Waiting for Saturday…

My missus and I dropped by here last Monday for lunch as we were thinking of having their nasi kerabu that we had not have had for sometime now but unfortunately, we were informed that they no longer served that every day, only on Saturdays.

That probably explained why the place was quite empty…


…even though it was already noon. Obviously, their nasi kerabu was the main draw, drawing crowds there by the droves at any time of day. I really wonder why they would want to stop betting on a winning horse – maybe a lot of work would be involved so they decided to cut it down to just once a week.

I noticed that they had some new items on their menu…

New on their menu

…and I certainly would give the one concerned top marks for his or her beautiful handwriting on the little blackboards.

I had nasi kak wok (RM5.00)…

Warong Cafe nasi kak wok

…before but not here and no, I certainly was not impressed so it got me wondering why there was such a long queue at the stall at the bazaar every day during the month of Ramadan. Personally, I would think the nasi kuning ayam berempah would be heaps nicer but since they had it here, I decided to give it a try…


…and no, I still could not see what the attraction was. Whatever they used to marinate the chicken prior to frying did not seem to make a difference and they could have been a lot more generous with the sambal cili


The somewhat diluted fish curry gravy was, at best, just so-so but it sure helped to make the otherwise rather dry dish a bit more palatable.

My missus had their tomato rice with ayam masak merah (RM7.50)…

Nasi tomato ayam masak merah

…which we thought was quite all right, not anything to get us running back for more but I would rate it a lot higher than the nasi kak wok that I had.

I have tried quite a lot of the items on their menu here and yes, there had been a few that I truly enjoyed and would not mind having again but I honestly do not think these two made the grade…and I guess should anyone want to drop by here for their nasi kerabu, they will just have to wait till Saturday.

WARONG CAFE (2.318841, 111.831732), formerly Sri Tanjung Cafe, is located among the shops in between Jalan Tapang and Jalan Tapang Timur towards the end of Jalan Kampung Nangka – RTM Sibu is located right across the road on the right.