Big fat momma…

I was driving along Jalan Kampung Nangka early that morning when an interesting banner caught my eye and of course, I simply had to stop to check it out.

I parked my car by the side of the road and walked to the stall…

Nasi Lemak Makcik Gemok stall

…and this very friendly and jovial lady…

Makcik Gemok

…came out. Her nasi lemak was selling for RM2.00 a packet…

Nasi Lemak Makcik Gemok bungkus

…and there was a salted fish…

Salted fish, egg, cucumber & sambal

…in it with a piece of omelette – no hard-boiled egg, no ikan bilis (dried anchovies) but there was a slice of cucumber and some peanuts…


…as well.

The rice was not as lemak as I would like it, not quite like the one here but that one is now selling for RM3.00 and like the others that I had had, despite the tint of green, it did not have the fragrance of pandan…or maybe just a bit. I did like the texture of the rice though, not hard and dry like some and not too soft and soggy either, just right plus the sambal was really good, a bit spicy and very much to my liking.

You have the option to add something extra, if you want and that morning, the lady had this soy sauce chicken…

Ayam masak kicap

…and if I remember correctly, she said something like that would be RM2.00 a piece.

I took a snapshot of the chicken and she made a remark on that jokingly and that was when I asked her if I could take her photograph and she happily obliged so I took that one of her above. Then she suggested having another one taken of her beside her banner…

Makcik Gemok & banner

– actually, I was already planning to take a photo of that with the very cute caricature of her. I must say there is a very close resemblance, don’t you think? For one thing though, I really do not think she is a mak cik (auntie) – she certainly looks way too young to be one and as for the gemok bit, well, when it comes to gemuk-ness, she sure has a long way to go to catch up with me, the very sui tuapui (good looking fatty). LOL!!!

I sure would not mind dropping by to buy from her again – it always makes me feel good having a little small talk with such nice and pleasant people as and when the opportunity arises.

NASI LEMAK MAKCIK GEMOK (2.316525, 111.824230) is located at No. 75, Jalan Kampung Nangka, on the left if heading towards Sungai Antu and Sungai Merah, not far from the bend after which you get to the army camp, formerly the KD Sri Rejang base.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Big fat momma…”

  1. Guess she must have that cute caricature purposely done to resemble her. Usually half boiled egg is the standard condiment for nasi lemak over here too.

    Whoever did it sure did a very good job, sure resembles her. In the shops, we’ll get half a hardboiled egg, some may give one whole egg…or they fry an egg to go with the nasi lemak – not something I like as they tend to overcook the egg.

  2. Haha. A very cute young auntie.

    Maybe next time you drop by, you could try her chicken or other dish.

    RM2 for a pack of nasi lemak. Alright. I missed a road side stall selling very nice nasi lemak but they have stopped operating for few months. Not sure they would be back as they have habit of disappearing for weeks. Oh well, I can only miss their nasi lemak. Haha

    Yes, like our favourite nasi kerabu place – closed for the whole of Ramadan and for a few weeks for Raya. Just reopened last week so of course, we wasted no time at all to go and eat. Missed it!

    Nasi lemak, I’m more concerned about how lemak the rice is. All the add-on’s are secondary. One more coming up in tomorrow’s post.

  3. I loves the caricature of her, it’s soooooo cute… And she’s cute in person too, hehe…

    Fat people usually are, cute…like me! LOL!!!

  4. Age is another thing but her plump face sure looks exactly like the 1 on the flag!

    Yes, a striking resemblance, I would agree.

  5. The lady is so sporting! I like the logo on her nasi lemak. Looks like she has gained a customer 🙂

    I sure wouldn’t mind stopping by to grab a few packs from her should I be passing by that way.

  6. She is so jovial. Love this kind of seller instead of those who sulk like we owe them big time.

    Yes, these people are always very friendly. I also do not like the grumpy ones, some may even scold you if you ask one question too many. I will refuse to go ever again.

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