Good one…

My girl bought this made-in-Malaysia frozen puff pastry…

Kawan puff pastry

…sometime ago to make some ham and cheese puffs and I thought it was really very good. I loved the very nice and flaky pastry, just that it lacked the nice buttery fragrance.

She bought me a pack but I never got down to cooking something with it. I did try my hand at preparing some curry beef and potatoes filling but it turned out horrible so I just threw the whole lot away. I bought the minced beef at a supermarket here and the more I simmered, the more oily it got. Now I know better – do not buy if it is white in colour, not red. That would mean that there is too much fat, not much meat and perhaps, it has been frozen way too long and would not be suitable for use anymore.

Well, this time around, I decided to use this…

Can of roast beef hash

…and prior to wrapping, I fried it first…

Roast beef hash

…with some sliced Bombay onions…

Roast beef hash with Bombay onions

…and freshly-ground pepper for added flavour. Somehow, it reminded my of the stuffing for roast chicken or roast turkey but never mind! LOL!!!

There were 10 pieces of the puff pastry…

10 pieces puff pastry

…in a packet and after I had defrosted it, I took them one by one, brushed the inside with a bit of butter and also egg all along the sides, put a bit of the filling on one half like this…

Filling on one half

…added half a slice of cheddar cheese, folded the pastry over and sealed it by pressing the sides hard and using a fork to make the pattern all along the side. Then, I brushed some egg, beaten, over it…

Brushed with egg

…and poke holes on top with a fork and once I had finished all 10…

Ready to bake

…I put them in the oven for around 15 minutes and they were done…


Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating…

Beef & potatoes puff

…and yes, the pastry was very nice and flaky…

Nice & flaky

…and with the added butter, there was that nice taste and fragrance this time around but I thought there was too little of the filling so the taste did not come out that much. I wonder if I could roll the pieces of pastry to make them bigger so I could put more filling next time?

I would love to try making curry puffs next, with egg in it, of course.

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11 thoughts on “Good one…”

  1. probably that’s much more delicious than what we get out there.

    Out there, usually it’s the puff pastry that is disappointing, not flaky and crispy, no buttery fragrance…and if it is curry puff, don’t expect to see any meat inside, mostly curry-flavoured potatoes or sweet potatoes.

  2. I’ve never made puff pastry myself as it seems so easy to get it ready made.

    We used to be able to buy – shortcrust or puff but both not very nice, no buttery fragrance and then for a long time, there was none available. I make my own shortcrust with real butter, of course…but I dunno how to make puff pastry. Glad that we have this brand now, sure saves a lot of trouble.

  3. Looks real good. Better than from the bakery shop, I would say. I love how you make the pattern along the side with a fork.

    I do that whenever I make pies. My press and twist method fails big time, will look so ugly, not nice.

  4. Very nice! 🙂 I heard that Kawan is the best in the market but haven’t gotten down to buying and trying it. Gosh, your beef and potato puffs are making me very hungry!

    I’m hoping to make some really nice curry puffs one of these days…but as always, the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. 😦

  5. Oh, now with these puff pastry, half of the work is done… just add in whatever we like, right? Looks good.. I think it would be great if you do your own fillings… more healthy than tin cans. Try again, Arthur, I bet you don’t have to throw away the whole lot again this time round.

    The problem here is we can’t get fresh beef. There is ONE Malay stall and the way they do business is like they don’t want to do business. They may slaughter a cow once in a long while…and all would have been booked by the beef noodle stalls and shops in town. The lady at the one near my house said she would grab a lot, keep in the freezer as dunno when they will slaughter another one again.

    So all we have would be the expensive Australian or New Zealand imported ones…or from dunno where. Some so black already, some all white, I would not dare to buy. Lamb’s more or less the same. Maybe I will just have to use chicken…or pork.

  6. That roast beef has looks like a useful can to have around in the kitchen. Can easily whip up a meal with it.

    Yes, but it is not cheap here, not in our currency. 😦 I’d stick to corned beef – there are some affordable ones but no, not those China ones, thank you very much.

  7. The good thing about KL is that we have a lot of fresh beef and lamb due to the large number of Malays. They love eating beef and lamb. Thus, it’s quite cheap and readily available, even at Giant. There was a time when I was really into corned beef too but I got sick of it after a while. It’s nice but can’t eat it regularly.

    This wasn’t corned beef – I think corned beef is nicer and there are cheaper ones too (no, not the China ones, thank you very much). My girl loves corned beef but ever since I was small, I would very much prefer luncheon meat.

    Yes, these few days, we see a lot of them at the supermarkets buying ALL the imported beef and lamb for Hari Raya – that’s all we have here, not much choice, I guess…but no, they are NOT cheap, those nicer ones from Australia or New Zealand.

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