Big mouth strikes again…

I had the focaccia sandwich here

Caffeine Cafe focaccia sandwich

…the other day and it was quite big, bigger than the size of a slice from a regular loaf of sandwich bread and that brought to mind the question that my friend, Merryn, asked on Facebook regarding eating the roti canai, celup or banjir.

I did describe how I would eat a piece of roti canai that day and I have often wondered how people would eat those huge towering burgers – if they were to eat those like a burger, they would need to have a really big mouth and on the other hand, if they were to take it apart to eat, then it would no longer be a burger anymore as they would be eating everything individually, not as a whole.

That day, my girl said that she would just take it by hand and eat it like a sandwich but no, that was not how I ate it. Let me show you what I did.

Firstly, I cut it into slices across its width like this…


…and then, I cut the slice into halves…


I guess you would have to cut it smaller, those of you with dainty, not very big mouths.

Once done, I added a bit of the lovely scrambled egg onto the morsel…

Add egg

…and poked through it with my fork…

Poke with fork

…and in it went, into my mouth.

I do have style, very eyew siew (gentle/elegant), very classy, don’t you think? LOL!!!

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