Same on the inside…

No, not really. Actually it was the same on the outside but different inside.

I bought two packets of the puff pastry, over RM6.00 each with 10 sheets inside one packet so it works out to over 60 sen per sheet. Personally, I thought that was inexpensive and the best part, of course, was that the pastry was really very flaky and very nice after baking. I used a packet to make the sardine rolls so I had one left and I decided to make some tuna curry puffs with it.

I went and bought a can of the tuna curry…

Tuna curry

…and prepared the ingredients – one Bombay onion chopped, curry leaves and chilies, sliced…


…and I also peeled some potatoes and cut them into tiny cubes…


…and once, that was done, I proceeded to fry the filling…


I also boiled some eggs and cut them into wedges…


…and once everything was ready, I started to make the puffs…


…with the filling and the egg inside. I used a fork to press down the edges and to poke some holes on top to let the air out whilst baking…


…and of course, I egg-washed each of them on top before putting them into the oven…


It turned out really well…


…but unfortunately, unlike the sardine rolls, because the triangles occupied more space, I could only bake 5 at a time in the tray.

With the remaining pastry, I made three rolls and two regular curry puffs with the twisted edges…

Twisted edges

…just that I could not do that very well.

It turned out all right…


…though and the pastry was great…

Not enough filling

…just that I wished I could stuff in a lot more filling. Maybe if I rolled the pastry, I could make the pieces bigger and thinner and then I would be able wrap more inside – I’ll try that the next time I buy another packet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Same on the inside…”

  1. They look just as tasty as the sardines roll you made. Did you give these to Peter too?

    No, I gave some to my sis…and ate the rest ourselves. I discovered one thing though – the pastry must be eaten freshly baked. I had two rolls left so I kept them in the fridge to reheat and eat at a later date. The pastry was no longer flaky and nice. Lesson learnt!

  2. The puff looks as good as the sardines roll. I like the plates you use for putting the cubes potatoes and eggs. Very nice.

    I would prefer more filling…and I think beef would be nicer. The small plate for the potatoes came with a casserole set, free gift from SINGER when I bought their air-conditioners and the saucer for the eggs came from NESCAFE – dunno why my missus took them out to use. Once broken, the sets would not be complete anymore.

  3. This turned out so nice. You really can bake, STP. Envy you. My oven has been sitting idly for quite sometime now. Lol.

    We do use our ovens quite a lot actually – for grilling or roasting meat.

  4. Wow this really looks delicious! Can’t you put 2 trays in the oven tho?

    I have no idea where my missus keeps the other rack – if she puts away something, at times, she herself cannot find it. LOL!!!

  5. I did this all the time when I was in college. I first learned it in Home Science in secondary school and has been making puffs this way till today.

    Ahhhhh!!! Yes, ladies your age would have gone through that in school. Ooopssss!!! LOL!!!

  6. Aiyoyo! Your tuna puffs are gorgeous! I am very tempted to give it a go hee..hee…

    Go ahead! It is so easy when you do not have to make your own pastry and it’s nice!

  7. They look so delicious, I don’t mind tuna too, the pastry looks so flaky and yummy!

    Yes, this is a good brand. I think I did buy one before a long long time ago, probably imported but it did not leave an impression, probably not really nice.

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