For Pete’s sake…

My good friend, Peter, the boss of Payung, mentioned to me before that he loved sardine rolls but they were not available anywhere in town so that day, I decided to make some to give to him.

I remember way back in the good ol’ days, the girl students were taught to make these in their Home or Domestic Science lessons, among a whole lot of other useful things but of course, they do not have that subject in school anymore and if I am not wrong, they would use shortcrust pastry to make the rolls.

I do not have a problem at all making shortcrust pastry but I do not want to buy a box or a bag of wheat flour and use about half and end up stuck with the rest – we would not be using that for anything these days as my girl is gluten intolerant. That was why I went to the supermarket and bought this frozen puff pastry…

Puff pastry

My girl bought and used it before and we all agreed that it was very good but of course, we cannot buy that and use anymore these days.

It is so very easy to use – you just take it out of the freeze and let it thaw…

Let it thaw

…and that does not take very long. In the meantime, you can work on the filling and that was exactly what I did.

I had these two small cans of mackerel…

Canned mackerel

…in the pantry so I decided to use those. I mashed the fish…


…keeping just a bit of the sauce in case if it was too wet, it might flow out of the rolls during the process of baking and make quite a mess.

These were the ingredients I prepared…


– one Bombay onion, chopped, sliced chilies and Thai Basil leaves and some spring onions (I just added these simply because I had a lot growing in my garden)…and after frying the onion in a bit of oil till softened and cooked, I added all the rest before adding the mackerel. Easy-peasy, done in no time at all…


Next came the process of wrapping the rolls. I egg-washed the sides and placed the filling in the middle of the pastry…

Wrapping 1

…and then I folded in one end like this…

Wrapping 2

…and rolled it over the other end. After that, I sealed the ends and pressed them down well using a fork and I cut slits on top…

Finishing touches

…using a knife to let the air escape whilst baking.

Of course, I had to egg-wash all the rolls on top as well…


…so that once they were done, they would have the nice golden coating like this…


As soon as they were done…

Mackerel rolls

…I quickly sent them over to the café for Peter and all the nice people there to enjoy. Of course I was delighted when everyone starting praising the rolls to the skies – they all loved them, it seemed.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “For Pete’s sake…”

  1. They look so delicious, you made me have craving for sardine puffs right now.

    Oh? I’m not really into sardine…nor sardine puffs. Didn’t know so many like it.

  2. The sardines rolls looks good. Come to think of it, I think I haven’t buy canned sardines for quite a long time.

    Same here. Those two tins, my girl was keeping them in her quarters on stand by, in case got nothing to eat. We took back from there, still not expired, thankfully.

  3. I have some puff pastry left in my freezer. Not sure expire already or not.

    Your sardine rolls must be so good. I would love a bite too.

    Very good. Peter tried…and he looked at Andy and said, “Maybe we can sell this!” LOL!!!

  4. Such beauties! If I had not known, I would have thought they came from a bakery. Since I now like sardines, I would enjoy your sardine puffs!

    A bakery? Gee! You flatterer, you…but I like it! LOL!!!

  5. i’m seeing double – i just read about sardines in another article today! i wonder if this is a sign (especially since i’m not a canned sardine lover). i love the look of your sardine puffs though, so beautifully done! 🙂

    I am pretty sure it isn’t World Sardine Day. LOL!!! Thanks for the compliment! Wow!!! Coming from a celebrity food blogger, I sure am flattered!

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