The way it’s supposed to be…

That day, my girl and I went looking for something at the mall here and we decided to just go across to this place…

Warung BM

…beside it for lunch. I wonder what has happened to the big red sign/canopy that used to hang prominently in front of the shop.

I had the ais kacang/ang tao peng (RM3.00)…

Ang tao peng

…again and I forgot to tell them not to add the rose syrup. Thankfully, there was just a bit so it was not over-powering and I found it quite bearable.

My girl had the apple juice (RM6.50)…

Apple juice

…and stuck faithfully to her favourite here, their smoked drumstick chicken rice (RM5.50)…

Smoked drumstick chicken rice

…and she ordered this potato salad (RM5.80)…

Potato salad

…to go with it and she loved it! As a matter of fact, she likes anything potatoes.

I saw this sign…

New on their menu

…there but no, of course I would not order that big head prawn (udang galah) tom yam noodles – I sure can think of a lot of things I would enjoy a lot more for that RM45.00.

The nasi kerabu lamb chop (RM15.90)…

Nasi kerabu lamb chop 1

…sounded interesting so I decided to order that to try. They do have daging bakar with their nasi kerabu here but I have never ordered that there, only their ayam percik or fish, depending on the day of the week but these days, they have it only on Saturdays.

To give credit where credit is due, the lamb…

Lamb chop

…was very very nice, so nice that I only ate a few of the pieces and gave the rest to my girl to enjoy – she loves lamb as much as she loves her potatoes.

Other than that, it was nothing like nasi kerabu – the rice was their chicken rice and it wasn’t blue in colour and the bed of vegetables  below the lamb was like what you would get by the side in a dish at a western restaurant…and no, there was no serunding kelapa, no air budu, no sambal cili…just that bit of what came across to me like thick dark and sweet soy sauce with a sprinkling of sesame seeds plus the salted egg, something I would have loved anytime and everytime, wasn’t to my liking at all – if all their salted eggs are like this one, they should go and look for a different source.

I would say I enjoyed the dish…

Nasi kerabu lamb chop 2

…especially the lamb, but it was in no way what it was supposed to be – nasi kerabu, it sure wasn’t…and at that price, it is not likely that I will ever order that again, thank you very much.

WARUNG BM (2.293317, 111.841781) is located right beside Medan Mall, among the shops to the right at No. 2, Ground Floor, Lorong Wong King Huo 1D.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “The way it’s supposed to be…”

  1. I will go for the smoked drumstick chicken rice. Maybe with a little blue colour it will make the rice looks more like nasi kerabu but tastewise it is still chicken rice. Very refreshing apple juice to drown down everything. Good choice.

    Whatever colour will not save the day! Thankfully, the lamb chop was really nice – that was a consolation. Incidentally, I had pink nasi kerabu before…and according to the seller, the woman making it was from Johore.

  2. I wonder why they bothered calling it nasi kerabu when it simply isn’t. But at least you and your girl enjoyed the lamb.

    Yes, I wonder if they do their lamb chop this same way – it is not exactly grilled or fried, something like kambing bakar. Very nice…but the nasi kerabu really failed BIG time!

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