small place by the side…

Kopi Kopi

…serving drinks so customers can buy anything and everything at the stall …


…and bring over to enjoy them there with the drinks available.

I noticed that they had porridge too…


…but no, I already had breakfast elsewhere that morning so I just bought a few things for tea later that day.

In the meantime, the nice satay stall formerly sited in the parking area round the corner…

Noor Satay

…has moved to this shop there…


…that used to be occupied by this coffee shop which has since moved to the town centre, right beside the BSN branch along Jalan Kampung Nyabor. At one time, sometime ago, they moved to this shop here but I heard they felt the rent was too high so they moved out and took over the aforementioned shop. Unfortunately, there were some massive renovations going on at that point in time so they were not able to open their shop for a long time.

Thankfully, it is now business as usual and that day, I stopped by to buy some of their satay. Of course, I asked for more ketupat


– I love that and a lot more of the kuah, the satay peanut sauce. I really can’t stand places where they are so very stingy with the sauce – they will just give you a little bit in a small saucer, never mind how many sticks you order and I would have to beg for just a little bit more. Tsk! Tsk!!!

I bought 10 sticks of chicken (70 sen each) and 10 lamb (80 sen each), RM15.00 altogether and I liked how they had got some ready already and all they had to do was to put them all back onto the barbecue pit…


…to heat them up and to grill them a little bit more.

I wonder if they still have their nasi campur for lunch – I sure enjoyed it when they were at the other place.

The stall/shop that used to be called MAK MET’s BREAKFAST STATION is located at the shops along Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) where PENYET BANDONG is in the evening and NOOR SATAY ISLAMIC CAFE is right round the corner at the back of the parking spaces to the right.

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10 thoughts on “The same place…”

  1. So long didn’t eat satay. I love to eat ketupat rice with the satay peanut sauce too, yums! Normally I would order pork satay.

    We do not have pork satay here…except at some Chinese restaurants. I find the meat kind of mild, even chicken. I actually prefer lamb or beef, the ladies in the house like chicken.

  2. Actually I love satay a lot but then I seldom eat, maybe once in a long long time cos I scare of the ash flying around and landed on top of the satay when the seller fan the fire. Whenever I order satay I must have ketupat too and most of them will end up in my tummy.

    Yes, they say one barbecued chicken wing is equal to 8 sticks of cigarettes. I guess the same applies to satay…and char siew too! Best to avoid the charred ones but those are, in fact, the nicest!!!

  3. Somehow I have never liked ketupat. I love satay with raw onions and cucumber dipped in lots of satay sauce. I agree, some places are just too stingy with the sauce.

    The last time I was at the Kajang one, they were so generous. They gave one big bowl of it and would refill anytime, so very nice! I do not recall any place giving raw onions here, cucumber, yes. Most places, no ketupat either!

  4. 70 sens per stick is pretty cheap.. here even the malay stalls are charging 1 ringgit for chicken satays.. ><"

    Not much difference, 30 sen only. City people very rich, gaji besar mah! 😀

  5. Satays. Must go with ketupat. I cant remember when the last time I had satay.

    I thought I was the only one, rarely venturing out at night…and here, the Malay stalls only have it at night.

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