That time of year…

It was that time of the year again when my ex-student, Julia, would be home from the UK for a few days…and like what we did last year, we arranged to meet one afternoon for tea. When it comes to afternoon tea, there are not many choices here in Sibu and we did not want to go back to the same place again and Julia decided to give this one a try since she had not been here before.

She thought the blueberry cheesecake (RM8.90)…

Blueberry cheesecake

…was good but she would have liked the green tea taste/fragrance to be stronger in the frappe (RM9.90)…

Green tea frappe

…that she had. I had the long black (RM5.00) which was all right by me and I asked for a slice of their turkey ham quiche (RM7.50)…

Turkey ham quiche 1

It certainly looked like they took the trouble to put in some effort and make it more presentable when they served it – I had expected it to come in a saucer or a small plate…

Turkey ham quiche 2

…and as far as the taste was concerned, I thought the chicken mushroom one that we had sometime ago when it was a franchise place was much nicer…but this one was o.k. too.

I must say that I loved the place though – it was not crowded and noisy and we could sit as long as we liked, chatting away and catching up with what each of us had been up to since a year ago. This certainly is a good choice for doing that. I particularly enjoyed talking about Plymouth where Julia is based at the moment and things way back in 1994 and are still around now, twenty years later in 2014, though I am very sure the city has changed a great deal and is no longer like what I knew it to be way back then. She stays around the Barbican/Plymouth Hoe or the harbour area and she knows the Church of Christ the King that I used to go to there

During my time, there were only two supermarkets…or at least, I only knew of two – Asda…and Tesco in the city centre. They have more now including Sainsbury’s which has come out with a very nice Christmas commercial for 2014…

With the theme – Christmas is for sharing, it commemorates 100 years since WW1 in 1914 and all profits (50p per bar) from the chocolate bar, available now at Sainsbury’s, will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit the armed forces and their families, past and present. Personally, I feel it is like some epic war movie with a very meaningful message but I did not think it moved me as much as the John Lewis’ one did, plus it did not have a song…which I, being musically-inclined, would consider essential if it were to touch more hearts. In Shakespeare’s words, “If music be the food of love, play on!”

Anyway, going back to the place where Julia and I met for tea, I noticed that they had come out with some Christmas goodies for sale including these chocolate chip cookies…

Choc chip cookies

…and these gingerbread men…

Gingerbread men

Oops!!! Some had cracked, it seemed – they could have taken out those to let people try the bits as samples. At those prices, I Β would expect them to be really very good and I certainly would not buy without having tried and confirming that it is really that good and worth forking out all that money for.

Anyhow, I already had these to enjoy…

M&S goodies from Julia

…all from Marks & Spencer. Thank you so much, Julia – I love their All Butter Viennese ones in the orange packs, my favourite, but I had never seen, much less tried, these blue ones before. Well, I had sampled a few pieces and I would say they were very very nice though I would very much prefer them without the chocolate coating on one side. My girl was so thrilled to see the all butter mintoes – she loves those a lot and of course, I let her take some back to her school after the weekend home. At the time of writing, the box of Belgian triple chocolate cookies has yet to be opened. Slowly does it! LOL!!!

It sure was nice seeing you again, Julia – too bad I had something on over the weekend when Judy would be back or I would have loved to get together one more time before you left town. That will have to wait till next year then…

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28 thoughts on “That time of year…”

  1. You know I LOVE my Green Tea πŸ™‚ Looks tasty! And…eventho…I don’t eat cheesecake any more (unless I come across a vegan one) I’m not going to lie – the cheesecake looks amazing! It would just kill my digestive system if I were to eat it! LOL

    Lots of goodies in today’s post – then again – that’s your specialty πŸ™‚

    I like green tea too, very refreshing…but not green tea-flavoured products, not fond of that artificially-green smell. I am not into this kind of cheesecakes either – had too much of those at one time.

  2. I love tea and cheesecake, but I must admit that cheesecake is something I have only perhaps about twice a year. Your photos are fantastic, I am drooling. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your kind compliments. I had too much of this kind of cheesecakes at one time and as a result, I would not mind if I never get to eat them again.

    1. You are very welcome. πŸ™‚ As far as Blogger goes, the comment you made on my blog post today is exactly the reason why I hate, and never use, the option to validate comments. I, too, find it annoying, and if I find it annoying others will as well. I prefer to just moderate the comments, this way everyone who wishes to make a comment has the opportunity to do so, and it also enables me to wipe out spam.

      Yup, many people did away with the captcha thing…but lately, it seems that all Blogger blogs – they have that automatically…and some did not even know they had that back in action till I told them via Facebook…and the thing is they do not know how to disable it so to this day, everybody still has that. You have it in yours too. Can get very irritating when the letters are not easy to make out. Yes, some hold back comments for moderation as well – I’m on WordPress, Akismet does that for all first-timers (and blocks all spam too)…so I will get to approve who can come in and who cannot.

      1. True, I have it, but I choose not to use it so I disabled it.

        It’s there…still. I posted the status regarding this on Facebook and many of my blogger friends all came and declared that they had disabled it long ago, that they did not have it in their blogs. I told them that they did and they did not know that it had been restored automatically. Then they tried to disable it but somehow they could not/did not know how…so till today, they still have it in their blogs and anyone who wishes to comment will just have to go through it – so in their cases, it is not by choice and perhaps it’s the same in your case too.

      2. Hmm.. i just activated my verification as i received almost 2000+ spam comments. TT

        Good grief! You are so popular. Mine’s all caught by Akismet…but I do get a lot more spam than comments – double or triple. 😦

  3. Thats my specialty the blueberry cheesecake, I always love a slice with coffee or tea

    Make sure you do not make that for me if I visit you in Auckland. In school, I was nicknamed Mr. Cheesecake – my students knew I loved cheesecakes…and come Teachers’ Day, everyone would bring me a slice…and I had so many students and I got so many when I retired – cakes, not slices…I had to give some away. These days, I would rather go for the Japanese cotton baked ones. I like those!

    1. Oh, my goodness! 😦 Yes, it is there. I would not have known this if you hadn’t mentioned it…and yes, I had disabled it a long time ago! I can’t do anything about it, as I can’t seem to take it away now, whereas I could before. I will make a complaint now to Blogger, perhaps it is a glitch….I HOPE! I had to log out and pretend I was a guest and attempt to make a comment, then I saw it.

      LOL!!! You’re not the only one – all my friends on Blogger were all taken by surprise too. They did not know it was there…appearing on its own out of the blue like that…and yes, they did not seem to be able to do anything about it either so they just left it like that, hoping it would disappear in time but no…till today, it’s still there.

      1. Oh, but I am wondering if it only does this for people who are not Blogger users? At any rate I will tell them about it.

        I haven’t the slightest idea. It’s ok if it is easy to read in which case, it would just be some kind of security procedure – a step to take like those having to register or log in before one can comment…but at times, I would need to make two or three attempts before I could publish a comment. Not all the time but sometimes, the letters overlap or they are in such a manner that they look like some other letters. That’s the only problem I have with it, otherwise it is fine by me.

  4. This post reminds me of that frozen rum fruit cake in your freezer πŸ˜€
    Love that quiche.. I love quiche, tried making it once, needs lots of eggs.. Love that cheesecake too, I always order the Boston cheesecake in SR..

    I’ve had some from SR – people bought for me. Pretty much the same as those elsewhere. The best in town would be the ones at a hotel here – used to buy from there those days when I still loved cheesecakes. 30% discount after 6.00 p.m. so sold out in no time at all…which means that you’ll get fresh ones every day…unlike at SR…and theirs are a lot more expensive too. They say theirs are flown in from Kuching – they do not make/bake their own here.

    1. I just sent them a message telling them about it. Thanks for letting me know about this, I would otherwise have had no way of knowing.

      Most welcome. It’s ok if they can’t do anything about it – all my other friends don;t seem to be able to get rid of it…so they’re all stuck with it. I’m quite used to it by now.

      1. Oops, sorry, the comment above is for suituapui. πŸ™‚

        Oopsss!!!! You commented in the wrong place. Never mind, not many comments so it would be pretty easy to tell who that is supposed to be for. At times I may even post a comment in the wrong post!!! πŸ˜€

      2. But if it is a glitch and nobody tells them about it….this is why if I see something wrong, I let them know. Lord knows I have done that with Facebook enough, and I have had far more glitches there than on Blogger. LOL! πŸ™‚

        Phewwww!!! So far so good in my case!

  5. Cheese cake looks good, must be quite cheesy, i like mine cheesy. Time flies… christmas already 😦

    Not too fattening for you? Yes, Christmas will be here soon. What are you getting for me…now that you’re working and earning a lucative salary? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  6. Lovely, Marks and Spencer goodies. For me, the snack I am most fond of are those caramel chocolate digestives from McVities. They do sell it in Cold Storage here, but somehow the taste is different!

    I love digestives too but without the chocolate. They also make very good base for those cheesecakes.

  7. Love cheese cake that are not too cheesy but all in all I am more interested in the goodies from Mark & Spencer than the others.

    I’d prefer the quiche anytime – anything savoury but the M&S goodies are very nice too. Cheesecake, I’d give that a miss.

  8. I have sweet tooth, will loves the cheesecake… hehe…

    Then you’ll love the stuff from Marks & Spencer too then. Can buy in Singapore, not a problem.

  9. how much is the ginger bread man?hehehe….i can make and sell lo :p

    No idea. I saw the bottled choc chip cookies so expensive, did not bother to ask liao. Not a fan of gingerbread cookies, anyway…nor chocolate chip. Melissa likes!

  10. I don’t really like the taste of green tea. But by looking at the picture, I don’t mind to try and taste it. hehe… The Smallkucing’s gingerbread looks far more better. 😊

    You may like this one, hardly any green tea taste. I’m not in frappes or gelato or sorbet…all those…so I would not be ordering this for myself, never mind what flavour.

  11. It is that time of the year where you will get many goodies! ^^

    Nice to catch up with an ex-student. I love cheesecake too but not with green tea.

    Neither one or the other for me – black coffee, no milk for me, sugar optional…and something savoury, not sweet. Hmmm…hopefully…hopefully! Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. Wah! A Xmas wishlist. Fingers cross. ^^

      Come…come…pass me a pen and paper, please. Hehehehehe!!!! Toes crossed too! πŸ˜€

  12. Now you mentioned it…yes christmas is just a month or so away…. So any plans? Your girl will be back home this weekend, right? More jalan jalan cari makan from then on… Happy Food ahead!!

    Yes, we’re looking forward to the long holidays – no plans though, just stay home and spend quality time together.

  13. ok ok, i got the hint. hahahha..only me will get you the M&S same old boring All Butter Viennese cookie for you. My mum always scold me said you must be fed up eating that all the time.

    I only get to eat when you buy for me, not all the time mah. No Marks & Spencer here – can only hope people will send but nobody bothers. 😦 πŸ˜₯

  14. ya, i was kinda unmoved by the sainsbury advert too … maybe ww1 feels like something a bit too distantly removed and too long ago for us to relate to?

    Me neither. I’ve never been a fan of war movies…nor war novels or poems – hated those when I was doing English Literature.

  15. I love drinking green tea but dont really fancy it in any other product. I love cheeeeeesy cheesecake. I can eat until fat fat!! Slurp!

    Same here…as far as green tea is concerned. I’m off cheesecake for good. Already jelak.😦

  16. You’re right about the quiche dish..certainly could do with prettier presentation. Love these kind of cheesecake, the non-baked ones…love the crust the most!

    Nope, not into this type of cheesecakes – I love the Japanese cotton baked ones. I thought they could just serve the slice in a plate, no need to bother about presentation. It was just one small, thin slice – can’t expect anyone to do much with that.

  17. cookies from M&S is the best! =D i love eating their cookies too!

    Bet they do not come cheap. 1986, I used to buy when the expiry dates drew near – more affordable. Dunno if they still do that.

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