After everything was settled, we left my girl at the course venue and since it was too early, we stopped by my cousin’s house first. Now, did somebody say the other day that if somebody’s cactus plant is blooming, good luck is on the way? Well, my cousin had not one but two that were flowering…

Cactus bloom

Hopefully, he would be blessed with a windfall…if he hasn’t had a lucky strike yet since.

He had to go for another dinner that night so his wife took us all out instead and this was where we went…

Lutong Cafe

We had their lemon chicken…

Lemon chicken

…and it was very nice. In my heart, I was wishing that my girl could have been there with us as this has always been one of her favourites.

Personally, I thought the tofu had an edge over the chicken though…

Fried tofu with mayo

It was their own-made tofu, so soft and smooth but I particularly loved whatever they coated it with prior to frying as that tasted really good – much nicer than any that I have had in Sibu.

The fried bitter gourd was nice…

Fried bitter gourd

…but we can get some nice ones in Sibu as well…and what I loved about their fried sweet potato leaves was that they were all very young…

Fried sweet potato leaves

Those that I have had elsewhere had more often than not been rather old and quite a chore to chew.

The highlight of the dinner was the crispy prata aka Philippine pork leg…

Crispy prata 1

…and I hear that the one here is the best in the city. It is different from the ones we have in Sibu and we all enjoyed it a great deal…

Crispy prata 2

It had been a long, long day and as you can see from the photograph…

With cousin & in-laws in Miri
*Cousin’s photograph on Facebook*

…I was quite worn out and ready to hit the sack.

So after the dinner, we headed back to the hotel and after a quick bath, I wasted no time at all in calling it day…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Nightfall…”

  1. waaaaa the philiphine pork leg make me drool. my hubby know how to make this too. hehehe. he like peter lim la, wanna kipas fil so make for my dad when come for visit?

    Next time, ask him to cook two…tapao for me one lah!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. waaaaa the philiphine pork leg make me drool. my hubby know how to make this too. hehehe. he like peter lim la, wanna kipas fil so make for my dad when come for visit.

    Oops!!! Duplicate comment! Never mind, the more the merrier. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  3. OMG I could finish that whole pork leg! Or was it pork knuckle? I like their (trademark) tofu too whenever I eat in restaurants.. Will usually ask for their ‘jiu pai tofu’.. Mostly will be fried like in your picture.. Nice.. Served with mayonaise or Thai cili sauce..

    Lovely. But I like pork leg with sambal belacan – brings it to a whole new level! πŸ˜‰

  4. The cactus flower is pretty! Oh, that pork leg sure looks good! I had that long ago at a restaurant. Not enough to go around 😦 I am pretty sure I could finish one all by myself πŸ˜€ Hah..hah…you looked so grumpy. I do too when I am very tired.

    Not grumpy, just tired…after travelling the whole day and all that hassle and running around to get my girl to check into the course venue. 😦

  5. yes, Arthur…their toufu & their philippine pork leg are out of this world. Apparently their buttered prawns are my son’s favourite.

    We didn’t have prawns..nor crabs – my cousin’s hubby can’t eat those. Will have to wait till my next trip perhaps. πŸ˜‰

  6. That cactus flower is so beautiful. Cactuses seldom bear flowers so when they did, it is considered lucky.

    that pork leg is sure different than the one here.

    Yes, nicer. I like the ones here too though – marinated with five-spice powder, different. Great with sambal belacan. πŸ˜› Ya…hopefully, the flowers will bring them a lot of luck – my Bintulu cousin won the special prize as soon as she went back after her stay there. Me, got consolation lah… Better than nothing hor? πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh.. I must learn from your cousin how to take care of cactuses. The cactus is beautiful.. πŸ™‚

    It is. I guess they’ve green fingers, planted all kinds of plants…all look so nice…not like ours at home. 😦

  8. oh my!! the lemon chicken and fried toufu look good dei!!! and yes, I would think I could wallop the whole plate of toufu.. haha!! :p

    Yes, I ate most of it that night… πŸ˜‰

  9. The Wong’s Lutong Cafe is really good. We have been patronising it since we arrived in Miri and most people would say that their Crispy Pata is 10/10. Their signature toufoo is something I like too.

    Yes, I was told that I might bump into you there. Seems you’re a regular at that place?

  10. i’ve never seen a cactus flower!!! what a lucky shot (‘:

    and that’s okay.
    i just notice people’s teeth.. i don’t necessarily like/dislike them for it. haha! it’s just a quirky habit i can’t entirely help.

    thanks for reading my nonsense though! haha. i can’t believe you actually bothered to.

    Muahahahaha!!!! I just scanned quickly – speed reading. Phewww!!!!! You’d probably find what’s left of mine quite interesting then. πŸ˜€

  11. All the food looks nice and also the catcus flower. Like the last pix and the two ladies besides your missus, I guess they are your cousins and both looks alike, like twins.

    Amazing eh? After years of marriage to the brother – the sisters-in-law are really starting to look alike!!! Far left is my cousin’s wife…and next to her, his sister – my Bintulu cousin, her hubby behind her.

  12. I like cactus with flower, it looks pretty beside its “shapely” outlook!!!

    Ya, sure looked very nice.

  13. lemon chicken and tofu are my family favourites too, my aunt loves to order them. guess they’re the classics that usually satisfy πŸ™‚ i like the look of the pork leg … perfect for carnivores, ya πŸ™‚

    Yes, but once in a while ok lah, not all the time. Stick to the tofu and the skinless chicken. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  14. ah, my kind of dinner, yum yum.

    Nothing you cannot get there, I’m sure…not like those favourites such as kampua, kompia, mee sua…. πŸ˜€

  15. It looks like everyone had a great time. I’m really drawn to the dark greens in the dish. I don’t think I’ve ever had bitter gourd. I haven’t made tofu in a few years. I might make some for my daughter. She does like it. One of her favorite dishes that I’d make was tofu scramble.

    1st class protein but not for gout sufferers.

  16. That’s a pretty flower on the cactus. Its really pretty!

    Oh yesssss to pork leg! Wouldn’t mind some now. Its been some time since I had some!

    Wish it would bring me some luck…like many said it would. 😦

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