Good to see you…

It certainly was good to see Julia again – she’s one of the twins who were in my English tuition class way back then – the other one’s Judy, and at this point in time, she has completed her studies and is presently working in England now. Well, she was home for a while and we got to meet for tea here on Saturday afternoon.

I got to try the new mille crepe there – the coffee one…

Coffee mille crepe

…and we all thought it was good but I do prefer their tiramisu or the rum and raisin one though. Julia wanted the matcha green tea one…


…which I never liked and her friend who came with her did not think much of it either. I guess if one is not into the green taste of green tea, one would not enjoy that very much.

Of course, we had the deep fried pork belly kompia

PB kompia

…and they loved it! It seemed that they had kompia elsewhere earlier but they weren’t too impressed but this one, to them, was a different story altogether.

Julia’s friend had the sizzling beef kampua noodles…


…and he thought it was really good.

It was great seeing you again and catching up with each other, Julia, since the last time we met and it was nice meeting you too, Alistair, and I sure am looking forward to seeing you two again sometime. Cheers!!!

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26 thoughts on “Good to see you…”

  1. Oh the first looks especially delicious. The matcha fascinates me also. You’ve shown this before, haven’t you? I do love matcha, I grind my own green tea to make matcha. I love green tea, so perhaps I’d like this?

    My father loves pork belly. I make it for him occasionally. 🙂

    I may drink green tea but that’s usually very mild, all diluted. Other than that, I am not a fan of green tea products…though I love green tea Kit Kat, probably because it’s not so “green” in its taste and it blends well with the chocolate! I think they’re from Japan. My missus will buy and cook pork belly mostly – she insists the texture of the meat is nicer…but she/we throws/throw away the fat which I think is kind of wasteful – paying for all that and not eating it.

  2. Not a big fan of crepes.

    The sizzling beef kampua sure look yummy. Big portion too.

    It’s good – original kampua taste…and the beef’s nicely done.

  3. Arthur! You must take me there for the desserts one day.. one fine day… They look so tempting…I dont even mind eating the green tea mille crepe too… 😛

    I’ve been waiting for a long long time. Well over a year now since you all were here, first and last. 😦

  4. I love green tea! I think I would be able to finish off that matcha mille crepe easily! 🙂

    My ex-student loved it but not her friend. I did not touch it – had that before, not my favourite.

  5. Sizzling beef kampua really looks great. Slurpppp!!!…I love green tea so I think the matcha green tea suits my taste bud. For kompia, I prefer with minced meat.

    Obviously not as popular – A LOT cheaper. No plans to hop over to Sibu anytime soon? So near yet so far!

  6. yeah, i won’t go anything made with green tea too thought i just like to drink green tea by itself, haha!! but i once tried the green tea kit-kat bought from Japan, that’s a different story, not that strong green taste we often tasted but a mild one which i like.. anyway, the coffee mille crepe looks good and i also like that sizzling beef kampua~~ 🙂

    Yes, YOU sent me ONE green tea Kit Kat from Japan and I super-duper loved it even though I am not into anything green tea. Christmas holidays coming! No plans to hop over – you can have all these and more!

  7. The sizzling beef kampua looks good. I like beef! Good source of iron too, as I am iron deficient 😟. Dunno why, maybe my absorption of iron no good…

    Haha, I am a green tea fan. Most probably I will like the green tea crepe better compared to the coffee crepe.
    Yeah, the green tea kit Kat is nice. There’s even the cherry blossom green tea kit Kat! Very nice but a bit too sweet for my liking.

    Ah yes! I heard that one’s very sweet. Don;t have that here. Yup, the sizzling beef kampua is among my favourites at this place – will always ask friends to order that.

  8. Matcha green tea! My favorite flavor! No thank you for coffee flavor though 😛

    I’m a coffee guy…but not much coffee flavour in this – I’d opt for the tiramisu, more coffee there…and chocolate too.

  9. Wah…the beef looks good! I also don’t like cakes or ice-cream with green tea flavour even though I like green tea.

    I will drink green tea, say at Japanese restaurants, though I would not say that I actually like it! 😉

  10. Yay…Noodle House! The fried kompia, mille crepe, sizzling kampua…all good!
    I prefer green tea as in tea itself or ice cream. That’s all…. ^_^

    Next time around, you can give this a try. You might just love it, who knows? 😉

  11. ooo, i’ve had many cups of coffee and many mille-crepes, but i’m not sure i’ve ever had a coffee mille-crepe before. sounds goooood 😀

    It was all right – I would prefer a stronger coffee fragrance.

  12. Both coffee and the green tea crepe looks good, I love green tea.

    Maybe i had one bad experience on the sizzling beef kampua, it is also my first and last. The beef is hard and chewy not tender, end up i just finish the kampua and leave the beef aside. I rather have the original kampua.

    You’d probably like the green tea mille crepe then. Their original kampua, nothing to shout about. I’d rather have that elsewhere – cheaper & nicer. Hmmmm….you’re so unlucky. Perhaps you should have ordered the chciken – they also have that….or the seafood but I don’t like that. I find the sambal not very compatible with the kampua.

  13. I can’t find a nice mille crepe here in Kuching 😦 I had Durian Mille Crepe in KK and it was… not nice … 😦

    Dunno Kuching but I hear they have a place in KK – very nice ones…but of course, very expensive lah! KK, where got anything cheap there?

  14. Last time I had the green tea mille crepe, I inhaled the green tea powder and coughed my lungs out. 🙂

    I would like to try the new coffee one though.

    I tried once, didn’t like so I never ordered again. My ex-student, Julia, wanted it and she loved it. To each his/her won, I guess…

  15. your girl certainly love green things. got her the hello kitty?

    Nope, she said she didn’t want it. I guess she has outgrowned Hello Kitty…

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