My good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, called me the other day and invited me to join him and everybody else for tea here

Uncle Dom Cafe menu

…as another ex-classmate of ours was in town.

When I got there, everyone had ordered their drinks and they all had a mango mochi…

Uncle Dom Cafe mango mochi

…each so they ordered another one for me. I had been here a few times before but so far, there wasn’t anything that would keep me coming back for more but the mochi…

Uncle Dom Cafe mango mochi, inside

…with chunks of fresh mango inside, was really very nice and I sure would not mind having that again or perhaps I can drop by and buy some home.

The iced coffee, black…

Uncle Dom Cafe kopi-o-peng & mango mochi

…that I had was really very good, the local coffee shop variety, not the kind you will find at those branded coffee places and of course, personally, I would prefer this one to any of those…anytime. I would say that it was a cut above those served at many of the coffee shops around town even.

We sure had a nice get-together, chatting away and I sure was surprised that even at that time of the day, mid-afternoon, there were quite a number of people there. I guess they have their following – started in 2009 and still going strong!

UNCLE DOM CAFE (2.2922555,111.835033) is located at No. 17, Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A, Lot No. 3565 & 3566, Block 7 in the Fortune Commercial Centre, the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre.