The flood…

I came to know about this place…

Nasi Lemak Banjir Bro, banner

…a few days before it commenced business but no, I did not bother to go and grab the special for the 1st 100 customers.

I dropped by the stall…

Nasi Lemak Banjir Bro, the stall

…at this coffee shop the other day and yes, they sure seemed to be enjoying brisk business – I did see a lot of people eating their nasi lemak.

These are the usual condiments…

Nasi lemak condiments

…and if you stick to the basics, you will have to fork out RM4.50 for it.

In the cabinet, they have the add-on’s…


…ranging from the ayam berempah, masak merah, rendang and whatever else. I think the former is more expensive while based on what I could see on their notice, the rest are RM2.00 each.

I opted for the beef rendang

Beef rendang

…and I was told that it would be RM3.00, RM2.00 for the chicken but I went ahead and stuck to my choice. I must say it was very nicely done, very fragrant on the kunyit leaves and it tasted great, one of the nicer rendang I have had around town, that’s for sure.

The sambal


…was very nice too, bursting with the flavours of serai (lemon grass) or whatever, nicer than a lot around town and I loved the fact that it was quite spicy, very much to my liking.

There were two salted fish…

Salted fish

…too alongside the usual half a hard-boiled egg, two slices of cucumber, peanuts and ikan bilis (dried anchovies) though I wished they had removed the black insides, not just the heads.

It sure looked like a regular nice enough plate of nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak Banjir Bro with beef rendang

…nothing more, nothing less, though a more expensive one at that, RM7.50 altogether but there was no banjir (flood) at all, nothing. I was expecting it to come completely drowned with some gravy but no, there was nothing of the sort and actually, I was glad that it wasn’t. This way, I was able to taste the rice to see if it was lemak enough and unfortunately, it wasn’t. Thankfully, it was not hard and dry like some that I had had the displeasure of eating elsewhere – there was just a slight hint of the lemak-ness, so slight that it might as well not have been there.

All in all, considering the hassle and pain of finding a parking space in the vicinity…AND the price, I probably would not be going back there again all that soon.

NASI LEMAK BANJIR BRO is a stall located at the CAFE 63 (2.293970, 111.826350) is located at Jalan Tunku Osman, to the left of Blackball and Big Thumb.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “The flood…”

  1. Same with you, for the price (don’t convert), I probably won’t be going so soon too…

    It’s actually not too bad, same at some places too…just that there are cheaper ones and most importantly, nicer so of course, I would not be all that keen to go through all that trouble to come here and eat.

  2. Once I had curry banjir but I requested them to serve the curry separately. I don’t like my rice drown with gravy. RM7.50 for your nasi lemak is expensive though.

    Oh? See roseliew’s comment? Maybe you are talking about the biasa, RM4.50 here…but there are the RM3.00-3.50 ones elsewhere.

  3. At least you gave it a try and know how the taste like.

    RM7.50 for your nasi lemak is usual over here. Hehe.

    There are places similarly priced here too, not uncommon…but there are nicer and cheaper ones so of course, I’d go for those and besides, later in the morning, it is quite impossible to find a place to park the car, this area.

  4. Ease of parking is a big deciding factor for me.

    Yes, me too. That is why there are places that people say are nice but I do not bother to go and check them out knowing that parking can be such a pain and I may end up going some place else instead when I can’t find a vacant space after going round a few times. Many here will just park illegally – pisses me off everytime I see that, so ill-disciplined.

  5. Sambal looks good, too bad I am on no-rice diet 😦

    Oh? You too? I know many are on that kind of diet or a no-carbs diet, a Keto or whatever diet. The word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. LOL!!!

  6. From the look of all the sambal, this must be one of your favorite stalls! Pedas dan sedap!

    No, not really. A lot of places have very nice sambal – to me, it is the rice that makes the difference, I want it extra lemak.

  7. You are right. RM7.50 is a bit on the high side. And that does not justify banjir too. LOL

    The price of the more expensive ones here – I would much sooner go for the cheaper options especially when they are not really that nice to make it worth the price.

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