Something changed…

I dropped by here again one morning and it looked like something had changed about the place. For one thing, I did not see a single Indian employee – I don’t know if they had gone back for Deepavali and had not reported back for work or they had left for good.

Other than that, there were a couple of stalls in front…

New stalls

…that were not there before. I would have ordered the nasi lemak kukus ayam goreng berempah as it looked so good in the photograph…

Looked good

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the stalls were not open at that point in time.

There was also another stall by the side in front selling among other snacks, packets of nasi lemak wrapped in brown paper. Initially, I thought it would be like those available all over the kueh stalls in the kampung but later I noticed that they were lined with banana leaf inside. I would have wanted to grab one to try but by the time I saw that, I already had something to eat. Another time perhaps.

I did ask one of the guys and he said that the place was still under the same owner, no change of hands…unlike what I had heard.

So what did I have that morning? A piece of their roti telur (RM2.00)…

Roti telur

…and a piece of their roti canai (RM1.20)…

Roti canai

The former was nice but I did not quite like the doughy taste in the latter.

Another place where something had changed would be the chicken rice shop here

Chopsticks Chicken & Rice

They had moved the counter which was at the back before to the front, formerly occupied by the bakery that had since moved here.

We had the drumstick chicken rice (RM4.50 X 3)…

Drumstick chicken rice

…and I ordered two stewed eggs (RM1.00 each)…

Stewed eggs

…only as my girl could not eat that owing to the soy sauce used.

This meat platter of char siew and siew yoke

Char siew & siew yoke

…was the killer. I just asked for the two types of meat enough for three and that was what we got…for RM15.00 but I think that is more or less what one would have to fork out for a meat dish at a Chinese chu char (cook & fry) restaurant so I guess the price was all right.

Everything was great except that I thought the rice was not as nice as usual – it seemed to lack the usual fragrance and was a little bit dry. I do think they should pay more attention to their quality control but even though I thought it was not as nice that day, it was still nicer than most, if not all, of the chicken rice around town, specifically the rice, that is.

SRI PELITA PERMAI Islamic Cafe (2.2960502,111.8938157) is located along Lorong Ulu Oya 11, off Jalan Oya among the “newer shops” in the Permai area across the road from the Sibu General Hospital, where the outlets of Sugar Bun, Singapore Chicken Rice and 7 Eleven are situated and CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Something changed…”

  1. The roti telur looks like it had a lot of eggs in it… food looks good! 😀

    The roti telur was good, all good except the roti canai – I can find many a lot nicer elsewhere.

    1. “nasi lemak” sounds delicious.
      have a great day

      Yet to try the pre-wrapped ones here, had the one from their kitchen, was ok but not that great, not really rich enough in coconut milk.

  2. Drumstick anytime for me but not breastmeat. The meat platter and the stew eggs looks good. Yummy!!!!

    Boy, am I surprised? I thought you would rather go for it as it’s a lot healthier, more expensive in western countries. If roast chicken, I do not mind breast, not in soup.

  3. I prefer roti telur to plain roti prata…

    Not me. Only in this case as the prata/canai was not that nice.

  4. I prefer fragrant rice. Like there was this one shop that used to serve very nice chicken rice. The rice, the chicken, the chilli dipping. Everything was good but it wasn’t the case anymore. Their rice was drier and maybe they add turmeric to make it yellowish but definitely lack of fragrant and oiliness.

    Some add pandan to make it a little green, but no point. It is the taste that matters most – if it does not taste nice, any kind of colouring will be of no use.

  5. Gosh, I haven’t had roti canai for a long time. I love char siew and siew yoke, they do cost a bit. I see that they sliced the siew yoke into such thin strips.

    I do not like it cut like that. That is why if I tapao home, I will tell them not to cut – I will slice it myself. Can heat it up in the oven too, whole slab – not so nice if already cut and you heat it up.

  6. There was once I ate at a chicken rice, char siew and roast pork stall in my neighbourhood, the rice was cold, I feedback to the boss, he said I asked for white rice instead of chicken rice and as he has lesser rice (finishing soon), he does not keep warm the rice in a rice cooker as that will result in consumption of more electricity, I feel that he should not try to save electricity and cost at the expense of his customers

    Oh dear! I sure would not want to eat cold rice.

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