I’m here…

We flew via MasWings to Miri…

To Miri

…that day. It was by no means cheap – I had to fork out over RM400 per person, enough to fly to KL and lots of other places elsewhere and back! See how we are at the mercy of the airline that enjoys the monopoly here when it comes to inter-town travel in the state! We would have taken the bus (which would arrive at around 4.00 p.m.) had we known that my girl did not need to report between 2.30 to 4.30 p.m. as stated in her calling letter. Tsk! Tsk!

You will get this little packet of peanuts…

MasWings 1

…and a drink on the 55-minute flight and this is your in-flight entertainment…

MasWings 2

We arrived on schedule that day, praise the Lord! The airline is notorious for its delays and cancellations according to its whims and fancies.

Miri airport…

Miri airport

…has not changed one bit since the last time I was here many many years ago. Considering that it is now a city and there are international flights in and out of there, I would expect it to be a lot bigger and nicer than the one we have in Sibu.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my Miri cousin’s wife met us upon arrival, together with my Bintulu cousin and her hubby, and in no time at all, we were somewhere in the vicinity of what is called Centrepoint there for something to eat.

My daughter had the roasted duck…

Roasted duck with rice

…with rice. I thought she should have something heavy as I wouldn’t know what the food would be like at the course venue. It all depends on the package – from past experiences, I know that if you do not pay “enough”, you can expect really terrible food…and it looked like that was exactly what happened and being in the middle of nowhere, there was no question of going out and eating on one’s own.

My missus had the mee mamak

Mee mamak

…while I had the mixed soup noodles (RM5.00)…

Mixed soup noodles

Mine looked a lot nicer in the menu but it did not matter as I found it to be very nice and I enjoyed it very much.

My Bintulu cousin had fried noodles too…

Fried noodles

…different from what my missus had, though they looked quite the same, but I cannot remember specifically now what it was that she had.

The hubby had their dianpianngu

Miri dianpianngu

…which certainly looked a lot nicer than the over-rated one in Sibu and he said it was good too.

My cousin-in-law had what I think was called hung ngang lung

Hung ngang lung

lung meaning egg…so it probably was the big bihun in egg drop and Foochow red wine soup. Wow!!! It was so red…with the red wine used.

I could not see the name of the shop as the sign was blocked by the awning that they had put up right beneath it but there was this young boy manning his stall by the side…

Yew char koi stall

…selling fritters and yeu tiaw/ yew char koi. We bought a few of the latter to try and it was really very good…unlike what I have had around here. It has been a long while since I had any nice ones in town, nothing like what I used to enjoy way back then in the good ol’ days.

There was a coffee shop opposite selling ethnic cuisine, Kelabit to be more precise. I did pop over to have a look but we were already full and we were not in the city long enough to go back and try. I hear they only open for lunch.

There you have it – our first food stop on our recent trip to Miri. Stick around – there’ll be a lot more to come!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “I’m here…”

  1. Wow Rm400! Sometimes it costs less than Rm 300 to fly to Bangkok from Pg for both ways :/

    Exactly! We are at the mercy of the MONOPOLY and it doesn’t help one bit that the ministry people will inform you at the last minute (airfare would be extra extra expensive) and may change the dates according to their whims and fancies. Some principals had a meeting around the same time and I heard that one paid over RM500!!! That’s why since I retired, I have not gone to Miri or KK – working trips ain’t so bad, taxpayers’ money. 😦

    1. Never mind la, Arthur… I have confidence in you one… Sibu Food Mayor can afford anywhere he wants to go, right? πŸ™‚ Especially now your girl is grownup now, do enjoy life to the fullest with your love ones… money is not a problem when it comes to family.. πŸ™‚

      Yes, not every day so it is not too bad. Pity those who have to fly regularly though, no choice…

  2. Ooohh, I like the salted peanuts.. When I was flying previously, I also munched on those peanuts – a lot.. I asked for a few packets too, teehee.. Wow, I love that fried noodles.. Looks like enuff “wok hei”, bet it taste good too!

    This was good…and those on MAS flights a long time ago – from Tong Garden but I didn’t like the later ones, different packaging and very very hard. Not nice.

  3. My kids love that salted peanuts! Lol!

    Yummy food. Love that noodle soup and fried noodle.

    All good, everyone was ok with what they ordered. I don’t like the peanuts of MAS flights – with the special MAS packaging – so hard and not really that nice. This one’s ok.

  4. Food looks nice and I like your mixed soup noodles & dianpianngu.

    Mine was nice and my cousin’s hubby liked his dianpianngu too.

  5. Oh yes, what a little competition can do for motivation for improvement and how lack of it…

    Indeed. I wish they would let another airline fly these routes – like Firefly in the peninsula or they can easily let Air Asia fly Sibu-Bintulu-Miri-KK. The state has been pushing for its own airline…but so far, they have not been given the green light. Some people guarding their own pockets at all cost, I guess. 😦

  6. RM400 per person for inter-town, not cheap….

    Of course not!!! Damn expensive…. I could fly KL, JB or Singapore return and still have change! Tsk! Tsk!!! What to do? My girl was going for a course and we decided to tag along for a break – sure was good to have a holiday sometimes…and besides, we had not been to Miri for God knows how long.

  7. The roasted duck is soooooo tempting…

    Melissa loved it…and I suggested that she should have something more substantial before checking into her course venue and a good thing she did too – the food over the next few days was terrible and she had hardly anything to eat. 😦

  8. What else what else….

    I love roast duck…

    Not my missus… 😦 Hang around, lots more to come….long series of posts on the Miri trip!

  9. Rm400 that’s quite a lot for inter flight, right? My friend who always fly from Miri to Sibu or the other way round, never heard she said the flight ticket is that expensive duh…

    Ask him/her to try booking one or two days before flying and see… Even early bookings, not that cheap either. I check all the time, Sibu-KK – always so expensive so change mind, fly KL using Air Asia instead…cheaper.

    Your friend must be pretty loaded, to never complain about the fare. From one of those huge palaces on the hills?

    1. Because she was there for work, her company pay the all of it, that’s why she never complain lo, but she did tell me, they’re not cheap lo!!!

      Ahhhh!!! Company pays. Me, last time, working trips – government paid, also never complained. Hehehehehehe!!!! Last time, went to airline office, collected the ticket to fly…never even bothered to see how much the fare. πŸ˜‰

  10. Did you go back to try the kelabit dishes? They are really good! And have the yummiest nasi lemak too.

    No, unfortunately, no. It’s not near the hotel where I was staying, not within walking distance, and my cousin’s wife isn’t really into ethnic cuisine. Will have to wait till my next trip to Miri. Had nasi lemak elsewhere. Watch out for the post.

  11. The mee mamak looks good ! Aiyo ….such a short trip cost RM400…. shake head!

    Can fly JB-Sibu return at least twice! Now you people can see how we here suffer…and we do not even have nice highways like what you all enjoy over there. Otherwise, I would have driven all the way there instead of being mercilessly slaughtered like that! 😦

  12. The mee goreng looks good!
    hung ngang lung, first time seeing it.. look special πŸ˜‰

    Bet your in-laws can cook it. I think they have this at some places in Sibu but I never tried – will eat when my missus cooks at home, not really my favourite.

  13. Sigh..really at the mercy of this airline… 😦
    I like roast duck, too especially with crispy skin πŸ˜€but prefer if they do not serve with the gravy over it.

    …and the people at the top! The state has been requesting for its own airline but to no avail. Ya, same here…but it was served like that. I think my girl doesn’t mind – she loves the sauce that comes with roast duck.

  14. whatever dianpianngu is, it made me hungry! πŸ˜€ enjoy your time in miri!! thanks for paying a visit to my site.

    It’s a Foochow delight, the favourite of many…but not mine. Just returning a favour – you scratch my back, I scratch yours. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  15. I was so surprised too, to see that the airport is smaller than Sibu airport.

    It’s very very old. Been around ever since those days when I used to go there in my working trips. A lot smaller than Sibu’s present one.

  16. Loathe the airlines that grow complacent because of their monopolies hor. I seethe with rage when the flight is delayed for hours and we’re only informed when we arrive to check in at the airport πŸ™‚

    Worse, if they cancel.

    Had a friend on an early MasWings morning flight, they texted him to say the flight was cancelled – that was all! He had to call them to ask to be put on another flight…and was finally told he could fly on the evening one – 6 something. As he was about to go out at 9 something, they contacted him to say he would be flying at 11.30 a.m… Dunno what they were doing – see which flight has enough passengers, that one can fly…kicking a passenger around like a football according to their whims and fancies.

  17. Love the mee mamak. And I only take mee mamak or yellow noodles in Sarawak and not over here because of the taste and smell. That’s why i told my boys, in Sarawak must try mee mamak, it is nice and different from here, they agree with me.

    Hung Ngang Lung, typical foochow food, my favourite too, Sibu one not so red. I think hung ngang lung is something new in Miri? My friend went back to Miri, she had it and take a picture and show me said first time eating. hahahahha

    Sibu one especially – they do not put so much of the solution – so not so yellow…and if cooking soup, may turn soggy very fast, not as firm…but much nicer as no smell. Ya…my missus also cooks sometimes but with mee sua – Melissa loves it. Me, I’m more a meat person. Hehehehehehe!!!

  18. I had to smile, the young boy looks like an old friend of mine. He is Indian and his name is Venkatt. πŸ™‚ How did your cousin-in-law like the hung ngang lung? You’re right it is very red and looks savory. I love savory dishes.

    She loves it! Melissa enjoys it too – the mum cooks it this way at home sometimes – lots of wine and ginger…and egg. The red colour is due to the traditional red wine used – they use red yeast rice to make it and they claim that it has health benefits.

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