Raise the flag…

This goes back quite a bit, two Sundays ago, to be exact. We did not go to the sunset service on Saturday evening as we went out for dinner that night and after the one we went to instead on Sunday morning, they had a simple ceremony to commemorate Malaysia Day, the 16th of September, with the raising of the flags…

Malaysia Day 2018

…and the singing of the national and state anthems. I thought that was nice, brief and sweet and meaningfully significant.

Of course, we went in search of something for breakfast after that. My girl said she wanted porridge and I did not want to drive all the way for the nice one here and the stall here that had porridge and a lot of things that were pretty good had closed down – I was told that the son went for further studies in Kuching and the mum tagged along but I don’t know if she has set up her business there or not.

I decided to check out this place…

A One Cafe

…that used to be one of the few places that my late dad liked and yes, they had porridge on their menu…

A One Cafe menu

My girl got what she wanted…

A One Cafe porridge

…and she said it was good – she did enjoy it though I must say that it looked a whole lot nicer in the photograph.

There was quite a crowd and we had to wait for a long time. Meanwhile, I saw a number of people ordering their pao (steamed bun)…

A One Cafe char siew pao

…to eat there or to take home so I decided to ask for one (RM3.00)…

A One Cafe char siew pao, filling

…to try. The guy said it was from Kuching and yes, at that price, it sure was no surprise that it was very big and had a lot of the char siew filling and yes, it was good. The ones from here are nice too and they are RM2.00 each but of course, theirs are much smaller.

My missus had their kolo mee

A One Cafe kolo mee

…and she too liked it as much as I liked my version – with their own handmade noodles…

A one Cafe kolo mee, handmade noodles

I could taste the fried garlic oil with a hint of vinegar, probably a bit of what was used to pickle the sliced chili and yes, I did like it a lot. For one thing, it did not taste like kampua mee, unlike the ones at many places here.

I can’t remember the breakdown of the prices but the total for the porridge and the noodles was around RM15.00 (around SGD/AUD/NZD 5.00). Not all that cheap, eh? Nonetheless, considering that everything was really nice, I wouldn’t mind dropping by here again.

A One Cafe (2.297428, 111.824346) is located along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, opposite the Kin Orient Plaza (aka old Sing Kwong) in the second block of shops. Coffee Court & Bateras Food Court are located in the first block, nearer to the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Raise the flag…”

  1. All looks good. Don’t forget that pictures are for illustrations purposes only and that is why it looks a lot better in the photographs. I think the cafe has a nice name (A1 cafe) which means everything is good.

    Only the prices, a little bit more than many other places but considering how much nicer everything was, it was worth it. Wouldn’t mind dropping by again.

  2. The kolo mee looked good and tasty. Almost as authentic as Kuching’s.

    Steamed paus from Kuching? The famous one I know is from Foochow big pau in Padungan. I know they have expanded all the way to West Malaysia.

    Yes, I would rank this kolo mee here among the good ones in Kuching. I’ve tried the Foochow big pao from Kuching, not nice, all skin and the filling is not great as well. Hong Kong Puff here has char siew pao too, the dim sum pao kind of skin, nice but small and over RM2.00 now.

  3. It has been a long while since I last have Pau.. this one is inviting me to take some! Perhaps I will drop by a Dim Sum shop to tarpau some home! LOL.

    Not a problem there, all the nice dim sum places with all the very nice char siew pao!

  4. I love pork porridge with loads of spare parts in it. Ate it once and have been looking for places that sell such porridge.

    The one I did not want to drive all the way to would have liver and intestines but only a few miserable bits. Perhaps if we offer to pay for it, we may be able to get more.

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