I’ve got you under my skin (2)…

When I published my post on my Christmas chicken pies recently, somebody asked me whether I would be willing to share my recipe…

Christmas chicken pies
*recycled pic

…to which I replied that I most certainly would.

Well, first, you will have to make the pie pastry – I think this type is called shortcrust pastry – for which you will need flour and butter in a 2:1 ratio. So if you buy one block of butter which is usually 250 gms, you will need half a kg of flour. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl…

Shortcrust pastry 1

…and cut the butter into little cubes and rub it into the flour with your fingers. Remember! Your fingers only, not your palm! I think they call this the rubbing method…

Shortcrust pastry 2

In the end, you will get something like this. I wouldn’t know but usually people describe this as being “like breadcrumbs”.

Shortcrust pastry 3

Make a “well” in the middle and pour in some ice cold water in which you have dissolved a pinch of salt…

Shortcrust pastry 4

Then knead it all together until you get a fine smooth dough and nothing is left sticking to the side of the mixing bowl…

Shortcrust pastry 5

If you are using it right away, leave it in the mixing bowl, cover with a damp piece of cloth and put in the refrigerator while you prepare the filling. I did not intend to do that, so I divided it into portions and wrapped with cling wrap and put it in the fridge…as I would not be making the pies till the following day. I used 1lb of flour and 8 0z butter, and it certainly looked like I had enough pastry for 6 pies.

Shortcrust pastry 6

I’ve tried using the frozen pastries that you can buy from the supermarket before – both shortcrust and puff – but I found that though they turned out pretty nice, tastewise, they paled in comparison to my own homemade ones. In fact, I also used the same pastry for my pizza base which I prefer to the bread dough that people normally use for that.

As for the pie filling, it is really up to your imagination and creativity actually – whichever way you want it. Well, I will share with you how I did mine…in another post. So, do hang around, eh? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “I’ve got you under my skin (2)…”

  1. Great recipe to share! Mine is very modified one,’alang-alang’ but still edible! I am not as ‘pernickety’ as u!LOL!Just made some the other day for the kids when we adults were dining out but using puff pastry. Hope your pastry easy to make. Can’t wait to find out what your fillings r! Don’t wait too long to post them!:))

    You can see from the photos – very easy to make! The ONLY problem…but for me ONLY…is I cannot switch on the fan full blast as the flour would be flying all over the place…so I MAY be sweating plus2! But what you do not see wouldn’t kill you, eh? Hahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. Don’t worry lah! Now can switch on aircon…so not so hot, can tahan no fan! Very fast one to make the pastry. πŸ™‚

    1. No need add salt to your dough already lor…enough of your sweat dripping into it already πŸ˜›

      LOL!!! That’s what makes the things I cook EXTRA delicious! Hahahahaha!!!! Wanna have some?

      1. Wakao! Cikgu! You spoil ppl’s appetite wan!

        Hehehehe!!! What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Try peeping into the kitchens at restaurants. Most of the time, can pengsan, I tell you! That’s why the food’s so nice! LOL!!!

  2. Eh? Den when u bake it, at wud temperature? The crust seems easy, but baking it, i tink quite tricky…. the oven, must preheat first or how?

    Slow down! Slow down! Wait for the next post! If I tell you everything now, nothing to post liao! πŸ˜€

    1. How to slow down? I’m running out idea on what to cook. Freaking out d… my sharks are hungry! LOL… u faster post lah… I always try those online recipe, but ended up, burn. Sien wan u kno… I got enuff ingredients for a pie… lol…but I am bad at controlling the temperatre. Teach me! LOL…

      Tomorrow…tomorrow…it’s only a day away! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Wahhhh! Cikgu can sing1… lol… I go watch that show. Annie, issit? LOL… old show liao!

        Yup! That’s Annie… Wish I had the kind of luck she had!!! 😦

  3. Yupe! I agree with you that the pie filling is up to the imagination and creativity. Some people make it like karipap filling, some very western, etc

    Yup! I just finished the filling and making the pies… Now in the oven! Watch out for the next post!

    1. I think, I prepare the pastry first… tomorrow wait for your instructions… but I think, my fillings will be apples… got some granny smiths inside the fridge… hmmmmmmmmmm! Lemme see… mana pigi itu cinnamon? LOL…

      You make apple pie kah? I’m not into that! Mine must have meat one – chicken, pork, beef, lamb…hampalang boleh! Simple…and easy to prepare! LOL!!!

      1. I prefer meat too… but my husband likes those fruits one. Aiyohh, cincai lah… I see nobody wanna eat those apples inside the fridge oso… lol…if dun make into pie… sure rot inside only.

        Apple pie…McD there got…nice also, no need to make liao! LOL!!!

  4. Thank you sooo much STP!!!! I WILL try this out as I’ve been drooling over it since you posted it up that day πŸ™‚

    So don’t forget to drop by for the next post. You’ll get to see the rest of the making of…stp’s pies! LOL!!!

    1. Ask ur girl snap ur picture lah, den we can see u in action! Better still, make video, upload at youtube there… ahahaha… den I can never go wrong! LMAO! Fuiyo… Cikgu like Iron Chef!

      Now where to find camera with angle of lens wide enough? Later you only see my tummy, jiggling…jiggling everytime I move…can’t see what I’m doing! Hahahahaha!

      1. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way!!! Oiks… Xmas over liao! LOL…

        What jingle? Jiggle lah…my layers and layers of fat moving! Coins jingle…and even that I do not have, so poor. So no sound lah!

  5. frozen pastries no matter how nice it cant beat homemade as got the love u put in those pastries…

    if u knew my life i think u will nid a pail for ur tears…:)life stil nid go on i owes told myself…i don live long so i wil end up it with drink n eat sumore we nid eat n drink to survive… πŸ˜‰

    Ya…that’s for sure. And we make our own using the butter – so fragrant and so much nicer! Wah…your life so terrible kah? Must tell me everything when we meet…and I must take your photos also…and then I can post with your sob sob story. Sure the ladies will love that! πŸ˜€

  6. do you do delivery services? can post to miri? πŸ˜›

    Nope, if you want it, come and get it! You said you wanted to come to Sibu but you never showed up? 😦

    1. Cikgu… wad are u doin? luring the innocents again ah?

      No lah… Must promote Sibu. So kesian, nobody wants to come…but you come once, sure like the place one! That boy already uni, scholarship holder…very smart one! Where got so easy to lure? LOL!!!

  7. This one must learn. Can use to impress future mother in-law.

    Don’t!!! You’ll be stuck with cooking for them for the rest of your life! Better play stupid, everything you don’t know…and let them serve you hand and foot! Hahahahaha!!!

    1. Yeah, Kelvin… dun be stupid! Mother in laws will always be mother in laws wan. no matter what you do, they wun be impressed wan la. i know mine is liddat.

      And Cikgu is right, better play stupid, pretend dono how to even cook… let them serve you hand and foot! hip hip hoorayyy! All hail Cikgu!

      I’m always right! So clever hor? Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Memang u very clever! LOL… too bad dono u earlier. If not, can make my husband wait on me hand and foot! Humph! U kno… I only remember he cook for me a few times onli. that time oso becoz I was pregnant… too tired, cannot cook liao! CHAM!

        Now only you know, too late already lah! You will have to cook for him for the rest of your life lor! For better or for worse… Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. You know, Cikgu… you, Claire and Pete are probably the only bloggers that I dun feel intimidated when I look at the foodie posts! LOL…. if go to Annie’s blog, I confirm wanna suicide! Why? The presentations… FUIYOHHHH! Can make me die! LOL… Yours… I can manage… ahahahahaha! πŸ˜›

    Wehh… my son addicted to your baked potatoes recipe… lol… I so syiok!

    Mine…not so hebat lah? Humph!!! Tsk! Tsk! *merajuk… Don’t want to post the continuation of this post tomorrow liao! The actual making of the pie! πŸ˜€

    1. Wahhhhhhh!!! Nooooo… dun do tis to me….. lol… urs very simple, easy to follow… summore, most of your recipe, my little sharks like to eat. *sigh* others are so complicated for me. They so hebat, i cannot lah. LOL… now, get your butt back to work… faster, faster…!

      Eh? The flour horr, dun sieve can anot? i dun have siever leh!

      Dunno. That’s for air spaces in the flour… Not making cake, should be ok…and these days, we buy in box – not by kati at grocery shop, already pre-sieved, I think. LOL!!!

  9. my life beter keep it myself as dowan sad other ppl but someone told me im his idol which made me really proud…*no matter how hard my life i stil get it on witout loosing hope* πŸ˜‰
    im old n fat so no no to photo sumore ladies dowan sad sad stories…

    btw i might only can meet u nite time as those porking bus normaly stated early but end up delayed til evening reach kl…evening i need to walk from puduraya til klcc meet up tan sri linpeh…nite time u ok?that beef noodle shop oso open at nite… πŸ˜‰ camera strictly prohibited… ;P

    Aiyah! Don’t like dat lah! I just take photo of your backside can or not? Oops…I mean from the back, don’t show face. Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. Yeah! You didn’t tell us the exact the temperature! :p

    Ooi…see my reply to cleffairy’s comment. That will be in tomorrow’s post. This one belum bake, what temperature?

    1. *laugh like mad* got one more person like me… have to wait til tomorrow… ur like cooking show liao, Cikgu! Iron Chef Arthur… fuiyooo… mana Escalibur? LOL…

      Yalor…so impatient one! Cannot see tv series sambung-sambung one like that! Must go buy dvd cetak rompak! Hahahahaha!!! But this dvd, don’t have…so have to wait till tomorrow and see. Post is ready, pie already in tummy…but must wait – otherwise, tomorrow nothing to post! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. You make cookies? CNY is near. Can make and sell already. Very good profit I think as those selling in the supermarket is so so expensive. More than RM10 for a little plastic container. sigh…

    Expensive, never mind! Not nice some more. Too bad I do not make cookies… Usually my missus will bake – cakes and cookies. But I know some nurses – either they themselves or their relatives in kampung will make very nice ones. Usually, prices very cheap/reasonable…

    1. Make cookies very mafan… I oso dun make! Sien only! Better roast chicken or wud, more syiok!

      Yalor…open house, serve curry, rendang etc…. Cookies and cakes, sedia a lot…in the end, sendiri makan. Every house also got…people don’t even want to see!

  12. bekside ok but not backs as too much xposure of fats…last time u nvr meet those anonymous group if not u wil noe that nvr any part of body wil b shown… ;P

    u wake very early so slp early rite?i might meet u midnite ok kar?lol

    Midnite? Slow boat already reaching China…you bang gong in my ears also cannot wake up liao! LOL!!!

  13. Didn’t realise it was that easy to make! Then again, seeing that I’m more into eating than baking and cooking, I’ll just wait lah when you make your chicken pie or Shepperd’s pie and bring them over when you come down to KL…. hint hint, nudge, nudge πŸ™‚

    *whistles….pretending not to get the hint! LOL!!! Shepherd Pie is even easier…just use mashed potatoes – these days, can buy in a box some more. Hotels/Restaurants use that, I notice – saw on tv! Of course not as nice as mine… Hehehehehe!

  14. ugh! never ever use instant mashed potatoes. So disgusting, tastes nothing at all like mashed potatoes.

    Yup – bland, quite tasteless…and the texture is too smooth, not like potatoes. Saw somebody using that on a cooking show “A la carte” – and using as a bed for his stuffed rolled chicken…and I’ve seen in other cooking shows also in some hotels or restaurants making shepherd pie… Bet they’re not selling that cheap!

    1. Agreed… those instant ones taste like shit! I hate them too! So mushed… and eyewwww…. like someone’s puke!

      Aiyor…not that bad lah! Just that it’s too smooth, creamy and soft – doesn’t feel like potatoes…and no taste, quite bland and white in colour! Mine, plus the milk, butter and cheese….! Best lah! LOL!!!

  15. let it reach when u felt the boat sinking might be i pour water on u…lol

    *good…save money treat ppl eat so i just say i free on midnite*lol

    So susah…I treat you lah! Jalan Alur – wantan mee, char kway teow…beef noodles. Can lah, no problem one – I chia u!!!

  16. wah stp, are you trying to be the next jamie oliver?

    No lah! He’s a pro…but I don’t like him. So messy…and the way he speaks, like there’s spit coming out of his mouth! Hahahahaha!!!!

  17. wohoo very nice th pies. thanks very much

    LOL!!! Lucky you! You’re the only one outside the immediate family who managed to taste those pies… Haven’t tried the panggang yet… No kaya in the house! πŸ˜€

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