Red House…

I had to go to a bank on the other side of town last Monday, in the vicinity of what they call Cityvine and I thought that it would open at 8.45 in  the morning, same as the one near my house (not the same bank though) so I made my way there quite early. I got there at 8.30 a.m. only to discover that it does not open till 9.15 a.m. In the end, I decided to sit and wait at the coffee shop…

Red House, Sibu

…right next to it on the right.

My old friend, Simon’s niece runs the kampua noodle stall…

Red House, kampua stall

…at that particular shop and I thought I might as well give it a try while I waited.

It was very nice…

Red House, kampua noodles

– cooked to perfection, al dente…not overcooked and soft and soggy which may be the case at some places in town and not undercooked and a bit too hard either. I would not say that it had the usual taste of the authentic kampua noodles but it tasted good. The bit of minced meat and the gravy blended well with the noodles and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I do not know how much it cost though – probably RM2.50 like most everywhere else in town as my friend’s niece said it was her treat and refused to accept any payment.

While I was waiting, an ex-student, now a teacher at one of the secondary schools in Sibu, stopped by with his wife and they too had the kampua noodles but the “black version” – the one with the dark soy sauce. It did not cross my mind then to take a photograph of what they had and share it here in this post. Ah well…never mind!

To go back to the day before that, my missus had the beef noodles (RM5.00) here

Fantasy, beef noodles

…and as anyone can tell from the snapshot, it was all right but really nothing to shout about.

I tried the so-called Taiwan noodles (RM3.50)…

Fantasy, Taiwan noodles 1

…and I quite liked it.

The noodles were quite tasty when tossed together with the minced meat…

Fantasy, Taiwan noodles 2

…and was definitely nicer than what we had here but I would not think that it was that great as to make me want to go all the way there on purpose just to eat that, not when there are so many much nicer things here to choose and enjoy.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Red House…”

  1. Greetings frm medan…. Woke me up wt the kampua post! Hmmmm… Maybe will got for mee pangsit tmrw morning

    Ahhhh!!!! Medan! Lake Toba…lovely place! Is that mee pangsit anything like kampua…or piansip?

  2. Here I am kena makan bread sapu spread and tabur gula!!!!…if only here ada jual $2.50 kampua…sobs!!!!*saliva dripping*

    Here, only RM2.50 = NZ$1.00… Hehehehehe!!!! Never mind, when I go over, I can cook for you…. Not exactly the same (e.g. your shallots and spring onions there so big – different from ours) but something similar and I assure you it is very nice too. 😉

  3. Morning 🙂 As I have yet to try kampua noodles, I can only smile at Shereen’s sobsss! heh heh!

    Poor you! You don;t know what you’re missing… See how Shereen & wks crave for it! It is THAT good! LOL!!! 😀

      1. …early morning sayang mah 😉

        Sudah cuci gigi? Ummmm….in case you don’t remember, that means, “Have you brushed your teeth?” LOL!!! 😀

  4. Sigh…all these mentions of kampua noodles are driving me up the wall. I have yet to get to try it 😦

    No plans to hop over? Everyone can fly…

  5. yeah yeah yeah!! king kampuarthur to the kampua noodles again!! hahahahaha.. the beef noodles doesn’t look any appetising at all also.. the taiwan noodles?? hmmm, why taiwan noodles?? look like just ordinary “zha jiang mien” to me only..

    Don’t ask me… Been to Taiwan long, long ago and never been since so I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what Taiwan noodles are like… 😦 If it’s anything like this, I’d much sooner just stay in Sibu and enjoy our good ol’ kampua!!! Never fails to satisfy! 😉

  6. hey i always came across this word al dente which means cooked, is it? how to pronounce it? =S
    taiwan noodle looks yummy with the minced meat! i think they got the rice version too. minced meat with rice! =D

    Oh? Not familiar with those Taiwan stuff… There is a Taiwan restaurant here – many years now, still going strong. I went once but was not impressed so I never went back again. Al dente means…cooked just right, not overcooked and soggy…and not undercooked and hard. They use this term to refer to pastas.

  7. I’m just like missyblukit, keep hearing about kampua noodles and yet to try 🙂 I’ve seen those Taiwanese noodles with the meat sauce and veges and they do look good. I must order it the next time I see it on the menu.

    Tasted not too bad but did not sweep me off my feet. Not one of those that would make you go, “Wow!!!” 😦

  8. The beef noodle soup is different from here. That one is so dark . Here quite clear ones. I like it with lotsa chap

    Not nice. If dark because of Bovril added, not so bad. This one’s probably soy sauce…no beef taste. Wouldn’t want to eat that ever again.

  9. Buongiorno..wah have to google first to learn a new Italian word ‘al dente’ today thought kampua noodles got entangled with your dentures..hehe. Is it what the Chinese saying ..springy springy?

    I also had to learn that phrase since I started eating pasta – people used all the time, I so jakun…dunno the meaning. I guess that’s exactly what it means – springy, firm…cooked to perfection.

  10. Guess after eating the kampua noodles your hair will be on fire hence the name of the shop ‘Red House?’

    Well, at RM2.50 a plate, one thing’s for sure – your bank account will never be in the red! 😉

    1. Yalor not fair our rich STP in Sibu getting richer and poor Bananaz gotta pay RM4.80 here

      Fair, very fair! This way, poor STP in Sibu has things to eat…and rich Bananaz in KL who can easily afford the expensive stuff there, can enjoy what he loves there too. LOL!!! 😀

  11. The Taiwan noodles look good! The kampua mee however, to me it looks like it needs more ingredients. No? Good morning!

    No! This is the epitome of Foochow cuisine. It is simple, plain…and you need to taste it to really discover how very nice it actually tastes…not like other cuisines where the list of ingredients would be enough to scare anyone off, what more to say the work involved.

  12. wah al dente kampua noodle. Not bad!

    But believe me, many locals prefer it a bit soft and soggy… More like the original kampua, but not me…no, thank you.

    1. me too..i don’t like too soft and soggy, after eat very “geli”

      The true blue Foochows would like it that way – they do not like the ones where they dip in cold water and back into hot boiling water again to prevent overcooking. They said not like kampua…

  13. Dropping by to say Hi to you sir…… here in Penang, we too have those eateries named after Red,White and Green but one particularly famous one,will be the Green House along Burmah Road, cos it buka until very late,, for those nocturnal party goers to hunt for the foods after,”head shaking” or head banging

    Hi to you too!!! Oh? I know one Green House In Kuching – can’t remember what they have…kek lapis or nice food, not sure now. Penang, of course…Red Garden’s my favourite! 😉

  14. I had mee sua while hubby had kam pua this morning. Nice weather to have soupy dish. hehehe! Still Sibu kampua is the best, according to hubby. :p

    Yup!!! That’s what all my cousins say – no matter what, kampua in Sibu is still the best…somehow.

  15. Cold morning in Kuching. Slurpppp!!!Nice to have either Kampua noodles or Taiwan noodles. Both looks great. Oppss!!!…the beef noodles was over drowned in the dark soup.

    Only the kampua is good and worth having. The other two, can give a miss! Got electricity already? Heard of the blackout last night and this morning…

    1. Yup, last night a lot of places blackout. My area itself lasted for 2 hours but this morning, so far so good.

      You’re lucky… 😉

  16. The kampua has unusual char siew. I would love to check it out.

    That beef noodles too, they look great!

    I’m going to come back before the end of the year. Heh. I’m checking tickets to see when’s the best time.

    Cheers buddy and see you then!

    Will be away 2nd & 3rd weeks of December – hope you are not coming home then. Will be around 1st week…and will be home before Christmas. This kampua place is near your dad’s office… He may have tried it before.

    1. Oh, that’s quite a distance away.

      Yeah, I’n sure he’ll have eaten there if it’s around that area.

      Okay, I’ll keep note of those times. I’ll be busy around Christmas though.

      Take care buddy!

      Will PM you on Facebook on the exact dates. I do hope I’ll be around when you come home. You take care too there.

  17. there used to be a cafeteria at my university (USM in penang) that was called Red House. its specialty was chicken chop for less than RM5, i think (back in the 90s). i think the walls were red, so that’s why it called itself red house. but i wonder if ‘red house’ has any general significance or meaning in chinese culture or something. heh 😀

    They still have cheap chicken chop in Penang! That time I went, it was RM3.50 only, 2010…

  18. Give me kampua anytime!!

    Red House? Very cute name. Seafood restaurant? They have chu cha at the back also?

    I think so. If I’m not mistaken they have economy chap fan for lunch… Ya, the kampua’s definitely the better choice. It seems that these days, there are more and more of these “strange” stalls appearing everywhere in town…selling all kinds of stuff. The sad thing is they are not really nice. Very disappointing.

  19. Kampua noodles again huh..
    You should come out with a STP award.. the best kampua noodles..
    Stp wil bring all bloggers to eat at the winner shop ..
    need commision fees of 10% for every customer come to the place..
    Soon STP will be rich, rich and RICH….

    City people like that lah… It’s all about the money…money…money!!!
    I go and try and anything nice, I will share so friends and readers can also go and enjoy. I never tell people I am promoting them in my blog and they do not know either but some may find out from customers who drop by and out of their own goodwill, they may treat me to a free meal…or give me good and generous discounts – I will never ask and I will never expect that all the time. Business is business – cannot expect freebies all the time.

    1. Our Hamsap bloggers all have filthy and hilarious mouths like SP and SK. Never failed to make me laugh for bullying Kampua King Arthur!

      Birds of the same feather flock together… You’re half kati eight tahil, just like them, aren’t you?

  20. Looks yummy! I’ve yet to try kampua noodles too… wonder if there are people selling it in KL.

    They have – in Puchong, there’s one though I wouldn’t know if it’s any good or anywhere near the better ones that we have here in Sibu. Like they found one in Penang…but those who have gone to try said that it is a very pale imitation of what they can get around here.

  21. i always support pork 🙂 most of the days, i see you having noodles more than rice. i think you’re a great fan of kampua noodles

    Latest: J for Japanese

    We eat rice for our regular meals at home. This is mostly for breakfast or brunch so we would not go for rice…unless we are not cooking our own and we eat out for lunch or dinner. Then only we may go for rice and stuff.

  22. hey.. got kolo noodles in singapore food court.. but didnt see kampua .. otherwise i would have take pictures of it.. 🙂 guess we still have to go to Sibu for the kampua noodles..

    Yes, even if they have there, I can be pretty sure it will not be as nice. You did not try the kolo mee to see if it is good or not? Same thing here – our kolo mee is not really nice. If we want the best, we will have to go to Kuching… 😦

  23. Tell you what ….I dreamt of Kampua noodles yesterday night. must due to the effect of reading too much of your blog…hehehe..
    Btw, this Kampua noodles looks good too!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Any kampua in Johore? Look around, you may find it there as I know there are a lot of Sibu Foochows living in JB.

  24. Almost missed this post too, have been traveling these past few days. But just had to comment on that kampua, looks simply delicious, but how come they fried the pork. You had to go to Cityvine to go to your bank? Let me guess, starts with an E?

    No more, it has been taken over by HL. I had my account when E was at Rejang Park, so near…and then it moved…and I’m too lazy to transfer my account elsewhere. Will not spend so much if I have to go so far…and besides, the other HL branches are all in the town centre and parking can be a real pain. Besides, it is good sometimes to go for a drive and see what’s on the other side. The kampua’s good… They used braised meat and minced…a nice change from the usual boiled meat, coloured red.

  25. I was in Singapore over the weekend and met up with some Kampar friends. They even told me that they love Kampua noodles and tried making them! They failed to get the tastes right.
    I told them that they need to use the water from Sibu to cook them right.

    It’s the noodles. You replace w=it with wantan or egg noodles or any others…it will not be exactly the same. The cooking isn’t that difficult…

    1. I always thought it had more to do with the shallot oil and the MSG, but you’re right, the noodles mustn’t have the crispiness of wantan or kolomee or it wouldn’t taste right. I used to make indomie dry and it almost had the same flavor — the closest thing I have to kampua here, but had to give up that habit, indomie not good for you

      Yup…the noodles play a big part as well as the lard used to fry shallots and the msg…and also the light soy sauce or chio cheng – in the old days, they used those made and sold in stone jars. I don’t think those are available anymore.

  26. me prefer dark soy sauce so I would prob order the ‘black; version! lol…. faster take pic so I can see…

    Exactly what my NZ friend, Shereen, said before she came to Sibu and tried the white version…and she’s hooked for life! No black ones for her from then on… As she would say, black is just dark soy sauce – and that’s mostly what you get to taste.

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