I don’t have much luck at lucky draws. Even with around 80 prizes for a staff of around 100, I would be one of the unfortunate few going home without a prize. Sobssss!!!! To add insult to injury, I was always the master of ceremony at those school dinners, the one conducting the draws and not winning one myself. In fact, at my retirement party, my principal reserved a prize just for me – for emcee-ing all those years (and missing out on much of the good food served) and not winning a prize…ever.

Thankfully, my girl’s not in the same boat. She seems to be a lot luckier than the old man…and she won something at a school party a couple of weeks ago and that day, at the lunch function that she went to, she came home with this…

Lucky draw hamper

And talking about that lunch function here…

Paramount Hotel, Sibu

…after we had our own lunch at the coffee shop next door, my missus and I went to that supermarket in town – the one that has all the imported stuff, to browse around…and I ended up buying these for my girl…

Pasta galore

…to enjoy. I know she loves such stuff and she sure was delighted at the sight of what I had got for her and cooked one right away that evening for dinner…

Fettuccine with bacon bits in creamy sauce

…with bits of bacon added. This was the made-in-the-USA (Orinda, CA) FARMHOUSE “durum wheat semolina pasta, parmesan flavour – fettuccine in savory cheese sauce with other natural flavors plus four cheeses and milk“. Yes, it was very nice…and each box was only RM7 something, serves two…and if it’s only RM3 something per serving, that’s a lot cheaper than eating something like this anywhere outside…and some may not even be all that great!

Of course, my missus did not have any as she is not fond of those rich and creamy sauces served with pasta and would much rather go for something like the bihun that I fried for breakfast the following morning…

Fried bihun with beef sausage, egg & green veg

…with beef sausages, egg and green vegetables.

Back at the supermarket, I saw these on special offer – R1.99 for each of those boxes with the Japanese characters and only RM2.99 for the one from Arnotts…

Special offers

…and no, the Arnotts one was made in Australia…

Australian import

…NOT Indonesia and if not for the fact that the expiry date was drawing close, you would never be able to get it at this price. Well, I’ve tried it but I can’t say that I liked it a lot – it was very sweet and hard…and I could not dip it in my coffee because of the chocolate coating. I would say that the Marks & Spencer ones that I got from my ex-student, Julia, the other day were very much nicer.

I’ve also tried the Japanese ones. The Coco Nut, even though I have never been a fan of coconut cookies (I’m not all that fond of those bits of grated coconut in them), were really very good – no grated coconut in them but the coconut fragrance was absolutely awesome, very rich and very very nice. Melissa loved the chocolate chip ones as well – she said they were very much nicer than the ones I bought for her to try the other day. At RM1.99 only a box, I think I would want to head back to the place and grab some more before the stock runs out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Luck…”

  1. heheh, you and i share the same sort of luck for lucky draws and lotteries 😀 that’s a nice-looking hamper of tasty treats there … i see prawn crackers! 😀

    Ahhhh!!!! Another one like me. I’ve struck TOTO a couple of times though – but I buy small, enough for free holiday trips to KL. Ya…my girl enjoys those snacks, not me. Young people, they all do.

  2. Looks very nice, and I love the Farmhouse packaging in your 3rd photo!!! It is very attractive. 🙂

    Yes, it tastes great too…nicer than one of the packets, the Basco one – Macaroni and cheese. Not nice and very little despite the fact that it says serves 4.

  3. Oh me too, never won anything before during company lucky draws.. Oh my, that pasta looks so so so good and creamy.. Love it.. I love those biscuit goodies you have there, I dont mind the sweet stuffs too, I can tolerate very sweet biscuits, hehe..

    Then you would love the Arnotts’, so sweet with all that chocolate some more…and hard too Not for me, thank you…people my age can only eat sparigly and would not want to waste it on anything that is not so nice. Wahhhh!!!! Seems everyone’s like me – never win anything. I thought I was the only one, so unlucky. 😦

  4. Memories from university have just come flooding back with those packet pastas and sauces! It was something we made at least once a week.

    I guess it depends on the brand. One’s not so nice. My Kiwi SIL’s children in Auckland actually prefer these packet ones to what she cooks herself – dunno why. 😛

  5. I am also the same boat as you, no luck, even i-perm not easy to strike, haiz!!!…let it be. Owh, what Melissa dished out looks good but am not fond of those cheesy thingy, my kids would love them. Fried bihun, anytime you give me, I like it.

    You’re just like my missus.

    I would keep buying the same numbers, TOTO only, every draw in the hope that I would strike, even those small prizes would be good enough for me. At least, there is always hope and it is something to look forward to 3 times a week, sometimes 4,..but I would not go overboard about it. Have to be careful with my money, not all that much where it’s coming from. 😦

  6. Me also no luck, haiz…

    Everyone no luck! I wonder who those lucky ones are, hitting the jackpot…laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. I also don’t have much luck at lucky draws but only some luck in Toto or Magnum 4D. We shared the fate!

    In the same boat, the two of us, it seems. I only buy TOTO though, no luck with the rest so I do not bother…but my birth certificate number came out 2nd prize last night – Magnum! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

  8. My lucky draw luck is about the same as you. The only way I can win anything is if there are 100 prizes for 100 people 😦

    I think my luck is so bad that even in such a case, I may not get the prize in the end – lost the ticket or something! 😦

  9. Nah, never won any prizes during lucky draw! No such luck for me, too.

    My kids would love the creamy pasta. I don’t mind eating that, but only a small portion because it’s quite rich….and jelak if eaten cold.

    Ahhhh!!! Another one of us. Ya, this creamy stuff must be eaten piping hot.

  10. No worries about getting prizes, Arthur… You seem to receive gifts all the year round… So blesssed in a way! 🙂

    Indeed! So very blessed. And the things I get are nicer than those in the gift hampers by a mile. 😉

    1. What Claire said is so true, Arthur! No need lucky draw gifts…you’re already lucky and blessed to receive gifts from so many friends any time of the year!

      Yes, must count my blessings. Can consider myself so very lucky already. 🙂

  11. You and I are in the same boat as far as luck is concerned. Me too can never win anything 😦 But never mind. For you at least, like what Claire said, you get presents all the time. That more than makes up for it. Sadly for me, no presents sobss… 😦 hee..hee..hee..No kah?

    Aiyor…so kesian, worse off than me then. Hehehehehehehe!!! Hmmm…how come everybody doesn’t have luck one? 😦

  12. hahaha awww! so pity!
    me too! i rarely got fate with lucky draw until recently I got a 2nd prize. =D
    anyhow i still think that it is a reward for the effort i put in thru out the whole year.

    and you are right! western food outside cost a bomb! around rm3 per serving really cheap!

    2nd prize? 4D? That’s a lot of money! I buy RM2, would be enough for a holiday for me and my family, just 2 of us…and more than enough to go for western cuisine around here. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  13. Me also got no luck in lucky draws *sigh*
    RM1.99 for those imported!
    Yeahh… I like the idea of adding bacon into the pasta 🙂

    Yes, clearance sale RM1.99 and so so very nice, really worth buying – I enjoyed the coconut one a lot. Bacon, anytime! She did not grill it first though, told her to do that in a pan before adding to the pasta, more fragrant. Awwwww….never mind, you’re not alone – all the rest of us are in those same shoes – no luck at all.

  14. Hehe you passed all your luck to your daughter…. now she can win more prizes and share it with u 😉

    Hmmmm…never had any luck to begin with to pass it on to her. 😥

  15. That BIKA keropok in your daughter’s hamper is my favorite snack of all time! 🙂

    I like the chicken ones though, it’s soooo good.

    I’ve never tried the FARMHOUSE pasta, will look it up when I come home this time. Serving for two is just nice for me and my dad and RM 7 is pretty decent too.

    RM 1.99 per box! I would get some when I come back too! 😀

    It is? 😀 Never tried, as I’m not into snacks. My girl is.

    Yes, don’t go for the Basco one – says 4 servings…but so little, just a handful. Go for the Farmhouse ones. The 1.99 cookies expires 2nd December – dunno if there will be any left by the time you get home, hope so.

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