Like it here…

I’ve been to their branch in another part of town twice but I had not dropped by here for quite a while now.

Well, last Saturday afternoon, we went to watch the 3.00 p.m. show (the other show was at 9.15 p.m. and that would be past my bedtime) and despite the fact that the Malaysian censorship board had snipped off some 24 minutes of the absolutely phenomenal movie, it ended past 5.00 p.m. and we did not think we could make it to our usual novena and sunset service at 6.00 p.m. in time if we were to go home and bathe and change first. That was why we decided to just have our dinner before heading home and go for the early morning service the next day, Sunday.

After the service, my girl wanted the thosai

Sri Pelita thosai

…so of course, we headed straight to the shop for that. I also ordered the murtabak daging

Sri Pelita murtabak daging

…with fresh beef filling as it did not occur to me at that point in time that my girl could not eat that – being made from wheat flour, it was not gluten free. I had to eat it by myself in the end and yes, it was really very good – the fresh beef and Bombay onion inside…

Sri Pelita murtabak daging, inside

…made it come across like the fillings you find in those western beef pies…and it sure beat the ones with corned beef filling that one would find at most places here.

My missus had their mee mamak

Sri Pelita mee mamak

…and she loved it especially when it was very spicy, making it very much to her liking.

The boss, Guna, came over to our table and asked me to try their nasi lemak ayam berempah. Oh? They also have it here? I did see the photograph at the stall the other day at their branch and would have loved to try it but it was not open so of course, I agreed to have the one here…

Sri Pelita nasi lemak ayam berempah 1

No, the nasi was not lemak, only very slightly and I guess everyone knows by now that I am not fond of my egg fried using a ring like that – I should have reminded them when I placed the order – but the sambal was very good, very spicy…

Sri Pelita nasi lemak ayam berempah 2

…and the ayam berempah

Sri Pelita ayam berempah

…was absolutely out of this world, bursting with all the flavours and fragrances of the rempah (spices) and I could detect the curry leaves in it  as well. I sure would not mind having the chicken again the next time I drop by here but perhaps, I would pair it with their nasi biryani instead.

As I was making my way to the counter to pay, I spotted their sambal udang petai

Sri Pelita sambal udang petai

…in the food display cabinet and of course, I simply had to tapao some to take home and enjoy.

For all that we had plus our drinks and the sambal petai, the ever so generous Guna just collected RM20.00 from me. That is why I like it better here – the people are nicer and friendlier, the food seems to be a cut above the other place too and of course, there are those special discounts through the kind courtesy of the boss himself.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.