One heart…

I was here a long long time ago but it was under a different name then – probably there has been a change of hands so it now has a new name…

Kedai Kopi Sehati

…which, literally translated, means One Heart.

This is located on the other side of town and I hardly ever venture to those parts of the woods but I have an account with the bank right next door to the left (it used to be close by but they moved) so I will only drop by a couple of times in a year whenever I have some business there to deal with.

I was there the other morning and I decided to check the place out and see what they have in store. There is a Chinese stall in front – I’m not too sure if they have kampua mee or not but I saw some photographs of what looked like pan mee, dry and fried kompia stuffed with minced meat (RM1.00 each, 5 for RM4.00) and there was one of their Sarawak laksa – initially, I thought it was lor mee as there was kangkong in it.

I decided to try something from the Malay/Muslim stall…

Malay/Muslim stall

…at the back as while I was waiting for the bank to open, I caught the fragrance of tom yam and it did smell very good. I did not feel like having that though so I asked for their nasi lemak kukus special (RM5.00)…

Nasi lemak kukus special

The rice was not really lemak, a bit strong on the ginger for my liking but the sambal was all right. I don’t know what chicken wing that was by the side, coated with a bit of gravy, but it sure tasted great.

I  guess I will be coming by this way again soon but one thing’s for sure, when I do, I shall not be ordering the nasi lemak again. Perhaps I’ll try something else…or I’ll go for something from the Chinese stall instead.

KEDAI KOPI SEHATI (2.264438, 111.845137) is located at CityVine, along Lorong Upper Lanang 12B, the first shop in the block to the right of the bank there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “One heart…”

  1. Sehati sejiwa comes to mind. I like ginger taste but seldom find ginger taste in the rice of nasi lemak. Usually the ginger taste is in the chicken rendang gravy which is very nice.

    There is ginger in nasi lemak, and in chicken rice too but it should not be the predominant taste. Just as chicken rice must have the chicken taste, nasi lemak must be lemak. Otherwise, might as well have plain rice.

  2. Good that you are always trying different foods, unlike me, always order the same food from the same stall if I like it, LOL.

    If I keep going back to the ones that I like, in the end, I will have nothing to blog about.

  3. I think ginger is a very essential ingredient for cooking almost everything and I love the taste of it. Cooking kacangma, mee sua, etc. Ginger is a must have ingredient without which the taste will be different.

    Of course! That’s for ladies in confinement, lots of ginger needed to keep their bodies warm and ward away cold. Great for health too, ginger. Some dishes, you need a lot for the “hiam-hiam” taste and fragrance, not all…and definitely not the rice in nasi lemak.

  4. I guess look doesn’t always equate to taste

    Huh? I thought this one failed miserably when it came to presentation but on the other hand, the chicken did not look good but I loved it, very nice!

  5. Most nasi lemaks fail on that front, not enough lemak. LOL!

    Yes, even the very popular one in KL or PJ, some place. Everyone raving about it but when I asked a friend, he said not so lemak. It is because they have such a wide variety of side dishes to pick, add on. Might as well serve plain rice.

  6. It’s so difficult to find lemak nasi lemak these days. Most of the ones I ate are not as lemak as I like them to be 😦

    There’s one here that is really very good, I’d give it 75-80%, two decently-nice ones 60% – the rest all below 50%.

  7. I like nasi lemak that comes with ayam goreng berempah…. and like you, I dont like my nasi to have strong ginger taste.

    My priority would be the coconut milk – I like it very lemak but most here fall short, so disappointing.

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