I’ll try anything once…

My girl came home as usual last Friday. It has been two years since she passed her driving test so as soon as she got back into town that afternoon, she had to go to the Land Transport Department office and get her probationary license changed. That did not take too long and having done that, she is now a full-fledged driver. Now I am hoping she’ll get her transfer back to town and then, I can look forward to the days when I will be chauffeured around. Hehehehehe!!!!

After settling the license business, she went to town to settle some matters and she stopped by the supermarket in town, the one with all the imported stuff, and she said they currently have a lot of goodies from New Zealand like the Griffin’s cookies and crackers, for instance. She did not buy any of those though and instead, she got me these…

Scotch fingers

…thank you so much, darling! These are made in Fiji…

Scotch fingers 2

…for some Australian company.

I’ve tried the scotch fingers from Arnott’s – they’re nice though I can’t say I’m crazy over them. Well, I’ll try anything once, at least, so I had a go with these…

Scotch fingers 3

Yes, they were very nice – light, with a hint of the fragrance of butter and the richness of milk, and not very sweet and if my memory serves me right (I haven’t had them for a long time now), they’re as nice as Arnott’s, more or less…but all things considered, especially the prices, I would much sooner settle for our own Made-in-Malaysia, Tiger Brand’s.

In the meantime, I also tried the Adriano Zumbo’s limited edition Tim Tam, the salted caramel

Tim Tam salted caramel

…that I got from my cousin from Brisbane, Australia. It turned out to be like the classic with the bit of caramel in the middle – something like the Quality Street toffees that I used to love so much in my growing up years except that it was salty! I would say it was all right though for some, it may need a little bit of getting used to, that sweet and the salty combination in it. This salted caramel thing, however, seems to be a trend that is catching on or perhaps, that is the case Down Under as I saw a friend there sharing a photo on Facebook the other day of a new flavour of Magnum ice cream – yes, you guessed it right! Salted caramel!

Last but not least, I tried their new flavour – the peanut butter…

Tim Tam - peanut butter

Hmmmm…it was o.k. Imagine the usual Tim Tam with a slight hint of the peanut butter cream that you can find in those Julie’s cheese crackers…and if you asked me to choose, I would go for the latter…especially when those would be very much cheaper and I think the peanut butter cream is more compatible with the cheese crackers while the taste here is almost drowned out by the chocolate.

All in all, my favourites would be the red velvet and the raspberry white chocolate, the red velvet especially! That was so so so good!