Once in a long long while…

As they say, variety is the spice of life and so it is when it comes to food. I would not want to eat the same things over and over again but of course, I may go back for what I think is nice time and time again, not necessarily just once in a long, long while.

Last Friday, I had to go to my girl’s school in the jungle to pick her again and bring her home as her colleague had something on here in Sibu and left a day earlier. The last time I had to do that, I bought some chicken rice from here for her and those sharing the same unit with her in the teachers’ quarters so this time around, I did not want to go and buy that again.

I went and bought the wat tan hor kway teow from here (RM12.00)…

Colourful Cafe wat tan hor kway teow
*Archive photo*

…instead and I brought my own tiffin carrier with specific instructions to separate the kway teow and the egg sauce/gravy. At my girl’s quarters, we heated them up for her and two of her colleagues/friends to enjoy. They had their fill and still, there was still a little bit left so one can jolly well guess how big the serving/portion was.

My missus and I decided to eat first ourselves before going on our way so we would not need to worry about our own lunch later and she asked for their fried kway teow (RM4.50)…

Colourful Cafe fried kway teow

We first had it some years ago when this guy was the chef here and we kept going back for more and now, he has his own place, conveniently located very near my house and we were here just two or three days earlier for lunch and she had that exact same thing – the fried kway teow. She does seem to like it a lot.

On that previous visit, I had the nasi lemak with chicken drumstick curry (RM7.50)…

Colourful Cafe nasi lemak with chicken drumstick curry

Normally, I would ask for the daging masak hitam (black-cooked beef) but this time around, I thought I would have the chicken instead for a change.

The rice was not really lemak enough for me but with the chicken curry and its gravy…

Colourful Cafe chicken drumstick curry

…and also the very nice and spicy sambal ikan bilis

Colourful Cafe sambal ikan bilis

…it did not really matter. At some of those Malay stalls and shops, they would give you so little, maybe around a teaspoon only, and some that I had did not even taste nice. Even at my favourite nasi lemak stall here, I would always tell the guy nicely, “Sambal tambah sikit, ya?” and he would happily oblige and give me more.

Fast forward to that day when we had to drive to my girl’s school, of course, I did not want to order the nasi lemak again. For a change, I had their fried mee (RM4.50)…

Colourful Cafe fried mee 1

It was good but I would prefer some of those at the Malay shops and stalls, their mee mamak or whatever. This Chinese-style one is a bit too mild for me…

Colurful Cafe fried mee 2

– I do think the kway teow has an edge over it – and I asked if one could order that with a special request for fresh chili, sliced or pounded, to be added for it to be spicy but I was told that I could choose to have the one with sambal. Now that, of course, would mean there would be an extra charge – RM1.00 perhaps for the sambal. Smart, eh, these business people?

After my missus and I had finished our quick brunch that morning, we were on our way.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Once in a long long while…”

  1. Sprouts!!!!! I love sprouts! I’m soaking alfalfa right now and will be sprouting them this week!

    Here, we only have green beans, the sprouts. I would love to try with other beans one of these days – we do have soya beans, black beans here, easily available, to see what they taste like.

  2. Melissa can eat Wat tan hor? I tot they have black kicap in it but I may be wrong as I’ve never cook this myself. I love to eat it though. Two more weeks and the school holidays will be here again. Melissa can have a well deserved break.

    There may be a bit to fry the kway teow but it is not dark, maybe there is light soy sauce. A bit is ok but not wheat, not even a bit.

  3. That’s a big portion of wat tan hor… yeah, some places actually charges for additional sambal. Even mamak also does that hence I will never return to those places anymore. LOL

    They do not tell you they will charge for the added sambal but I had their fried rice the other day, their sambal one and if I am not wrong, it is more expensive that the regular one.

  4. “Variety is the spice of life” when I’m out – I want to try everything. When I’m home though, I’m a creature of habit – eating oats for brekkie, fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch.

    Wow!!! I do eat more substantial meals even at home but when going out, I would not want to eat anything I can whip up easily at home, like kampua noodles with dark soy sauce.

  5. All looks so good. I would love to have lots of taugeh in my fried kway teow/mee. Nowadays, everything is money, unlike before. In Kuching, I know of some places selling laksa do charge extra for the laksa broth if you ask for more.

    I heard that at one place here, you can ask for extra santan or gula Melaka for your cendol and that would be an additional 50 sen. I did ask once but no, they did not charge me. 😀

  6. The egg gravy looks good, the perfect consistency that I like

    This guy was originally from KL so I guess he knows what he’s doing. Not a local Foochow dish, this one.

  7. My kind of nasi lemak. With chicken curry. Wish the rice is more lemak.

    Mee goreng? I still think mamak or Malay serve nicer mee goreng than Chinese. Lol.

    Yes, the Chinese one is just soy sauce and msg. 😦 Nasi lemak with curry or one of those, it is ok if not really lemak. The gravy would drown out the fragrant lemak taste of the rice, anyway.

  8. The spicy sambal ikan bilis caught my attention…

    Very nice. The guy makes his own, one big kuali full every time, so fragrant.

  9. Nasi lemak caught my attention!
    Recently, I saw friends posted about this blue rice nasi lemak selling somewhere else, yoo, so tempting to try!!

    Usually nasi lemak is white but sometimes it is green with the addition of pandan for extra fragrance. The blue colour is the result of the use of the bunga telang or the butterfly pea flower, usually used in Kelantan’s nasi kerabu and also in some nyonya kuehs and chang, not nasi lemak but I guess they can colour it blue if they want, not much taste, just colour.

  10. The gravy koayteow indeed looks very good! The gravy is not too dark , looks delicious! Like I said before.. both of you are very wonderful.. driving to fetch your girl without fail every weekend…

    Not every weekend, only when the colleague is not available but yes, we do send her back every Sunday with all the drinking water, the rations for the week etc etc etc.

  11. Now you have got me craving for fried koay teow! 😀

    Bless your lucky stars that I only have a cheap digicam, not those DSLRs that can take such awesome pics that can make one drool all over. 😀

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