My little girl…

No, no…it wasn’t my little girl that was getting married but my cousin’s youngest, my cousin from my Melanau maternal grandma side of the family.  His older children, a son and another daughter got married together on the same day a few years ago in 2010 and now, it was the youngest child’s turn to tie the knot.

The handsome groom comes from Bangi, Selangor and here, you can see the entourage arriving at the bride’s house…

Nadya's wedding 1

…bearing gifts and all, for the akad nikah or matrimonial rites ceremony.

They all gathered in the living room…

Nadya's wedding 2

…for the prayers and the handing over of the gifts and everything else after which, the bride’s family reciprocated with their gifts…

Nadya's wedding 3

…and when that part of the ceremony was done…

Nadya's wedding 4

…the bride made her appearance…

Nadya's wedding 5

The brother of the bride…

Nadya's wedding 6

…and somebody else from the groom’s side were the witnesses and they had to sign the marriage certificate. There were more prayers and a somewhat lengthy sermon before finally, the father of the bride handed over his daughter’s hand in marriage…

Nadya's wedding 7

Here, you can see the happy couple seated on the pelamin (dais)…

Nadya's wedding 8

…but the bersanding ceremony would only be held the following day. Bersanding literally means the “sitting together of the bride and bridegroom on the bridal couch” for the menepung tawar, the ceremonial blessing by the couple’s family and friends. This is followed by the feasting and merry-making called the kenduri which, in this case, would be the grand banquet the following night.

The guests at the akad nikah ceremony that night were treated to a very scrumptious buffet dinner with all the delectable local delights…

Nadya's wedding 9

Heartiest congratulations to you, Nadya, and Helmi, on your marriage…from uncle, auntie & Melissa. May your lives together be filled with everlasting happiness and God’s abundant blessings each passing day in the years ahead.

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26 thoughts on “My little girl…”

  1. Selamat Pengantin Baru to both of them. Seeing this post, reminds me that these two months are going to be my busy month. It’s wedding season. 😀

    Congrats in advance to them. Any in Sibu? Your mum may know some people in the photos? You would know somebody in tomorrow’s post, that’s for sure. Suspense… Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Saw my friend’s fb this morning. He was the official photographer for this wedding ceremony. And also I saw Rashid Salleh in the pictures. Are you related with that fella? Hehe. Yeah, I’ll show to my mum. I’m sure she recognised some of the faces.

      Rashid is the nephew of the bride’s mum (I’m related to the dad), Rashid’s father’s sister. He sure has put on weight, it seems…much fatter than the last time I saw him here at another wedding.

  2. Congratulations to Nadya and Helmi.. Very sweet lovely couple.. I’ve only been to a Malay wedding luncheon once, and that was when all the akad nikah ceremony were over.. We went there when they started eating, hehe..

    Yes, I can’t remember witnessing one like this – I might have but do not remember very well. I’ve seen it on TV or in the movies, of course…but one thing’s for sure, I did go to quite a few traditional wedding feasts in the kampungs, the real thing – most would just do it in the hotels these days, just not the same, not at all.

  3. Wish the newlywed a happy married life. Very lovely ceremony.

    Thanks. Yes, it was very interesting and colourful…and very joyful.

  4. Grandchild of your famous uncle? I think I’ve said it before, good looks do run in your family.

    I wonder what happened to me though… Sobssss!!!! 😥

    Grand-niece. Her late grandma was his sister. You’ll see him in my post tomorrow.

  5. interesting. I’ve been to my fair share of bersanding, akad nikah and lots of kenduri kahwin. It’s always nice to see the happiness that exudes from the couple and their close families. Happy times, and congratulations to them!

    Thanks. I can’t remember going to one – the whole thing – will usually get to see the bersanding followed by the kenduri, the tail part only.

  6. Do your niece is a Muslim ? That’s a beautiful wedding reception. And lots of crowd too. Nice !!

    Yes, the whole family is. A number from my Melanau side of the family are – they’re either Christians, Muslims or practise their traditional beliefs and customs. I sure enjoyed being there to witness everything…and share the joy and of course, eat the food. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. When I saw your post title on my sidebar I thought this post is about Melissa 🙂 Malay wedding kenduri (kampung style) is quite casual as you can come at anytime convenient to you. I went to one some years ago and they even packed some food for us to take home.

    Hmmmm…still waiting…and wishing…and hoping. Any potential husband-material? Come, send one my way.

    Ya, that’s the traditional kenduri in the kampong. When I was small, my mum used to take me to those – sat on the floor, four persons to one set of the dishes. I was so happy when no one sat with us – I could eat more…and also use one of the serving spoons to eat. Dunno how to use my hand – would get rice all over my face!

  8. Congrats to the newlyweds 🙂
    It has been quite a while since the last time I went to a akad nikah or bersanding ceremony.

    Thanks. Me too. Went more often in my childhood days with my mum – our house was right in the middle – one road led to the Malay kampong and the other road to the Melanau kampong so my mum would get invited to these things very often.

  9. I love to see the photos of the traditional wedding ceremony. Great that you get to capture the sweet moments. That’s nice and congrats to them.

    Thanks. Ya, I enjoyed watching and recording everything on photo…and sharing. They have professionals – bet their photos would be nicer but I have not seen them yet. Waiting for them to share the album on Facebook.

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