Let’s try something else…

This used to have a different name, an outlet of the one in Kuching and though it seems to be doing o.k. there, it did not seem to go down well with the folks here so it wasn’t very long before they changed the name to…

Galilee Eatery

…with a totally different concept and menu. If anyone is interested, the franchise owner has made a comment to clarify what had transpired here.

The physical set-up is still unchanged…

Galilee counter

…with the glass display case up front and a counter linked to it and a few tables and chairs here and there.

I’ve been wanting to drop by to try what they are serving now but I never got round to doing it until that day last week. We ordered the beef stew with garlic bread (RM13.90)…

Beef stew

…and though I would prefer it a little bit thicker and darker, we all thought it was very nice and liked it the way it was.

We also ordered this sausage platter (RM11.90)…


…and I think I read somewhere, probably on their Facebook page, that the sausage is homemade…


However, I did not think much of it as it was kind of mild and a bit hard as well – I would prefer it stronger as in smoked ham or bacon…or sausages. As a meal, I would say it  was rather light and for heavier eaters, the beef stew would be a better option. Incidentally, I just saw on their Facebook page that they now serve the stew with rice. I guess some people would prefer that and it probably is more filling that way.

You can order your sandwiches custom-made here and you can get to choose your bread, the meat (one only) and whatever vegetables you would like plus the sauce to go with it…

Make your own sandwich

I chose their focaccia…


…with pastrami, onion, tomatoes and lettuce and their barbecue sauce (RM9.90)…

Sandwich 1

I asked and found out that the bread here is made by some “auntie” at home, not from any of the local bakeries or elsewhere.

I guess this is all right for lunch…

Sandwich 2

…though on my part, I would want to have something like that for breakfast or afternoon tea.

The coffee (RM 5.00)…


…here is very very nice and my guess is they use these coffee beans…

Coffee beans

…that I saw on the counter, freshly ground and brewed…

Coffee machines

…and served.

No, it certainly is not cheap eating here…but we enjoyed the place – it’s like one of those little cafes overseas, New Zealand, for instance. The people are very nice and polite and the service is good plus they are all very proficient in the language that I am very comfortable with and very rightly so too, in line with the kind of establishment that it is. I guess it is all right if you wish to sit there and chat all day but no, we left as soon as we were done – our weather here isn’t as cool and nice as overseas so despite the place being air-conditioned, I did not linger at the place any longer than I had to.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Let’s try something else…”

  1. The beef stew looks alright and yea, prices are pretty standard for all these cafes

    Indeed. But that’s not saying that it’s cheap though. 😦

  2. the beef stew look yummy, but so bad i seldom eat beef, prefer chicken 🙂

    Noted. No worries. Lots of other very nice things to enjoy here. We can give this a miss.

    Wowwww!!!! What are you doing up at 2 a.m.? Watching the World Cup, are you?

  3. The beef stew with garlic bread looks pretty good, and I am glad that you enjoyed it the way it was.

    Yes, it was nice. All of us loved it.

  4. It has been so warm lately!!! Phew!

    Never been to this place before. I love Focacia bread. In Kuching, it is not common to find focacia bread but I enjoy the bread that served in The Elephants, Jln Ang Cheng Ho. Used to go there for lunch.

    You can try this place then. Tunku Osman, next to AmBank with a road in between.

  5. OMG, I love that stew! The beef stew looks so thick, rich and creamy.. I wouldn’t know how to cook real beef stew.. I always use the short-cut.. Packet beef from the supermarket, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, chuck in a can of cream of oxtail, then we get short-cut-lazy-style beef stew!
    The sausage platter looks simple, but I don’t mind finishing all of it.. Looks light, not jelak, potatoes look ok too, not the creamy covered with mayo type..

    Oh? A can of oxtail soup eh? Gotta try this sometime. I love shortcuts! All good, just the sausage – a bit hard and none of the smoked fragrance that I love a lot.

  6. Western food!! Sometimes I don’t know what to order when I am in one of these outlets… Arthur, after reading so many of your posts, if I am not mistaken, your wife also does not fancy western food a lot, right? 🙂 Correct me if I am wrong.. what she orders suits my taste too… 🙂

    She didn’t order. I ordered all three and we shared but what drew us there was the beef stew. Wanted to try that especially. She’s ok with most things…just not duck nor ikan keli and as long as there’s lots of chili (padi) to go with it, she loves it. You definitely will not like what she likes best – extra pedas!!!

  7. Oh my.. luckily i just had butter bun from Hi Bread before I read your post.. i wanna try that beef stew with garlic bread.. looks yummy eh.. and and that very very nice coffee that you mentioned.

    Expensive…but they tell me that’s the standard pricing at such coffee places.

  8. The sausage platter comes with only one sausage? I would think that it would be an assortment of at least 2 or 3 different types. The potatoes look good though. And I would like the beef stew!

    Yes, that’s a better choice for sure.

  9. awww, when did you have these?? I had sausages and panini and coffee yesterday (a treat for my birthday).. ah, we had the same thing on the same day but in different places?? hehe~~

    Nope, that was sometime last week…can’t remember which day now. What? That was it for your birthday celebration? Next year, come to Sibu…I’ll treat you to a birthday bash and make sure you’ll eat till you drop! 😀

  10. They seems to like to put lots of potato in the food. Lol The beef stew seems have more potatoes than the meat.

    We love potatoes! When we cook, we would also put a lot, not so much when it comes to carrots. There was a lot of beef in the stew…enough for the three of us. Wouldn’t mind going back there again…just for this. It is that good, potatoes and all.

  11. Though not a fan of Western food but all looks good to me. Beef stew & garlic bread, that is a good combination and I believe it goes well with each other. Yummy!!!

    I am ok with western…but I do love a good stew anytime! With lots of potatoes.

  12. The dishes indeed looked like what would normally be served in a typical cafe here.. although the sausage did look a bit lonely. Hehe.. The foccacia looked nice and fresh!

    Ya, bet you have a lot there…everywhere.

  13. Yah, especially like these days, the weather is so hot, really don’t feel like stay outside more long! ! =[

    Getting hotter and hotter. They say will be worse next month…and those people will be fasting then, Ramadan already.

  14. The beef stew looks like comfort food. Although I’d like to be in cool air con to enjoy it.

    The place is air-conditioned – but with the extremely hot weather these days, it is not hot, not cold. I was glad to be seated right beside the portable cooler/air-conditioner… 😉

  15. The bread doesn’t look so soft. Or I judged it wrong. hehe

    It was ok – but of course this kind of bread, you cannot expect it to be as soft as ordinary white bread. You should try some of those overseas – like stone. You can use their baquette for sword fighting! 😀

  16. That beef stew with garlic bread looks good la, and the sausage looks yummy as well!

    The stew, yes…the sausage, not really to my liking.

  17. No more John Pie? Still selling pie or no more?

    Food looks quite good, i think i will like this coffee, but why got ice cubes in your coffee??

    No more. Chicken pie – Aroma one only, still very nice & selling like hot cakes. Of course lah – I drink kopi-o-peng….cannot drink hot coffee. 😀

  18. Goodness! You still love your food as ever!!! Small world, I’m ur cousin’s colleague now hehehe…

    Irene (SweetSurrender)

    You are? In Kuching, I guess…so you’re probably a teacher or…in the hotel line?

  19. The beef stew looks rather appetizing. Would love try it… Where is the location of this cafe? Is it easy to get there?

    Right in the town centre here in Sibu – at Jalan Tunku Osman, somewhere to the left across the road from RH Hotel…next to AMBank, with a road in between the two blocks of shophouses.

  20. Those sandwiches look great – and that bread – oh wow!!!

    Pretty good. Guess this is about the only place in town where one can get this kind of bread.

  21. The beef stew looks heavenly… May I know where this eatery is?

    Ummmm…first you were Erica, now you’re Sheila?

  22. No air cond? Freshly brew coffee memang nice

    Got. Weather very hot these days, not really cold. But if you have read the comments above, I did mention in my reply to one of them that I was comfortably seated right beside the portable cooler…nice – just that I am not one to sit around much longer than necessary.

  23. Love beef stews and lamb stews, or the local sup kambing n sup ekor. Goes so well with garlic bread, rite?
    I’m not really a sandwich person but prefer focaccia or ciabatta when it comes to sandwiches. Prefer croissant on its own. And with coffee 🙂

    Whatever bread, I love it stuffed…ham. bacon. anything. I’m a meat person. Yes, the stew was great with the garlic bread.

  24. Yeah, I remember this place, and its previous iteration too!

    Interesting to read about what went on, I was wondering myself…

    The franchise owner posted a comment on my previous post on this place – so that’s his side of the story. I didn’t ask the people here about the change though.

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