Figure it out…

We stopped by here

Hai Bing

…again for lunch that day but no, we did not have their awesome crabs this time around – my girl said she did not feel like eating those crustaceans that day.

We ordered the pork…


…that the guy said had neither soy sauce nor wheat flour but when it was served, it sure looked like it had tomato sauce in it. Well, I guess they do not use the very popular and more expensive brand so it was ok – the rest do not seem to have wheat in their ingredients. The guy did say that they use wheat flour to coat the meat or whatever to fry as and when necessary these days – it is cheaper than all the rest. We all thought the dish was nice but it did not taste all that different from the usual sweet and sour pork though – I did  spot a few sour plums in the dish.

The tofu…


…was great and so was their tofu and salted vegetable soup…

Tofu salted vegetable soup

I particularly enjoyed their midin, fried with belacan (dried prawn paste),,,

Belacan midin

The belacan they use at such places makes a world of difference – I guess they will not use the super-expensive super-nice Bintulu belacan but as long as it does not have an unpleasant smell and tastes fine, I am ok with it. I particularly loved the gravy with the rice.

When we were done, I went to pay and I caught sight of the order slip with 6 scribbled on it for the midin and 12 for all the rest…and I just could not figure out how it came up to the total I was charged – RM59.90. Probably those were the “cost prices” according to the cook’s valuation and they had to add RM2-3 more each but anyway, I thought the amount I had to fork out was all right, still below RM60.00, inclusive of rice and drinks. Most importantly, we enjoyed what we had, service was prompt and good so we certainly would not mind going back again…if we can find a place to park the car, that is.

HAI BING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is located right beside Eden Inn (2.285223, 111.831256), to the left, along Jalan Maju, right across the road from the Rejang Esplanade.