We’re on our way…

We had to go all the way to our girl’s school in the jungle on Tuesday morning to get her and bring her home as she has some official business to attend to here yesterday and for the rest of the week.

We were early so on the way, we stopped by Selangau bazaar for a bite to eat and we dropped by this place…

Everfull Kopitiam, Selangau

…with a somewhat optimistic-sounding name. This is located in the new buildings at the far end of the place – they now have a big branch of that popular supermarket in the green building on the other side in the photograph and yes, on previous occasions, I did notice that there were quite a lot of people eating there.

The coffee…

Everfull Kopitiam, Selangau kopi-o-peng

…was great but it was RM1.80 a glass, the same as many places in Sibu but we do have some that are a little cheaper around here.

The selections at the Muslim stall…

Everfull Kopitiam, Selangau Muslim stall

…looked good but it was a bit too early for rice so I went to the kampua mee stall directly opposite…

Everfull Kopitiam Selangau kampua mee stall


I saw the lady preparing something and asked her what it was. She said it was their chap-chap (mixed) soup with all the innards and everything so I told her I would like that with a bowl of kampua mee kosong (no meat) but she suggested that I should just go for the special instead for only RM7.00. Well, whatever that was, I decided to just go ahead with it.

My missus had no idea what she would like to have so I got a bowl of the kampua mee kosong (RM2.00)…

Everfull Kopitiam Selangau kampua mee kosong

…for her so she could have that and share my bowl of soup. Of course she wanted hers tossed in chili sauce and yes, she did ask for some sliced chili in soy sauce as well – that went well with the aforementioned soup…

Everfull Kopitiam Selangau chap chap soup

We could dip everything in it to eat but I was sort of surprised that it had intestines, stomach, kidney…everything except liver!…

It was very nice and the best thing was that it came with a bowl of kampua mee

Everfull Kopitiam Selangau kampua mee

…with meat for only RM7.00 altogether.

I saw the prices at the stall – RM3.00 for kampua mee, RM4.00 for kolo mee (with minced meat added, I guess) so the soup worked out to only RM4.00 a bowl. I believe that would be at least RM5.00-6.00 here in Sibu and they do not give that much ingredients here so I reckoned that was kind of cheap.

After having had our fill, we headed to my girl’s school.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “We’re on our way…”

  1. That’s a good deal, only RM 7 for special that comes with plate of kampua with char siu. All in all, that morning breakfast for two is RM9 excluding drink.

    Yes, cheap, eh? We are blessed in some ways, still some cheap options available for us here.

  2. Full of goodness in that soup bowl.

    My hubby would love this.

    Yes, lots of ingredients. I wish there was liver though.

  3. everfull but then it looked empty leh. The price is very cheap. Even school canteen food might be more than that

    Maybe the time of day and even so, it was quite full. Other times when I dropped by to look around, always lots of people. There’s a food court at the other end of that same block – not a single living soul there.

  4. I can go without the innards… the last bowl of kampua looks so good!!

    Oh? You’re not into innards? Yum yummmm!!!

  5. I don’t mind innards and I like kidney and liver the most, kidneys are expensive

    They say one must know how to wash and must wash it clean or there will be a horrible smell.

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