Another you…

They have been around for a long time now and if I’m not mistaken, they were initially at the coffee shop on the ground floor of the Star Cineplex, formerly the Cathay Cinema but eventually, they moved to its present location at  a corner coffee shop along Causeway, opposite Wisma Sanyan. They certainly enjoy brisk business and the place is always very crowded but the one time when I went with my daughter, we did not really think what we had was nice which, of course, would confirm my conviction that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Obviously, many enjoy what they’re selling or there would not be such a crowd there every day. To each his own!

Anyway, my missus and I were going around the same vicinity as this place when I spotted this new branch of theirs…

Ahho 1

…and since it was approaching lunch time, we decided to just drop by and eat there instead of going back to cook our own.

This is the stall where they prepare the beef noodles and the Sarawak laksa

Ahho 2

…while the chicken rice stall is to the left on the other side…

Ahho 3

My missus had their beef noodle set (RM6.00) with the kampua kosong


…and the soup…


With all the beef, the tendons and the tripe in it, I would say it was not really expensive. After all, beef does not come cheap these days.

I, on the other hand, decided to try their chicken rice…

CR menu

…and I opted for the stewed drumstick (RM4.50)…


…which came with the rice –  inclusive, of course…


…and I had one stewed egg, added (RM1.00)…


On the whole, we did like what we had but when it comes to beef noodles, I would still prefer the ones here except that it is not halal…and in my opinion, the best chicken rice is here though some would probably prefer the roast chicken and whatever meat here.

Gee! It certainly looks like more and more new eating places are sprouting up here, there and everywhere these days. Never mind what they say about a recession or a flagging economy, inflation and rising prices and what not, everyone has to eat, I guess…like it or not.

This just reached me the day before yesterday…

From Singapore

Thank you so much, somewhereinsingapore – it certainly is so sweet and thoughtful of you…and thank you also for dropping by my blog regularly and for your unfailing support. Cheers!

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31 thoughts on “Another you…”

  1. The rice, for some reason, is making me craving some. How was it?

    Perhaps I’ll make fried rice later today. My mother is working, so I guess I could also make chicken fried rice for my father. He’d love that!

    Not really good – too much water used in the cooking and not tasty enough. We do not get really good chicken rice here though – I only like the ones at one or two places, the rest are not to my fancy.

  2. hmmm….I will go for the beef noodles and chicken rice anytime. The chicken rice looks appetising with the gravy on top. Was it oyster sauce?

    Nope, that’s the stew gravy but it was really thick like oyster sauce. I would prefer it a bit watery.

  3. Hi Arthur! The kosong noodle looks very much like my favourite instant noodle! 😀

    I like the shot of the chicken drumstick and egg, feel like eating now but the rice looks bit too moist for my liking. I prefer the grainy version.

    LOL!!! Hope that place here will stock up on that flavour some time so I can give it a try. Yup, the rice was too soggy, too much water used in the cooking…and it did not really taste great. 😦

  4. Ohhhh…looks good! Especially the chicken!

    Never judge a book by its cover – it was ok but there are others elsewhere that are much nicer.

  5. My kids love papparich chicken rice but for the price of of 2 plates I can feed my whole family using free range chicken n incl dessert n drinks some more but having said that of course always nice to dine out occasionally.

    It is expensive here, what more to say over there… The Milo Dinosaur is almost RM10.00, less than RM5 at Noodle House here. Typical of such franchise places – nice place, nice ambiance…food ok, not bad but nothing sensational plus expensive, though not as expensive as those fine dining places. More for the younger set to sit, eat and hang around all night…

  6. More new eating places sprouting up, that sounds good, more food adventures for you and I can drool more, hehehe!!!… The beef noodle set looks great to me especially with all the spare parts. Yum!!!…Yum!!!…

    It was good but we have one place here that’s better! Sigh!!! I have to keep checking out the new ones and I can’t go back to enjoy the good ones that I like… 😦

  7. things are surely getting more expensive now!! ytday i had a regular chicken and char siew rice, and it cost me RM6.00!! OMG i was shocked, it’s just a very rundown old style kopitiam~~ you had drumstick and that would be an extra RM1.00, lucky i just like chicken breast only..

    Ya…I thought what I had was reasonably priced…especially when I got one whole drumstick like that.

  8. Good that you have receive it, i was worried when didn’t hear from you, worried it might be lost in the mail….

    These days, snail mail…really moves like a snail. Guess they want to force people to use express or poslaju (fast post) – expensive!

  9. I remember the Cathay Cinema before.. and it would remind me of the Rojak Kassim stall in front of it. Sibu has changed so much. Everytime I went back to Sibu, I would get lost with the new development. hehe…

    Kassim is now in Kuching – you can go for his rojak there – Palm Road, I think…same row as Thomson Corner & Regal Court. No more nice rojak here – all that we can find now are pale imitations – nothing like the real thing. 😦

    Ya, so many shops coming up here, there and everywhere in Sibu…and yet, people say no development, the town always remains the same.

  10. i’ve been reading that chicken prices have been escalating too. noticed any difference ar, in terms of amount of chicken served in your orders, or the price of dishes like chicken rice? 😀

    So far so good…as far as chicken goes. Pork’s getting expensive here so either the prices of the things go up or they substitute the meat with chicken.

  11. Chicken rice looks great but i can only judge after trying the chili, no chicken rice is perfect without chili!

    I’m ok with roast or stewed chicken – my priority will go to the quality of the chicken rice, how good it is. But if it’s the white steamed chicken, I would insist on very good chili dip…and the best is at one Sarawak’s own chicken rice franchise here – the rice is perhaps just second best though. Can’t win them all, I’m afraid…

  12. Love both the dishes , kampua more desirable cos cannot get it over here in IPOH.. the dried ones are also finished.. 🙂

    You’ll have to come over and buy for yourself…or I’ll buy for you. Not worth sending – the postage is killing!

  13. Both of them also I like.. though preferred the kampua noodles more… cos cannot get it in Ipoh here.. 🙂

    Ya, Ipoh so famous for its chicken rice and the taugeh…but I have never had the chance to try. 😦

  14. The stewed chicken legs looks delicious! I would order chicken rice anytime. I have a soft spot for chicken rice and I must have the chicken leg, don’t like the breast.

    Thigh, drumstick…breast, wings – all ok by me as long as its not chicken butt or chicken feet! No, thank you! LOL!!! 😀

  15. The soup ones looks good!

    The chicken rice looks very sticky, I like!

    I’m ok with the texture – it’s the taste that I go for – most chicken rice here, might as well serve plain rice, not much difference. 😦

  16. This kampua look very good too!! I would order plain one and with beef soup, perfect match. Yum!!
    My mum went to RTM cafe today!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA..she said kampua taste good, got kampua taste but a bit too dry to her liking, it stuck on her throat!

    I will choose kampua over chicken rice. 😀

    Hahahahaha!!!! She did not order a drink kah? 😀 Ya…kampua’s anytime better but lunch, I would prefer to have rice.

  17. that stewed drumstick was very very appetizing just that
    sauce it sure seems to be very yummy

    It was ok – the sauce was a bit too thick…or gooey for my liking. 😦

  18. Thanks for another fine recommendation, will try it soon, the one that used to be next to the menopausal beef noodles lady stall.

    The chicken rice? Chopsticks? That’s good, worth dropping by to check it out. As for the lady, she’s still selling her beef noodles at a shop round the corner from my house. Just go early, before 9 and you’ll be fine. All sold out by 10, business is that good, mind you…despite her tantrums! 😉

    1. If I can put up with that non-menopausal kompia lady at the end of Tiong Hua Road, I guess I can put up with anything.

      LOL!!! That one, I would avoid like a plague… Once is enough. Tsk! Tsk!

  19. Woahhh!! The rice is very big leh… don’t think I can finish it :p

    I thought that’s the normal serving? They just use a bowl to scoop… Hmmmm…you must be a small eater, obviously.

  20. What kind of a car is that in the first pic – it’s cute!

    That’s the Malaysian Perodua. They have these small models – the Kancil and the Kelisa…and they’re cheap so we get to see a lot of them on the roads here.

  21. Chicken rice cravings now…hmmm..maybe I can have some today when I head down to Malacca with the furkid for her annual getaway in A Famosa.

    Oooo…Malacca! Have fun! Eat to your heart’s content… ;P

  22. i got distracted by the postcard and I forgot what i initially wanna comment.. hahahaha !!!

    I’m going to Singapore next month.. hehehe.

    You are? Lucky you. I used to love going there but now with the difference in our currencies, I think I’d just give it a miss.

  23. My favorite beef noodles! 😀

    Their chicken rice is pretty good too but I hardly eat that since I usually opt for the beef noodles.

    Ya, I know you like the place – not me… I prefer others elsewhere…

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