Bring it home…

This is the last in the series of posts on my recent trip to Miri.

I did mention in an earlier post that my Bintulu cousin was in Miri when we went over and she and her hubby stayed on for one more day so we would get to meet. On the day when we were leaving Miri, my cousin’s wife passed me these croissants…

Croissants from cousin

…that she had asked her to buy to give to us to bring home. Awwwww!!!! Isn’t that so sweet of her? They’re from this KK-originated Southern Bakery – I remember buying their mooncakes many many years ago and when they opened an outlet in Kuching, I used to buy their croissants home…but as time passed by, it completely slipped my mind and I never bought anything from there after that.

Of course, when we got home, I wasted no time at all in toasting some in the oven to make these sandwiches…

Croissant sandwich

…of mashed egg with cheese and crispy bacon bits and lettuce. They were very crusty and flaky, a little difficult to cut to make sandwiches and I thought they were much nicer eaten on their own or perhaps, with a bit of butter or with a little bit of this and that like what I cooked for my girl for her breakfast just the other day when she was home for the weekend…

Breakfast for my girl

Now, one thing about my cousin’s wife is that you can’t say this is nice or that is nice for the next thing you know, you will be carting them all home. When we dropped by their house that day when we arrived, she let us eat some crackers imported by a company in Kuala Belait, Brunei and sold only at one place in Miri. We said it was very nice and there you are! It was in the bag of goodies…

Goodies from Miri 1

…that she packed for us to take home. My missus also bought some tau sar peah and phong peah…

Goodies from Miri 2

…from a coffee shop near the hotel where we were staying and we told her that they were very nice, a bit different and a lot nicer than any we had had elsewhere – and no prize for guessing what else were in the bag!

Then, there was the kway teow that I had for breakfast at the hotel

Miri kway teow 1

I was delighted that they were different from our Sibu ones – finer, thinner and almost translucent, something like the West Malaysian ones or what people there call hor fun…and in no time at all, I had 3 kgs to bring home…

Miri kway teow 2

I really felt bad that we had troubled her so much during our few days there and she went out of her way to get all those things for us to bring home. She said it did not matter one bit as most likely, it would be a long while before we would drop by the city again. Well, in a way, it is true – the airfare is killing and should we decide to go by bus, it leaves Sibu at 8.00 in the morning and we would arrive at 4.00 p.m. Tsk! Tsk!

Wait a minute! That’s not all! She also made this bottle of sambal hay bee (dried prawns) for us…

Sambal hay bee

…as well. Oh me oh my!!!

Thank you so so so much, Amy…and to you too, Raphael…for everything and to you as well, Pauline…and thank you too, Diana and family for the dinner and the goodies for Melissa. As you can see, I had helped myself to a few slices of the bread and toasted them for breakfast…

Gardenis toast for breakfast


Upon arrival at the airport that afternoon, we went straight to the counter to check in and even though there were quite a number of people standing in line, there was only ONE counter upon…

Miri airport 1

…and things seemed to be going real slow and steady. I cannot imagine how they can handle those passengers on the bigger aircrafts on their international flights.

It was rather hot so we decided to proceed to the departure lounge but that was a big mistake – it was even hotter and so very stuffy (like Sibu airport – the old one before they completed the present one that we’re using now). The flight was delayed by some 15-20 minutes…

Miri > Sibu

…but it was no big deal – as long as there was no cancellation and we could get back home safe and sound.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Bring it home…”

  1. I love croissant, I remember my Yoga teacher treated me her homemade croissant salad once and it was so gooood!

    No good one at the bakeries here – most will just look the same…except Giant – flaky, crispy, rich buttery fragrance.

  2. Look at the croissant with the fillings. I want it for breakfast tomorrow ! You really manja , so many people doted on you. Lol

    So many kind and generous and thoughtful people, I’m so blessed. Are you like that too? Wink! Wink! 😀

    1. Hehe .. I’m still thinking of what to send to you. Nothing special here. Wait till I go on my trip overseas. 😊

      Where to? Come, PM me via my inbox on Facebook. I may want to tag along – the more the merrier.

  3. I actually like croissants with melted chocolate inside xD

    No, thanks. A good friend got me a bottle of Godiva choc spread, manage to have a bit of it…before it expired. Dunno if it’s still in the fridge or not. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Is like that la, always have no idea why they can work so slow like daydreaming, just relaxing waiting for the time to pass only……

    Work to rule. No incentive, no loyalty, no love, no company spirit. They need to learn from the Japanese.

    1. Tell this to those who work in gov….10 counters only 2 or 3 is working the rest are for decorations!!!

      Can be the same everywhere else – at the banks, also the same – 5-6 counters, 2 open. It does not matter if they are efficient and fast – some places, you see all counters open, everyone so busy and yet nothing seems to be moving. Frankly, I find the government offices here these days – a lot better than in the past but from what I gather, they still move at a snail’s pace and are not very pleasant over at your side.

  5. The Southern Bakery is still surviving in Kuching. I seldom go there.

    So many peah and goodies to bring home. Yum yum, my kind of breakfast.

    Makes you hungry, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. wow!! i love that sandwich of mashed egg with cheese and crispy bacon bits and lettuce and also the BIG BREAKFAST~~ yummy yummy!!

    You want? Come, come to Sibu and I can whip that up for you anytime. Easy! 😉 😀

  7. My favourite croissant ! I love to oven-toast them to make it crispy.

    Wah! your food presentation not bad at all ! That plate of breakfast you prepared for your girl looks like something from the hotel. haha….. Bet your girl enjoyed her breakfast that day as it was prepared by the dearest daddy with lots of LOVE.

    Not bad hor… Sometimes, I do surprise myself. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  8. Wow, that’s alot of goodies to bring back. The breakfast you prepared looks like from a hotel, your presentation, I give you 2 thumbs up.

    Thank you, thank you. Cincai-cincai do, turned out looking pretty good in the end. *pat on the back* 😀

  9. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Look all those goodies you hauled back! Ooo…I like your egg croissant sandwich. Reminds me of the ones I used to buy from Delifrance. Your cousin’s wife is so generous!

    Aiyor!!!! Shy lah! Where got up to that kind of standard? Blush! Blush!!!

  10. It’s not easy to cook good hor fun. I tried before

    Not same as kway teow? I bought once at The Store in Sg Petani – dried one, very very nice…but later trips, no more…all the dried kway teow all not nice one. Never tried with fresh hor fun or kway teow from your side – maybe next trip, I’ll buy some home from the supermart and see. Post on what I did with this Miri kway teow…coming soon!

  11. Love those freshly baked croissants! No worries what to have for breakfast lor…
    BTW…nicely prepared breakfast! I could see the efforts there 😉

    Not really, pretty simple. Nothing like our local cuisine, all the ingredients to prepare. This is easy – just bake, boil, fry or grill…and put it all together.

  12. What a bunch of goodies, Arthur!! So nice of your cousins… well, I guess you are also generous to them too..what goes round come around… is that how it is said? :p

    Yup, what goes around comes around… As thou giveth, thus shalt thou receive… Do unto others what you would want others do unto you…

  13. Oh no… the croisant with fillings has caught my eyes. Yumm yumm…

    Just mash hardboiled egg with cheese and stuff – butter the inside…good enough, eat with crispy lettuce. Very nice!

  14. Oh gooshh.. i super hate queuing at the counter for check in cos some people just can’t seem to do things faster even if there are few counters open for check in. They can joke and laugh when people’s face turn to charcoal color.. arghh..

    hahahaha.. okay.. on the bright side.. i want horfun, so much and Petanak market only sell kueh teow.. sad max hor.. huhuhu.. and how can you make croissant taste so nice !!! if only i can eat the pics that i see in this post !!!

    Hehehehehe!!!! Nice hor… I thought they all looked pretty good myself *pat on the back* 😉 😉

  15. ooo, a lot of carbohydrates in this post … i like! 😀

    A lot? Where? The kway teow and the croissants…and the piece of bread. The peahs…have white tau sar filling, just a bit of skin!

  16. Oh… I haven’t had croissants in quite a few years. I liked them flaky and buttery, yummy! My mother is like that lady (I guess I’m the same way) I tend to load people up with food whether it’s something I made or something I’ve harvested fresh from our garden. I enjoy sharing with others, giving enhances my happiness.

    Ahhhh!!!! We’re birds of the same feather. Sometimes I even share my gifts when I’ve got a lot – more than enough to go round – with my family members, my in-laws…my good friends. After all, as they say, good things are to be shared. Yes, it gives us such joy…doing that, doesn’t it?

  17. Wow, your cousin and his wife are so thoughtful and generous. Such kind hosts…the homemade sambal hay bee looks gorgeous! I like! And I love croissants anytime, anywhere but not many places sell good ones and if they do, they’re pricey 😦

    Pricey indeed!!! The ones from Giant here are good but they do not come cheap – that is why I will only go and buy once in a long while. 😦

  18. Wow wow…so many goodies to bring home!!

    I love those fluky and buttery croissants, not many place have it. If i remember, the one at Golden Palm Tree resort at Sepang serve very good croissants, exactly the one i like, toast it and eat it with butter, yum!!

    Had really good ones at 4Points Sheraton in Kuching the 1st time…but subsequent stays, double thumbs down – not worth the calories. Next trip home, I’ll get you Giant’s to try. Nice! I like!

  19. The sandwiches look awesome. Lots of love went in!

    Hehehehe!!! Frankly, I too loved how it ended looking so nice…. 😉

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