Popular demand…

Melissa and her mum dropped by this place once…

Red Carrot, Sibu

…sometime ago and they enjoyed the Penang char kway teow there so the other Sunday, they wanted to go there again for that so there we were at the Red Carrot, Pedada branch for lunch. For the uninitiated, they now have any outlet in the Salim area round the corner from Farley.

Well, it looked like they were all geared up for Chinese New Year with these plastic cherry blossoms all over the ceiling…


…and lanterns here and there…


There was a good crowd, I must say – business certainly appeared really brisk and we had to wait for quite a while for our orders to be served. Both mother and daughter had the aforementioned Penang char kway teow (RM5.50 per plate)…

RC Penang ckt 1

…with all the cockles, prawns and everything…

RC Penang ckt 2

I tried a bit and it certainly was very good – just like the real thing and I would not mind having that should I drop by the place again.

I ordered the Thai fried noodles (RM6.50)…

RC Thai fried noodles

…with a lot of sotong (squid) and prawns in it but from the name, I was expecting something sour or tom yam-ish and spicy with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts…but it turned out to be something like our mee mamak. It was very good though, let me be very clear on this – just that I had expected something different and it wasn’t.

I also ordered the honey chicken wings (RM9.50) to share…

RC honey chicken wings

Hmmmm!!!! Tell me frankly – does the plating of those wings conjure some images in your mind? Come, come…tell the truth now! What do they remind you of? LOL!!!

The wings were all right – quite nice…but I would think that the price was a little bit too steep but then again, this is a cafe so one should be ready to fork out a little more than usual.

All in all, we were happy with what we had…and considering that this place is just round the corner from my house, we certainly would be dropping by again sometime.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Popular demand…”

  1. char kuey tiau looks good… the chiken wings… naaa… will have two plates of CKT instead!

    True, true… Just ordered to try. Was very nice but I would not say it was so very nice that I would want to eat it again and again… Not that great.

  2. The char kuey tiau really makes me ‘lau nua’ and the CNY decorations makes me feel nostalgic cos in Doha here, it’ll be just another ordinary day where kids go to school and hubby goes to work!

    The same in the western countries overseas. You’re in Doha? Now, I wonder which Mary would this be…

    1. Someone from Bintulu who reads yr blog everyday to get a feel of home, esp. the food!

      Sure, most welcome to browse and hang around anytime. Make yourself at home. 😉

  3. Nice lanterns and quite like the carvings on the pillar

    Yes, I love that totem pole. Very nice. I love how they’ve done that section but unfortunately, it sticks out like a sore thumb as the decor of the rest of the cafe does not follow that same theme.

  4. You are making me miss home with all the cny decorations 😦 The food looks good but portion very small leh or was it the angle the photos were taken?

    Enough for one only. Previous visit, one plate was enough for two. Maybe a lot of people, kway teow running out…or should not order two plates at one go…or different chef… There!!! I keep telling you to come to Sibu for Chinese New Year but you would not listen. We’re working on what we will have in line with the theme we have chosen for our open house at the moment… Slurpssss!!!!!!

  5. Ha Ha Arthur! You are very imaginative… I’m referring to the plating of the chicken wings… and if I guess correctly what you were thinking… 🙂

    Like the savoury Penang CKT instead of the sweeter version.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Great minds think alike!

    Sweeter version? Not too sure if I had that before. The ones we have here, the local fried kway teow – kind of plain with egg and minute bits of meat and some green veg plus lots of msg. Ok, for a change sometimes but not too crazy about it. Would love the Penang version anytime – all the cockles and prawns. Slurpssss!!!!

  6. Char Kuey Teow…….I am dreaming of you….heh…hee….I can easily eat two plates at one go. Aih, the chicken wings! As I was looking at the photo, I was thinking of something and then I read your comment below, spot on! I’ll say it out loud ok? At first, each wing looks like a lady (or mermaid) posing languidly – the top of wing being the body and the mid section being the thigh and leg (she has big thighs!). And then my imagination got worse with the first wing….now that one I cannot say out loud hah! hah! 🙂

    Ok…ok…spare us the details! Don’t let your imagination run wild now. Muahahahahahahaha!!!! 😀 You’re in Penang, aren’t you? Char kway teow all over. How much is it there now? Last I was at Lorong Selamat, it was RM6…or was it 8? But they had nice huge prawns in the ckt…

    1. Arthur, actually I am in PJ 🙂 My better half is from Penang. When I go to Penang, I will attack the CKT and rojak!

      Oh, I see… Dunno of any good ckt in KL. Used to have a horrible looking stall at Jalan Alor, you eat sitting by the roadside or along the pavements of the shops – old lady…everytime in KL, I would go there to eat but now that they’ve “revamped” the place – she’s no more there…and the food’s no longer as nice. 😦

  7. Thai fried noodles looks tempting, the price for the chicken wings, errr…

    Yup, not cheap at all. But they’re RM2 each at the roadside stalls. Because of the popularity of barbecued chicken wings or the fried ones, they’re much more expensive than other parts of the chicken at the wet market now. I would very much prefer the drumsticks.

  8. tsk tsk tsk, RM9.50 for two wings??!! so expensive, almost can have two plates of CKT.. do it at home lah probably can have 10, muahahaha!! LOL

    Look carefully! There are three…but even so, I’m not saying it’s cheap. Well, at classier joints, they pay through the nose for something the size of a postage stamp…and they’re not complaining. Yes, you want cheap – cook your own at home, if you can come out with anything half as nice…or go to the roadside stalls.

  9. I miss char kuey teow!!! I can already taste it from the pictures! LOL! The chicken wings resembled what? i can’t tell!! 😦

    Ahhhh!!!! Stay as sweet as you are. LOL!!! 😀 Bet you have char kway teow there…many times the price and not even half the taste but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

  10. The char kuew teow looks good. I have been looking at the chicken wings pictures for a while trying to figure out what it resembles, and i still see chicken wings…ok, i’m not good with imagination.

    No, you’re not. You’re a decent chap…so make sure you stay that way. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Too much western food sometimes also can be quite ‘sick’, these authentic chinese food is definitely a good choice~

    True, very true. After a while, they all taste the same… Need a change sometimes.

  12. I saw this cafe the other day when I dropped by Farley for my grocery shopping…but yet to try it.

    Go ahead. Give it a try. Some of the items are very good – love the kapitan curry set lunch…and it’s cheap some more.

  13. Yes, the CKT does indeed look good… I will certainly pick that choice too… and the chicken wings looks like they are doing Broadway dance.. 🙂

    Wah!!! You’ve a very artistic imagination. Hehehehehehe!!!! Ya, the CKT’s good.

  14. All looks so good. Now you are back to chinese food after 2 weeks or so of western food. Chicken wings a bit too expensive.

    Home already, so eat what we have here lor… Tak kan lah back home already still want to eat western – and our pseudo-authentic stuff here’s expensive and not worth the calories.

  15. oh my goodness! the wings looked innocent till you mentioned it…. lol….. then the rest of the other pics got wiped out of my memory except for the wings…. kakakakaka….:p

    Hahahahaha!!!! So I’ve polluted your mind? Hmmmm….must be the same wavelength, then only you can see. See! So many people did not get it at all….so sweet and innocent. LOL!!!! 😀

  16. The chicken wings do look like some sultry women thigh, lying there seductively XD

    I haven’t had a good mee mamak for a long time jor…

    No good ones in Penang? Impossible. They’re all over the place. This one that I had was very nice…despite the name.

  17. That chicken wings indeed not cheap. But I really thought its just 2 pieces. Until I saw another hidden piece.hahaha…
    So, what’s the hidden meaning behind the chicken wings image la? Hint Hint!

    Perception is individualistic. So what you will see depends on your state of mind. See the earlier comments – it all varies from one to the other. Hehehehehe!!!!! 😉

  18. CKT colour looks like our Johor style…dark coloured.

    Can’t figure out the chicken wingslah. So what do they look like?

    See my reply to Melissa and see what the other said earlier. Hehehehehe!!!! Ya…I did hear something about Penang CKT being lighter and the KL one darker…or something like that. Doesn’t matter – as long as it tastes nice.

  19. I love CKT, but I also know not all CKT is nice. At my place, I can only find less than a handful is nice.

    Better than here, I’m sure. Here, the style is different…and I know of only one other place where they will cook it along the same lines as Penang’s.

  20. I have sort of a bad habit when it comes to ordering char kuey teow … I always ask to “tambah see hum banyak-banyak!” I love my cockles! 😀

    My daughter’s like that too…and she would single them all out and put them by the side – saving the best for last! I’m ok with cockles – a few will do just fine.

  21. they were ready for the chinese new year huh,
    or are those lanterns permanently their designs?

    Only for the coming Chinese new year. That’s why they stick out like a sore thumb with the ethnic decor all around them.

  22. i love eating dishes with beans sprouts
    but i guess that thai fried noodles
    were the best among this set

    Between the two, I would prefer the flat noodles (kway teow) – the Thai one tasted like our local Malay fried noodles and we can get there at many other places around here.

  23. Was giankiu-ing *experimenting* with a hawker bozz why in particular Penang CKT is so good & tasty compared to out of Penang. He said the fire plays a very important part, since CKT is the most popular dish in Penang the wok is forever in frying mood non-stop so the fire & heat is more even and ‘ong’. Where else in KL the CKT fella would sit and wait with a small gas fire on standby and the CKT fella will only go into action when an order comes in and that’s a lot of difference. Make sense?

    Yup…and they use charcoal…and duck eggs. Not too sure if they do that elsewhere but definitely not here!

  24. Oh, I love those colorful lanterns and the noodles look yummy.

    I didn’t think anything about the wings until you made a comment and now it looks like some ‘naughty spooning’ going on, lol.

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’m so bad – corrupting everybody’s mind. The instant I looked at the photo after taking it, the image flashed in my mind. Gee! I’m really so horrible. Blush! Blush!

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