Easy to be hard…

I guess it is easy to cook hard-boiled egg – you just put it in water and boil it for as long as you like. There’s no way you can go wrong…but wait a minute! I have heard of cases where the egg exploded and they ended up with a horrible mess in the water…or cases where they boiled the egg till the water ran dry…and of course, there were some who tried cooking it using a microwave oven and the oven exploded. Hmmm…perhaps, it is not that easy after all, is it?

Well, I, for one, love my eggs half-boiled but with the white already hard but the yolk still runny…or at times, I would like it moist, not runny nor hard. It so happened that I shared some photographs of my noodles or fried rice on Facebook with the two versions of my half-cooked eggs by the side and people started asking me how to go about cooking it.

It isn’t hard at all, I must say. All you need to do is to put the egg in a saucepan and fill it with water, covering just half of the egg. Do not drown it completely…


…and do not cover the pot. Place the saucepan over the fire…


– I always use the smallest burner so if you do not have that, you should turn down the flame…and when you see bubbles, you can put the lid on if you are cooking hard-boiled eggs…


It should be quite safe by then and I am pretty sure the egg would not explode anymore after that.

Keep rolling the egg around in the water so that the white would be evenly cooked and when it starts boiling vigorously…


…cover the saucepan and start keeping time there and then.

That morning, I wanted it moist but not runny nor hard so I let it boil for 5 minutes. After that, I removed it from the fire and put it under running tap water…


…to cool it down and then, I took it out of the pot.

I put the egg aside for a while and went on to cook my noodles. I was having the US-made Annie Chun’s udon that morning…and the whole process of getting that ready took around 5 minutes or so…in which time, whatever residual heat there might be after the cooling-down process would probably affect the texture of the egg yolk but I guess it would not make much of a difference.

Once the noodles were ready, I peeled the egg andΒ voilΓ !!!…

Udon with egg and fishballs

See! The yolk was moist, not hard and not runny…

Moist yolk

…exactly how I wanted it!

If you want the egg yolk runny like this…

Runny yolk

…and the white hard, just boil it for 3 minutes – that would be sufficient…like when I was cooking the made-in-Singapore KOKA brand purple wheat noodles, chili and lime flavour, for breakfast the other morning…

KOKA noodles

Honestly, I do think it is easy…not hard at all to get our eggs the way we want them! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Easy to be hard…”

  1. My father is a fan of runny eggs. In my pre-Vegan days, I wasn’t. However, occasionally when I have the chance to prepare meals for him, I’ll still make dishes that feature his favorite style of eggs.

    My daughter likes it all soft, unlike me – I like the white hard. She says it is easier to it, just slurp it all down…no need to chew. 😦

  2. Egg expert! I should show this post to the restaurants who screw up the eggs! Maybe their bosses should send the chefs to you for classes.

    I have not come across any…except at Old Town, LCCT where the half-boiled eggs were served with the yolks broken. That was disgraceful, really!

  3. Ooo itu macam ah…not a fan of telur rebus so didn’t go and experiment.

    I love!!!! Eggs in any form, I like! Slurpssss!!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. easy to be hard? especially morning? *wink*

    Blush! Blush!…That’s the name of an old song by a group called the Three Dog Night. Don’t let your imagination run wild now… πŸ˜‰

  5. Yeah, I like egg yolk moist and not too runny. I have followed your instructions strictly but each time it turns out ugly. Seems never get it right.. Haiz!!!..will try again. As the saying goes,…practice makes perfect.

    You did? And it did not work out right? Gee!!! I wonder why…

  6. hahahaha, your title today is somehow a little “obscene” if you think somewhere else huh, tsk tsk tsk, notti STP!! BTW, i LOVE this egg with boiled white and semi-runny yolk, very nice~~ in chinese we call this 溏心蛋 (tang xin dan), is there any special name given in English??

    Dunno. All I know is somebody said the eggs that come with the noodles in Japanese restaurants are like that – soft and moist, not runny and not hard. Notti? Me? It’s all in the mind, my friend…all in the mind… Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. wahhhh… this one needs practising and experiencing… so must depend on the pot, the fire and the time to get what you wanted in an egg.. something that need to be watched upon too.. As for me, I need my eggs fully cooked, hardboiled or fried.. so it is easy… just keep on boiling or frying till they are hard and cooked.. hahaha…

    Not difficult lah! All it needs is a bit of attention and keeping an eye on the time. I think most people would just put the pot on the fire…and go and do something else.

  8. I like the 5-minute version.. The other day I tried it after seeing your post in fb…and it worked! Really nice!
    I also tried the 3-minute version but it was difficult to peel off the shell 😦

    Yes, have to handle with care – you can feel that the yolk is still soft when you squeeze it. I would peel only for the purpose of presentation – otherwise, I would just break the egg in half and scrape out everything with a teaspoon… πŸ˜‰

  9. I’ve not experienced that before – the experience of having the eggs exploding in the pot or in the microwave – as I’d usually fill the pot full and let the eggs boil on a medium-high fire for at least 8 minutes before soaking it in cold water to halt the cooking process. =)

    For runny eggs, I’d usually let it boil for 5 minutes max.

    Lucky you! Ain’t so bad if it had been the egg that exploded – it was the oven that when “kaboom”!!!

    1. I’ve heard of a case like that too; the poor girl opened the microwave door and was blinded by hot gooey egg yolk that landed on her eyes.

      I know of cases involving my daughter’s coursemates when they went over to NZ – it was not the egg that exploded…it was the oven!

  10. Hard boiled eggs are easy to do, but also need to jaga api… Hehe~

    My small burner, not a problem… If I want hard boiled, I’d move it to a bigger one once the boiling starts.

  11. i am so going to give this a try this weekend !! Didn’t know just a egg alone need so much kungfu one.. πŸ˜€

    Depends on how you want it. Not hard but of course, half-boiled and hard-boiled would be easiest.

  12. Cool! I want to try this, although i am not a hard boiled egg fans, I prefer half boiled egg.

    I see a lot Japanese ramen, they put this type of egg on top, hard boiled but with soft yolk.

    Ya, that’s what everyone tells me – the egg that comes with their Japanese noodles is like this – moist and soft, not runny. I wouldn’t know as I hardly ever go to Japanese restaurants…and when I do, I do not usually go for the noodles. 😦

  13. well that often happens to me, the egg crack and spill over
    hmm anyway, i never came up with a hard boiled egg with that quality of egg yolk
    but anyway that seems to be a different egg,
    as for me, for me to save time i often put eggs with rice so that as the rice being cooked so as the egg haha

    No worries! Happens to a lot of people – the egg “explodes” or it cracks and the egg white comes out probably because the egg is already cracked…or they drop it into the pot too hard. Ya…typical young man, bachelor…always taking the easy way out. πŸ˜‰

  14. Arthur, thank you so much for the tips! I have always wanted to know how to do eggs that way-whites set but the yolks still runny. About the exploding eggs hah! hah! Once I reheated a pork dish that had hard boiled eggs in it using the microwave. The I heard a loud bang. The eggs exploded and the impact was so great that the corningware lid was displaced. No fooling around with eggs in the microwave!

    Hardboiled eggs? Already cooked? I thought that would only happen with uncooked ones…and you cook it in the microwave, shell and all. I never like using the microwave – dunno how it works, always suspicious about how things can get hot or cooked… I’m real old school one, will not use it even for reheating.

  15. I prefer sunny side up egg, I seldom boil the egg, hehe!!! =]

    Oh? Then you would not like my egg sandwich then – post on that coming up soon!

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