She likes it too…

Last Sunday morning, after the church service, I asked my girl what she wanted for brunch and she said porridge so I took her for the one that I like the most in town. She had the regular…

Choon Seng pork porridge, regular

…so there wasn’t any liver nor intestine in what she had. Yes, she liked it too – the texture of the porridge was just right, not like rice with soup poured all over it nor was it too mushy and lumpy.

The mum ordered the fried kway teow (flat rice noodles), dry (RM3.50)…

Choon Seng fried kway teow, dry

…from the chu char place at the back and I was wondering why she did not order the one from the Muslim stall…

Choon Seng fried kway teow, Muslim stall

She had that one the previous time when we were here and she said it was very nice and besides, they even gave one fried egg for that same price…but she said she could not remember. It certainly looks like her memory isn’t so good these days or we’ve been to so many places so she is all confused as to what she had and where. Anyway, it was good that she had this one instead so we were able to compare and would know which one to order next time.

I decided to try the pian sip, soup…

Choon Seng pain sip, soup

…from the same stall as the one selling the porridge and it was so very bland which reminded me of my no salt-no msg cooking. It was perfectly all right for me as I am not fond of places where one would walk away with that lingering taste of msg in one’s mouth. I certainly would not go back for more and if I have to, I would tell them to reduce the amount of the white stuff.

At least, here, they did give a little bottle of chio cheng (light soy sauce) for anyone who would like it saltier and a bottle of pepper too…which may be for the porridge as well but no, we did not add either.

On the whole, I thought the pian sip was at best, all right – I felt the skin was a little too thick. I prefer places where it is so thin that it is actually translucent and I sure would not mind a little bit more meat in the dumplings.

What I liked most about their kampua noodles…

Choon Seng kampua noodles

…that I also ordered was the fact that it was not oily, or rather there was very little oil used in the tossing which makes it a little healthier than the rest. I did not feel the msg in it as well nor was it very salty but I would say that I did enjoy it. In fact, I would prefer this one here to the celebrated one in town that people would praise to the skies. That one, I’m afraid, did not impress me much, I’m afraid.

The coffee was great so needless to say, we would be back again sometime.

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14 thoughts on “She likes it too…”

  1. Isn’t it fabulous to enjoy a meal and want to go back for another visit! The food looks quite good.

    Yes, great coffee and the food from the stalls is good, sure would not mind going back for more. Sibu’s small, no problem going there again and again…and eating at coffee shops here is still affordable, just around USD3 for the 3 of us, brunch that day.

  2. I would go for the Malay kway teow. Usually tastier. Hehe. But I would request a sunny-side up egg than that.

    Yes, I do think so too, the Chinese version is usually just soy sauce and msg. The one from the Malay stall here, they give one fried egg – no charge for the extra. I guess if you order the special, you will get a fried chicken wing.

  3. That is a surprise from the Malay stall, same price for the Char kway teow & served with a fried egg, I for sure go for the Malay char kway teow. Here, chay kway teow with taugeh only already cost 3.50-4.00. Pian sip, so little minced meat.

    Yes, I sure would go for the better deal but we would not know unless we order and try…and now, we know.

  4. Of course she would forget! You guys almost had the same dishes every week LOL

    Old age! Memory lapses. It may be something she has done the day before or just a couple of days ago…and then she will tell you she has forgotten. Thank goodness my memory is perfectly all right – I remember the first time here last month, she had the kway teow from the Muslim stall and the following visit, the pek koi with gravy and this time around, the kway teow from the Chinese chu char stall. They say it may be worse in females, osteoporosis too.

    But yes, she is having kway teow a lot – in tomorrow’s post too…ever since my girl suspects she has gluten allergy and is avoiding noodles, the mum thinks she is the same so she is having a lot of that lately, no more noodles. Bihun is ok but she never orders that – maybe she does not like it as much.

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