On the other end…

I dropped by here that day to buy the yam puffs (RM2.50 each)…

My Bistro Cafe yam puffs

…that my girl likes a lot and since she was home those few days, she could enjoy them for breakfast or for tea. They are very nice and I like the fibrous exterior, the char siew filling is like what is in their steamed buns – I do like theirs a lot, RM2.00 each.

Incidentally, if you are thinking of dropping by for these, they are usually available around 10-10.30 onwards and they get sold out real fast. That day, I was there around noon and there were only 5 left so I sapu-ed (swept) them all. I hear that they get sold out very quickly and that was why there were times when we dropped by later in the afternoon, there were none available.

In the meantime, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to check out this new place…

C & C Gallery

…in that block of shops at the other end to the right. It started off as a bakery here at that chicken rice place that we like a lot and do frequent quite often but they have taken over its present location, formerly occupied by a furniture shop, and moved there and they have extended their business to include a coffee place so you can actually go there and order something to eat and drink your coffee – if I am not wrong, they have free wifi here.

They had a lot of doriyakis, the buns made famous by that Japanese cartoon character, Doraemon and I bought one (RM2.50)…

C & C Gallery doriyaki

…to try. Yes, it was very nice even though they were not very generous with the cream cheese filling…

C & C Gallery doriyaki, cream cheese filling

…but I thought that was quite enough for me to enjoy it as a whole.


C & C Gallery dirty mochi bun

…looked good – I did not know what it was. I could see the chocolate and what I thought was coffee dust on top and I was thinking that was a variation of the Mexican coffee bun but it turned out to be their dirty mochi bun (RM2.50) with whatever filling they had inside…

C & C Gallery dirty mochi bun, filling

…and yes, it was very nice but it was so very messy to eat. I did enjoy it more than the croissant version that I bought from here once. I liked the texture of the Korean mochi bun more. I shared half with my missus and yes, she liked it a lot too!

The coconut tart (RM1.80)…

C & C Gallery coconut tart

…was really good, a tad nicer than my favourites here but those cost around RM2 something only for two and are much bigger so they are definitely cheaper.

I thought the egg tart (RM1.50)…

C & C Gallery egg tarts

…wasn’t anything to shout about plus the pastry was a little hard but the Portuguese egg tart (RM2.20) was really good. I expected them to use the same pastry but no, the one they had for the latter, even though it wasn’t the usual layered Portuguese egg tart pastry, was crustier/crumblier and very much nicer and I enjoyed the custard egg filling with the caramelised top a whole lot more.

I certainly would want to drop by again to see what else they have to offer but since everything is not gluten-free, I wouldn’t want to go when my girl is home as she can only see but mustn’t touch, poor thing!

MY BISTRO CAFE & BAR (2.311574, 111.846440) is located right beside Delta Mall among the shops at Pusat Pedada, the first shop at the corner in the block to the right of the mall if you are facing its back entrance and C & C GALLERY is located at Lot 62 in that same block of shops on the other side/end to the right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “On the other end…”

  1. The dirty bun. That chocolate bun. Not so crazy about them, or even doriyaki. Hahaha.

    But the Portugese egg tart is another thing, I like a good one.

    My missus loved the dirty bun, kept saying it was very nice. I was all right with it, chocolate. But I loved the Portuguese egg tart very much, nicer than some I have had around here.

  2. Love all the above except the dirty mochi. Yam puffs and coconut tarts are my choices. Was wondering why they didn’t use the same Portuguese pastry for the egg tart.

    It should be different, the texture for egg tarts and the layered pastry for the Portuguese ones. I would be disappointed if they were the same – thankfully, the Portuguese one is nicer though not layered, apparently.

  3. Oh! I love those yam puffs. Love the crunchiness and the filling. I have not seen any dirty buns over here, maybe I have not been to the right bakeries.

    No, I thought it was a trend recently? Maybe it has gone past by now, not the craze anymore.

  4. I want, I want!! All the desserts above looks so tempting! Missing the yam puffs now… hahaha..

    Oh? Those egg and coconut tarts are regarded as desserts? To me, they are more like teatime delights.

  5. Yam puffs would be my top choice followed by the egg tart with the custard egg filling with the caramelised top

    That’s the Portuguese egg tart, very much nicer and also more expensive, of course.

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